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  1. Wow thanks for a brilliant reply,ive not read it all as yet as i want to make sure i understand it all correctly.. Thanks again
  2. anyone got any suggestions ??
  3. Hi, Thanks for posting quickly, Im not sure how to check the v5 status but this vehicle was sold about a year ago and at the time we sent off the main log book to dvla the day after it was paid for and collected, The sorn there hassling us for was for the same vehicle and was sent about 3/4 weeks prior to the sale,and since the tax expired was sat on our drive off the public highway Ive to date recieved about 5 letters from intercredit,3 times i rang them as soon as i recieved the letters telling them we done all the required things for this vehicle and they should return t
  4. sorry guys forgot to add answers to questions asked.. i called the dvla they told me they have no information held there now,intercredithad it all.. The logbook was filled in and sent away by me and the new owner as it should of been at the time
  5. Hi guys. Been away for a while and forgot to chase this up,ive recieved a letter today which reminded me to continue my research.. The letter arrived this morning from trust recoveries,saving final notice,this letter must be treated as a formal notice of legal action. i want to reply in anger but need to bite my virtual tonge as it were as im likely to make the situation worse .. They,ve told me for sometime it needed to goto court and i agreed and said i looked forward to defending my position,that was about 5 threats ago,are we ever going to court or are they trying to in
  6. Hi guys, Please excuse another post about this subject but i fear ive read so much about it ive confused myself in were im likely to stand, firstly the vehicle in question was a van i sold earlier this year,id sent off a sorn as the vehicle needed tidying before it could reach a decent re-sale value Inter-credit have been hassling me for £80 in the form of a templated letter some weeks ago,the day i recieved the first letter i called them to speak to a lady who was typical of such places and in her words "were see you in court" i ofcoarse welcomed the chance to defend my positio
  7. Hi all, Credit solutions have been sending me letters too about a "so called" parking offence that i know for a fact didnt happen they have just raised my amount from £100 to £200 and im getting bored of ignoring them but dont want to enter onto the "hooked fish" list is it best to ignore them all together or just send them a get lost letter,Thanks in advance and will be donating to this website for the brilliant information
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