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  1. Whats actually in it for the buyer of these holiday carvans/chalets? You pay ground rent, pay for the upkeep of the caravan, the gas ect ect. The holiday park takes all money for bookings ect and all the buyer gets is to occasionally get a free stay, (in a holiday park in the uk which prob only cost a few hundred a week tops anyway) and to eventually own the caravan, which by then will be old and rotting anyway. I dont understand what attracted people to do this in the first place????
  2. Hi yes npower have changed many of there dcs (meter readers) to in house people over the last few months, the problem with this is that the dates in which the meters are read have been amended (thus the billing dates also amended) as a result of this. This is proving to be a complete pain in the 4rse at the mo for both customers trying to budget and for us in the office having to explain this (with very little support from the powers that implemented these changes in the first place) as this scenario is hitting many people in a wide range of regions. Npower really should have advised customers of this on inserts in bills ect but annoyingly havent leaving customer high and dry wondering whats going on. Worst of all I know this because I work in the Customer Relations Department, the call centre staff whcih you'll have spoken to will have no idea of the above. Presuming this is your problem I should imageine that your next bill will come 3 months after your latest one. But i would call them and double check, they will be able to give you roughly the dates which your next bills will come in. As for you prices split, first of all check that the bill is actual to actual, if not you need to check your current read and the last actual, the previous bill may be over-estimated meaning the split may be fine. If you take you read now (or the read the bill is to if its an actual) and the last read and work out what the read should be on the date of the price change (it may have been billed in your favour, but if not call them and they should be able to amend the bill. I work with businesses and find that underestimated price increases can often cause over charges running into thousends if you need any help double checking your price change reads let me know and ill do it for you regards
  3. £10 charge?...npower business certainly do not charge this i work for them im doubtful that domestics charge anything, kick off enough they'll call it an EOD and do anything for you. (which is wrong as people who deal with things in a diplomatic/calm way get cast to one side). You are legally entitled to request information about you stored on a companies files at anytime. A company IS allowed to charge a reasonable fee for this but im pretty sure npower dont charge anything.
  4. If your in scotland your best staying with scottish power (unless prices are hughly different) Scotland is way too vast for any of the other providers to set up their own dcs/mops, having to rely on scottish powers terrible dc/mop (if scottish powers just as crap in its own patch i suggest moving to a different area of the country if your electricity providers that important!)
  5. the police where great when i was assaulted by a clamping guy. They where ready to arrest him there and then. But then i did have witnesses.
  6. Ok thats fine but ok how about Im not from the area? I park my car in a town then the whip in a temporary restriction? Then ticket me? If you was to provide address details which was not local and therefore would have never been made aware of the temporary restrictions. cheer
  7. Hi am I in danger of not receiving my cash back? I have had a mobile with orange for the last year (contract sold to me from phones4u) anyway i had a call from a guy from phones 4u about a 3 weeks ago stating my current contract was due to end in Jan 09 and offered me an upgrade. I took up the offer as i will only have 1 and a half overlapping bills (so not major problem) anyway he advised he would arrange for a cheque for 95pounds to be sent to me 30 days later (ive recorded this on my mobile) i have the new phone now. The contract is completely verbal, have they anyway of wiggling out of sending me a cheque? cheers
  8. they where local authority ones...they are saying he parked where it was not allowed (ie the same as parking on double yellows) afaik...its happened now i was more asking the question out of curiosity.
  9. "Why have you not been paying?" How do you know this guy hasnt had an informal arrangement with the mother for the last 15 years? Is it the mother contesting you owe them a large amount or the CSA themselves? If its the CSA and you have had an arrangement with the mother for the last 15 years then tell the CSA that if the mother supports your claim then they will have to drop it as you have already PAID your contribution to your childs upbringing.
