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  1. Should be okay this was a while ago I've had a new card since then thankfully. I'll let you know what response I get from these people...read some bad stories
  2. Checked my emails today and found this from motormile regarding a wda loan,which i thought i paid off, upon checking on this,these lot do enjoy doorstep visits,i have requested proof of debt and failure to do so within 7 days i will send a cca to them and they will by law have to supply. Also stating i will have no doorstep calls(the template thats floating around) and all communications will be recorded and by writing or email only. have i gone about it right? (apologies for the font copy and paste messed it up! Re: WageDayAdvance.co.uk - debt assigned to Moto
  3. okay ill start the process,im not new to this,i just won barclaycard and cap one ppi and charges, but with mail order,is it the same process? and is it worth cca also? it was opened in 2005 i think>? so send a s.a.r get the information etc?
  4. Hi im still in debt with additions,kays k and co or whatever they are now,my question is over the years there have been charges,is it worth pursueing or are they quite strict on this kind of thinsgs?
  5. i didnt claim for them with regard to the claim i put in for charges etc
  6. Forgot to ask,i did in fact notice that on my barclaycard statements there are ppi payments for at least a couple of years,what template do i use for these? do i charge any interest on them or not?
  7. Thanks bank fodder,you cleared it up lol.It is merely the balance yeah that was added on by them yeah thats what i was trying to say,they added all the charges ontop,not actually paid,i was curious.
  8. Hi i won my barclaycard case, they are refunding 627 and 142 interest. They are paying directly into my bank 198.I dont understand either as the actual balance is 627.Regardless im not argueing. My question is..what i asked the chap on the phone. The balance is only 627 because of there charges..but they are crediting it back to the account to offset that balance. Am i wrong in thinking thats weird i mean..if they accept responsibility for the charges and the balance going up so high? surely they should refund those charges as well? If they are accepting the claim,i should g
  9. Hi, got my settlement letter today, for default charges they will be refunding £528 for interest they will be refunding 67.88 theres no breakdown,im not really inclined to go any further even if its wrong,they are clearing my balance and leaving me money left over, i have to send it back and the dca will be informed,credit file satisfied. and the money sent to me within 21 working days. looks like they held there end of the bargain to a degree,im happy enough. also won barclaycard but thats another story with a few questions for another thread! good luck this might b
  10. They refused my claim last year also,on the basis they said the charges were lawful,the lady on the phone did mention this,i basically turned around and said we can do it this way or the legal route and i will win..seemed to turn favour. i wouldnt give up just because your told no the first time,helps to tell them your intentions maybe?
  11. they offered 595 since i opened the account in 2006.i cant run you down exactly but all were default charges expect one cheque charge of 32..hopefully till be explained in the letter,then ill report bk with figures etc
  12. no way,ill pay them off for the next ten years at hardly anything a month..im not finished with bt though,im just appeasing ccs for the moment,another laughable thing,on the complaint department phone call,i mentioned about ccs adding there 'admin' charge..the bt lady didnt care..guess its not her place to,i ended by saying how can a reputable(apparently) company deal with a dca like ccs. anyways lol im not finished with bt,just wandering how to approach again,they have ignored my complaint even at there high level complaints department.. just got to get my tent now to camp outside there h
  13. yeah i did,ccs did agree in the end after my email to £20 a month. Also stating i would not be paying there apparent admin fee of 238. Bt really do like screwing you over though,as for equipment charge..i even offered to give it back when i finished the contract but heard nothing,its laughable
  14. Hi,had a contract with bt,moved house last august,so an estimated 8 months into contract. They passed the debt onto ccs..which added rougly 238 in there own charge on top of the debt,there was a remaining balance of debt of 348,which i owed,fair enough,then they added equipment charges,final charges for moving house! which added up to 914! then ccs added a charge,ccs first refused my offer of £20 a month, since then it has changed because i sent them a fairly brunt email stating they were in breach of oft guidelines in many ways and thats what they were getting when i dont even agree with the
  15. Neither do i to be fair,but the woman was nice,she gave the figure not me,when it arrives ill keep this updated,and when i get my money,ill keep it updated. I recorded the call anyway,thanks to my nifty android app.
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