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  1. I have an ET case as a result of a "Public Interest Disclosure". I can't afford legal representation so am forced to represent myself and would value some informed guidance - I can't get to see CAB until end of the week when there will not be enough time to act before complying with the information disclosure requirement of the Tribunal. Background, I am the claiment and after being fired from £4m T/O privately owned business for telling CEO of illegal trading activity, she amazed me by saying she knew but could not afford to do anything about it now, over 3 months I offered to help fix b
  2. Help I have a contract, issued months after starting, stating that the company does not operate a grievance procedure. I have been dismissed and have a whistle blowing case which I will bring but want to ensure I follow correct process for taking to tribuneral. I am going to write to the Managing Director, who dismissed me, and state my grievance but want to ensure that the content of the letter is appropriate and that I follow the correct process, I would value any comments on letter content below and process to ensure compliance with ACAS process for grievance even if company doe
  3. Without going into chapter and verse there is an Employment Tribuneral Action in the offing but I'd value comment on the following; I have now found the owner of the business (30 staff) had my and other email set up on their sytem covertly looking into it daily. As I only ever used my email for company activity this was not a real threat but I presume, like telephone recording, a notice needs to be given. In my case the purpose of this covert communications snooping was likely so he could ensure he captured all of the personal contacts I brought with me to the business. I was being c
  4. I will have to respond to the legal letter demanding "immediately return all data or we may pursue for breach of (forced) contract and gross misconduct" - how long do I reasonably have to respond when told "immediatley" I have made all none related files available for collection by the company and they have been for weeks - do you think I should pass the other info to a third party under instruction to only allow access for assessment for a potential case, therefore removing their competitor awareness concerns - would that be the correct response? - Any one with some Legal knowledge out
  5. Perhaps you can clarify - I thought I had 90 days from termination date to notify of claim. I don't wan't to do this before my notice period is served as it would likely mean they won't pay me. They already are failing to pay receipted expenses that are outstanding until all data returned and have history of going legal with ex-employees My real concern is can they chase gross misconduct after firing me for some "not required anylonger" reason. I need to hold onto the data records for a successful case. If so what process will they have to follow and surely a court/tribuneral would regard
  6. Thanks WierdAl - I am not suggesting the contract was as a result of me knowing that the business is operating illegally, as far as I can tell it's proabably the same as was issued to all staff at that time. However on termination; it prevents me speaking to suppliers, staff, customers and approaching potential clients for a job - given the industry this is a BIG issue - of course some have contacted me via phone or business network & I have had to tell them I have been instructed I cannot speak with them until after the imposed contractual period - I'm sure they will try and use this
  7. I have been dismissed by my employer who head hunted me from a large corporate. They have clearly acted badly but not sure how to progress. Background I am serving my gardening leave as I was walked off the premises and told they would get back to me. I then received a letter terminating my employment which given only 10months service inc notice they can do. Real reason for dismissal is that they are maybe 30 strong business but the MD/owner run's the company on almost 100% illegal Microsoft & Adobe software probably about 30-40k’s worth I raised this with the MD when it
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