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  1. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?202560-Help-with-DN-please
  2. Hi I was defaulted in 2009 giving me just 14 days to remedy also terminated on the same day the account has recently been sold and i was wondering if the oc could now re issue any of the notices
  3. Hi how are you getting on with Lowells as my case is exactly the same as yours.
  4. Are they able to issue a new default and termination after an account has been sold?
  5. Thanks for that, can they issue another default and termination if the first was faulty?
  6. Can a DCA who has purchased an account with no CCA default your credit file?
  7. Hi Im the same as you very quiet and today had the same letter as you. I have a cca that is very poor and a default notice that was for 14 days only no allowance for postage I also have a termination notice issued the same day as the default.
  8. ltc1607

    mbna v exporto

    Hi in the same position as you I wrote to Aktiv telling them this was in dispute with MBNA and Experto still waiting on reply.
  9. Hi its been a while since you posted have you heard any more from the co-op?
  10. I used my NCD from my L200 insured with Allianze to a Jaguar insured with Churchill
  11. Hi have you heard anything from experto lately?
  12. I have CC account that was sold to a DCA before expiry of the DN and a letter from the OC received recently returning some charges and in that letter it states the account is closed,how can they issue another DN 2 years later when the account has been sold and in their words closed?
  13. If a debt is terminated on the back of a faulty DN then sold what is the situation then?
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