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  1. Call Microsoft. Say your controller is faulty and Amazon want you to send the whole lot back. Explain the hard drive situation, and Microsoft, depending on who you speak to, should tell you they are sending out a box for you to send the controller back and send you a new one. As long as the console is registered on xbox.com, you should be ok. I done it wiht a faulty 120 gig Hard drive. The shop I bought it from had gone out of business. They will probably ask for a scan of the receipt or a statement. Once you email them, they should be fine.
  2. Update: I just called the council. Explained the whole situation. I asked for an AoE on my wages for the liability orders. The girl has got in touch with Marstons and got them to put a hold on it, and she has forwarded through my request for an AoE. Hopefully they will accept this and I never have to deal with that bailiff again! I shall keep this thread updated when they contact me, as I'm sure there are other peope in the same boat who are willing to pay the AoE, but getting stupid time limits from bailiffs.
  3. When i went to the CAB, the advisor called the council and got all the info on how much i woed and from what year. After spending a good while going over it, it's virtually correct. The arrears just kept moving from year to year when I wasn't working, or when an amount was paid. I do owe this amount, that I'm sure of. I did think maybe I didn't owe all that, but after the CAb visit, we got the figures all worked out. I'm going to call the council tomorrow, make the £80 payment, then have a chat with them about the bailiffs. Going to ask if they will do an attatchment of earnings, so I don't have to contact the bailiffs, and hopefully they will accept it and take the arrears from marstons. Do you think that's good first step to make?
  4. Well, over the years when I worked and was on incapacity, every time the council reassessed my housing benefit and council tax, it dragged out. When I was working part time, they took 1 and a half years to sort out my housing and council tax. During that time I was giving my landlord £150 a month, as I didn't know how much housing benefit I would be getting. At that time, they wanted me to pay £90 a month council tax, until it was sorted. I asked if I would get it back when it was sorted, they said, no, it will be knocked off your next bill. So, I had a choice. Pay my landlord some rent and have a roof over my head, or pay £90 a month, which I didn't have. I chose the rent. Obviously, if it had taken them 2-3 months to sort, I could've struggled with the 90, but 1 and a half years?! I was so lucky to have a good landlord, and I'm still here, and she's still good to me. As you can see, this 18 months would've been 3 different council tax years, and during the last 6 years, I was on incapacity for 1, during this time I was in receipt of council tax benefit and never received any more letters about arrears. I was then two years years unemployed, and they took a few quid a week out of my benefits towards the arrears. It got to the stage where I had no idea how much I owed. I explained all this to the CAB, and they said unless I had receipts to prove all this, it was my word against theirs, and they won't act upon it. I started work in feb 2010, on 16 hours and it took a year for them to sort out my housing. They had been assessing me on a shared room rate, when I have been living in a self contained house. Me and the landlord were down there every week, trying to make them understand I wasn't in a shared house, and I hadn't been for 13 years! I kept getting letters saying they had reassessed my housing and awarded me, yep, you guessed it!! The shared room rate! In the end, my landlord went to a town council meeting and demanded to speak to the head of rents, and he couldn't understand why this had dragged on. Anyway, the arrears mounted up then, due to me having a very low wage, yet they demanding nearly full council tax, hence the £80 a month, which I can now afford as I am doing more hours. Sorry to go on, but had to kind of explain why it had gotten this far. I am ringing the council tomorrow to make my first £80 payment. Now, the help I'm after is what to do next. Do I then call marstons and offer a payment on the referred arrears? I know they won't accept it and I'm so worried about them coming to my house. Their attitude was, "Pay us the amount we want, no if's or buts. If you can't afford it, tough. We're taking your stuff." I really need some advice on what to do next. I'm dreading calling them
  5. The Liability orders are already with the baillifs. The letter i got from the council reads... "I am willing to accept minimum payments of £80.00 per month in respect of your arrears on this account. The outstanding balance is currently £971.79 and your first instalment should be paid immediately. Please note that 2 x liability orders regarding previous arrears have been referred to marstons Bailiffs and you must now contact them directly to discuss arrangements for payment of these matters" So, the £80 payments are for the current year, which, as I say, i have no problem with. It's the bailiffs I'm now worried about them not willing to accept my payment offer.
  6. I'll try to keep this as simple as possible. I have 2 liability orders issued against me. Goes back about 6-7 years, whilst I had nothing but hassle with the council. Messed me about with housing, etc. and now it appears to be sorted, but unfortunately went to baillifs. I sent off a means form to the council and they replied and said they will accept £80 a month from me, which is fine, starting monday. Now, before I sent the letter, 2 months ago I got in touch with the baillifs over the liability orders, combined come to just under £2000. When I offered to start paying them, they said they can accept no less than £90 for one and £130 for the other. They also said both balances had to be cleared in 8 weeks. When I said there was no way I could do that, as I only work part time, they basically said tough. The letter I had from the council today told me to contact the baillifs (Marstons) to arrange a payment arrangement. Now, I'm starting this thread as I need to know what to say to them if they once again say I have only 8 weeks to pay off £2000. At a massive push, I could stretch £100 a month, that's on top of the £80 for council tax, but I'm proper worried they are going to tell me no longer than 8 weeks again, which I think is a ridiculously short time to try and raise those funds. I did say to them the first time I called that is that decision final? And they replied, yes. I asked if there was no way at all they could stretch out the payments into a more affordable one, and she said absolutely no chance, it has to be paid in 8 weeks. Then she said, seek legal advice, and hung up. I got in touch with CAB, and they sent a letter off, offering an attatchment of earnings, saying that's the only way the bill would be taken off the baillifs, but i heard nothing until today. I understand you can't have an AOE unless you are paying your current bill, which I will be doing as of monday, so should I contact the council first, make my first £80 payment, then ask if they can take an AOE? That would be easier for me, to have it straight out, so I don't have to deal with Marstons. I'm really, really worried that when I call them tomorrow, they are going to give me the 8 week limit, then I'll have no choice but to let them in and take my stuff, as the way the marstons girl was talking, there is nothing else I can longer do. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Highlight the tracks you want, right click and enqueue in winamp
  8. Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test Just in case you need it!