  10. I had a sort of similar problem a few years ago...this time paying for me and my partners kids (while living with them) Basically my son Harry was born and for the first year me and his mum where not living together (my partner was on income support i was a student living with my parents still with a part-time job). After a year I moved in with my son and his mum and 6 months later the csa came along asking for several hundred pounds despite us now been a working family with both parents living at home. (They where after the csa payments I owed them while i wasnt living there) Despite the fact they where actually taking money from the very child they claim it was to support. I refused to pay on the above grounds. After several weeks of harrassment from they're debt collectors in N-Ireland in the end I heard nothing, and havent done to this day (and hopefully wont...im still living with my partner and harry and our second child charlotte) Hope they never get back in touch...how this government seems to luck after people who dont work at the expense of everyone else is beyond me. Cheers
  11. Ok I have a friend who lives near Hull Fair. Anyway he has been on holiday for two weeks in spain. Parking his car in a residential street with no parking restrictions he came back to find several tickets on his car. What happens is the area in front of his house becomes a 'no parking area' marked out by police cones temporarily for a week whilest he was gone but after he actually parked the car there when no such restriction existed. Surely a ticket cannot be enforced if no such restriction was in place at the time the car was parked there? cheers
  12. Hi Sorry about that comment i was completely inapproprate (i aint going to make up excuses). Anyway Ive worked at Npower for the last 5 years. I work with the disputes (and often complaints) department. I previously worked in backoffice billing (extreamly boring) ive also worked in the contracts department. Ive never worked in the call centre and most of my experience is either gather by myself or through colleagues. (Any trainings fairly non existent). I do agree that what i said was abit blunt and probably not true in all cases. However it is abit naive to beleive that some customers don't already know they are been underestimated and therefore purposely avoiding payment. I get annoyed with colleagues who have a hardline approach to every cas regardless of the circunstances, there are genuine people who do find themselves in mess often the fault or part-fault of the supplier. It certainly annoys me the policy that suppliers hide behind the DC or MOP but then employees are often powerless to do anything different. And actually in many cases its me arguing for a fairer deal for the customer in regards to payment plans/discounts. Managers nearly always take the hardline approach (they usually dont have to face the customer, and when they do they simply throw discounts and writeoffs left right and centre because they cant be bothered to argue. Cheers
  13. since when could they simpley use cctv to for traffic enforcement?...happy i dont live in london!
  14. Just moving in with my partner we have 2 kids and I work and my partner doesnt (she is at college) she was on income support. On our application we have been told to wait intil the day i move in then contact them by telephone. Im just now worried that if this is the case it will take several weeks for them to investigate our case and may well take 6 weeks before getting any money (im on a low income). If this is the case do they provide emergancy money to tied you over while your waiting for the normal payments to start and does housing benifit also stop immediately and will we be expected to pay rent (council) immediately? cheers
  15. Nah I hear the whole accounts been estimated for years sob story all the time. I would have given you 12 months to pay by dd, nothing else, and nor would my manager. And im sure ofgem will agree. Ive never come across an meter that has a larger than 12 month gap between D4s (failed reader attempts) Yes all bills clearly state they are estimated so if you couldnt/refused to provide access to meter readers and never bothered reading your meter youonly have yourself to blame. If a meter isnt read for 18 months we at ******* will try to contact you which again has obviously failed here. One useful point i have for you is to make sure your catch-up bill is spread out if your prices have increased at any point during the period that has been estimated. Cheers
  16. Ok just gone through that for you. The First Block The only constant i have managed to find as far as how you first block is calculated is that it is 10% of the total number of units used on the paticular bill. Your Consumption You are missing a bill for the period between 04/01/08 and the 17/04/08 however it looks like the consumption is roughtly 10 time more per day on the invoice from the 23/11/07 - 04/01/08...the most likeyly reason is that the period before this was underestimated. I suggest you 1: check your reads and also check which of these bills are to actual read and which arnt. 2: Call Npower and request they check if the account was underestimated before the larger bill (a cross check of the consumption between the last actual should clarify if it has) also have a customer read ready if the last bills an estimate. Be aware if they do tell you that your consumption overall is consistent (after you have also provided a customer read) then you will have no choice but to accept the charges. Many thanks
  17. Im calculating that up for you now, give me half an hour
  18. haha you know what i mean i mean you and whoever your with
  19. when did the keeper of the vehicle agree that the dvla could sell what is in affect personal information to anyone it likes?
  20. sure this situation would be different if you was a woman (for some reason??)
  21. I never stick the ticket to my windscreen for this very reason, leave it on the dashboard facing upward (like a disabled badge)
  22. So if these private parking companies have no power to fine people then why does the DVLA release the details of the registered keeper of a vehicle? Why don't they simply change the law so that only LAs, the police and official government agencies can be provided with info.
  23. Quick question...i was in a mcdonalds in hull last week and noticed that the car park had a 1 hour parking restriction (i used to work in that very restaurant several years ago) anyway when i was in there i asked an employee what the procedure for staff parking was (i presumed a permit would be used) , she explained that no one has yet been clamped/fined by the external carpark control company. So anyway should that girl finish a shift and find a ticket or clamp, would that fact she worked at the building be a reasonable defense and if not would the manager of the restaurant be able to overturn the clamp/fine for her? How is this dealt with normally? cheers
  24. Ok so it would be un likey to be fined/towed away for parking in front of your own drive however if a nosey neighbor complained for no obvious reason (if you parked in front of your own drive)...but they would be shooting themselves in the foot as you would then take one more space up on the street you both lived on.
  25. Surely once the plane has taken off and you see that the extra leg room seats are empty, whats stopping you simply getting up and occupying them. I cant imagine the stewardess having the cheek to ask you to move after you've sat down?
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