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  1. I called the courts up to explain that my partner cannot make tomorrows date and asked them what is going on, they said that the CCJ was not formalised back in 2013, I'm not too sure what this means but that is the reason it is not on his credit files or showing at trustonline. I explained to them that I believe they have made up a phantom payment to stop the debt being statute barred she said I may need to get legal advice and mentioned that it might be worth sending in a form N244 to set the judgement aside.
  2. apologies for the late reply I have not been around over the weekend, I went back on trust online and entered our old address in and it also says nothing registered, I am very confused. I also went into his credit files, for all 3 agencies, all addresses are linked and there are no CCJs registered or defaults. The court date is tomorrow, is there anything at all that can be done ? Thanks again
  3. I do have them i found the password and entered it into tge mcol website along with the claim number but it said they were incorrect the claim form is from 2013
  4. After reading all of your helpful comments and also the N39 form again properly, i think this means that Welcome finance issued my partner with a CCJ on 30 October 15, if this is the case then why wouldnt the CCJ be showing on the trustonline website and also why does this not show on his credit file ? dx100uk, you asked what MCOL say the status of the claim is on MCOL, i apologise but i do not know what MCOL is, is it a website, if so how would i see what they say with regards to the CCJ ? Thanks again guys
  5. Yes i still have the old court papers, how would i go about taking the next step and do i have time bearing in mind the court questioning date is in 4 days , have i done the right thing in copying all correspondence to the courts ? Will it have any positive effect and will my partner still have to physically go to court ?
  6. Just paid the £4 to check his records and it says nothing registered which ties in witg his credit files
  7. Unfortunately i don not have access to a scanner until tuesday now but all they handed him was a form N39 order to attend court for questioning form. Definately no ccj on the credit file and tte default dropped off a few years back
  8. This was on his credit file for 6 years from 2006 to 2012 then the default dropped off, he has no other defaults or CCJ's
  9. Hi guys, My partner took out a loan from Welcome Finance in 2006, he only made a couple of payments to them back then then never heard a thing from them, they never tried to chase up for missed payments etc until he received a letter back in 2013 from IND along with court papers, i sent them a statute barred letter and also copied in the courts and then never heard anything back from them. Last week we had a knock at the door from a man who handed my partner a court form N39 order to attend court for questioning, he has to attend on 9th August 2016 with regards to this.
  10. Hi, Just wondering if you ever got a reply from Creation as to why they took so long to default you . I have the same kind of situation, defaulted on my payments back in 2008 and never heard a peep out of Creation, they never tried to chase the debt etc but kept marking my credit file as 6 late payments rather than a default, they did this up to 2014 when the debt should have become statute barred and the month before they issued me with a defualt which has been on my file ever since (early last year). I have logged in to Experian this week to che
  11. Hi citizenB, i think you have got me mixed up with the person who posted in my thread (tezza1234), im the original poster of the thread, i sent a defence to the courts online as the welcome loan was statute barred not heard anything back from either Hegarty / Welcome or from the courts, just needed to make sure there wasnt anything else i was supposed to be doing ?
  12. Thanks again for your replies guys, now its been 12 days since i last posted and not heard anything back from anybody although i did receive more court papers through the post a few days ago but these were identical to the first set received including same case number etc and so i just ignored them as they must have sent them through twice by accident ? Just a quick question should i have been sending anything to the claimants to say that i have defended their claim or do the courts do all of the communicating now ?
  13. Thanks very much, i have now submitted everything online. Do you know how long it usually takes to hear anything back and also what the next step is ?
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