  9. From my own personal experience, gamestation suck. I bought a second hand XBOX360. Got it home, ten mins later, the dreaded red rings of death. Took it back an hour later. They questioned me as if I'd smashed it up! Finally got it swapped. New one taken home, all ready to play. Ten mins later, red rings again. Another journey into town. This time took the serial number of the console. They took it in the back and brought out a different box with a console in. I opened it up and checked the serial. Yep, same one! They denied it, but I stood my ground. Finally they gave me another, and that lasted a while. Personally, I wouldn't buy a second hand console from them again.
  10. Jack, I do understand what you're saying, but when you say lets face facts insurance is a business and is concerned with making money and not the welfare of the animal, we, as dog owners unfortunately have to accept that's the way it is, and the welfare of the animal is more important than caring whether or not an insurance company is out there to rip us off. It sounds like your new dog is bringing you a lot of happiness, and that's really good, but how would you feel if it was attacked by an uninsured dog, and you had no insurance either? Do you pay a hell of a lot of money out of your own pocket, and then hope that the owner of the other dog will pay you back? Chances are they won't, and the police probably won't bother either. I really don't mean to sound harsh, and I really do understand what you're saying, but it's £15, not £50. It's £3:75p a week. I'd love to be able to have such a low amount like that. I don't want to be causing an arguement or anything. It's just, as a dog owner, and as I've said, I'm a rottie owner, I have to accept my responsibility, and pay whatever I have to so I know my dog's future is in hand, and it's just something I feel strongly about. Just my opinion, I'm sorry. On a positive note, I think it's really great that you took home a rescue dog. I want to take all of them home when I see them. The dog's trust is where I got my rottie from. They do a brilliant job. They normally recommend pet plan. Have you tried Morethan online? That's pretty good, and they have a policy to treat for the same problem a dog may have, wherehas a lot of other companies don't.
  11. My brother bought a PS3 3 months ago. Whilst playing a brand new game he just paid £40 for, the PS3 froze and there was a popping sound from the back. It ouwldn't turn back on and looked like the power unit had blown. He took it back to Gamestation, and explained what happened. He explained that it still had a brand new game in it, and did they know how to take it out. They said no. They said all they could do was take the PS3 and send it off. My brother asked what would happen to his game, as he'd just bought it, and showed them the receipt (from the same shop). They said that they couldn't guarantee the game would be returned, so he asked if he could give them the case and them to give him another copy. they refused and said he'd have to buy another copy. He told them the game was only purchased the day before, and surely they can just give him another copy, they still refused. They said he could take another PS3, but with a smaller Hardrive, and a difference of £100, as they didn't have the model he had. He asked if he would get £100 back, either cash or credit note. They refused. In the end, he had enough and went home and called Sony themselves. He spoke to someone, who within seconds, had told him how to get the disc out of the PS3, without opening it up. He also arranged a courier to turn up the next day with a brand new console. All my brother had to do was give the courier the broken console, and sign for the new one. Next day, it turned up at 9am. Within ten minutes, all up and running. I just thought I'd post this up in general knowledge section, for the benefit of anyone else who may end up in this situation. Sometimes calling the manufacturers direct can cause a lot less hassle!
  12. I don't know the legality of this, but I'd charge them per week for storage, as it's not in your name, and they want it back but are expecting you to keep it safe for them until they collect it. they say you can't get rid or they'll charge you, so I'd defo charge them!
  13. Biggeorge, what anti-virus you using? Sometimes some AV's can give false positives, or depends on how high the security is set. There's no virus on it, I use Nod32, possibly the best anti-virus there is. Ignore Norton, overhyped scareware I call it. The ads scare you into thinking your pc will explode unless you install Norton.
  14. I know of people who shake their heads in disbelief when you tell them your rottie is good with kids. As a responsible owner, you know never to leave a child in the same room as your dog, no matter what breed, but when it's in company of yourself and kids, they are so friendly.
  15. I've never known a more loyal dog in my life. That's great you took them to visit sick people, MD. I was one of those people who was against rotties, until my girlfriend took me to see 6 pups and I fell in love with them that day. They get so much bad press, but I always say to people, every time you see a rottie in public, 99 chances out of 100 they are excellently trained and well behaved. it's the minority who want trophy dogs that ruin the reputation.
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