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  1. DEFINATE RESULT Just had e mail from the court, and I quote :- I can confirm that the action has now been struck out because the Claimant failed to file an Allocation Questionnaire despite an 'Unless Order' from the Court. So the case won't now proceed any further. Guess I stop paying the "few Quid" a month that I was paying them..... On a serious note , what happends now ?? - Is that the end of it or would H*** try to sell on for collection ??? Could I counter Claim ?? Just dont know what to do now..... PS Thanks to all for reading and advisng re this...
  2. RESULT - I think !!!! Just telephoned the court as HSBC/DG had until 4th September to file AQ - this had been extended twice for them by the court !! I was told that AQ had NOT been filed, and that the case would now be put to the Judge that the claim & CCJ be struck out (in the courts words - Most Definately Struck Out) Feels a good sense of achievement now...........What next, can HSBC/DG do anything ?? - or is that the end of it all !!
  3. Many Thanks 3tea I have submitted A/Q to county court in UK - HSBC have had two dates to submit theirs, but still haven't - They have to pay GBP 200 as well to do so. HSBC have written to me stating that they will discontinue action if I continue to pay GBP 12 p/m as well as pay own court costs !!. Court have now said they need claiments AQ by 4th Sept (third date) I have not responded to HSBC - so not sure what to do between now and 4th Sept ! Sat just hoping that court will strike out claim - cant see bank paying out a further GBP200???? or hoping they wont !
  4. OK GUYS - UPDATE ============= OK, Filed my defence, then had to submit Allocation Questionaire...as did Claimant (HSBC). Remember I live in Australia ! Found out after the last day for submission of AQ (From the Court) that claimant had not submitted there AQ...they also had to pay GBP 200.....guess that is why they did not submit. (Now for your info, have been paying a small ageed amount per month which would take 40 years to pay back some 6k)....well this is the letter I recieved today from HSBC (DG Solicitors) "We write in relation to the above numbered claim (b
  5. I have just done a credit check on myself (Even though I no longer live in UK) !! I had a debt with MBNA, who have hounded me for years - despite agreed payments being paid etc !! - Hover the last correspondance from them (After I had CCA'd them) was that the debt may be sold etc etc ! Upon Checking the reoprt MBNA shows as SATISFIED and Balance being ZERO this was effected a month or so ago !! What exactly does that mean ? There are no further entries for the MBNA Debt Amount etc (with other companies DCA etc) ?? Also one further question - The report shows up addresses l
  6. Thanks for guidance - Just have to sit and wait now....and hope it either doesn't arrive or if it does it is not enforceable !! How would I know if it was enforceable though ?
  7. OK Update on above offer from D&G Solicitors (HSBC). When I queried their offer of payment, suggesting that account was not a current overdraft, I actually referred them to my original request for CCA, anyway yesterday I got the following response ! "We confirm that we have requeste a copy of opening credit agreement for loan account xxxxxx from our client. We will forward this onto you when recieved it. Matters will be held in abeyance until then" I had origionally sent a CCA Request on 21st April, and DG Original Response by letter to me was as your account withour Cl
  8. Guys would really appreciate some help here please. As you will have seen I live in Australia now - and responded to above CCJ, by filing a defence...so that part is OK ! I have now been sent a N150 Allocation Questionare....as the defendant, It says that the claimant will have to pay GBP 200.00 on the filing of Allocation Questionare.....Now Confused !!!! As the defendant do I have to fill in....Not living in the UK it is also difficult to get back to the court by the date required....Also they ask What dates I cant attend any hearing........well I cant attend any (Not living i
  9. Hi Again I actually called the UK Court last night - They said that I would have to file a defence as the "Defendent" - When I told them I was no longer a UK Resident, nor did I have a UK property, they said that I still had to file a defence, and the Judge would decide !! Not sure now what to say in Defence !!!! apart from send the court copies of all correspondance that I had with HSBC - (where I offered payment and advised of address change etc !!!) Any guidance would be most helpful.
  10. That is what I thought - Should I send the court a defence and advise them that I am no longer a UK resident with No UK Property ???
  11. Spam, Original Post below. Hope somebody can assist me out there. I am no longer living in the UK I wrote to HSBC in November with Offer of Payment against a debt with a Full Financial Statement, however I have not had a response from them at all. I now live overseas, and have my mail re-directed, Just before xmasI got a CountyCourtClaim - dated 4/12/08. with 14 days to respond !! This was submitted by DG Solicitors to the CountyCourt. I no longer live at the address it was sent to - as mentioned I am oversas and advised HSBC about this. It was too late to re
  12. The only grounds for defence I have is that I had movd House - well overseas to be exact, and in Fact advised HSBC of this, together with a payment proposal - they actually wrote back to me (Addressed to my UK address - stating they would not accept such re-payment plan) - The next correspondance was a County Court summonds......BTW - They did not submit any paperwork, such as a breakdown of the amount owing or any CCA. However the fact that I am no longer a UK resident, and wasn't at the time of Original Summons would I understand be defence in itself....would it not ? Surely a CCJ
  13. You may remember that HSBC obtained a CCJ against me back in December at my last known UK address ! (I had been living in Oz for 18 months at the time - and had sold my UK Property). Anyway I appealed against it to be set aside based on the fact that I was no longer living in the UK, and the Fact that HSBC had my address in Australia, but never wrote to me here !!! This morning got a letter to state :- The court has agreed to set aside judgement against you, no parties were present, and the claimants had written to the court allowing this to happen. They then say "The defendent
  14. Guys, without going into too much detail, and as all of you on here know about my situation with UK debt, thought I would share this with you. I had a Loan of approx GBP 30K and paid GBP 400 per month for over 3 years before moving to Oz, with the collapse of the housing market in UK, I could not pay the loan back in full (unsecured). I have written to HSBC Solicitors (DG we all know they are in house) for nearly 2 years with payment offers, but was always refused,they threatened with the usual legal action etc etc ! A few weeks ago, I got a letter saying they were disappointed I had not k
  15. Now Really Confused !!! The way I see it the debt has been bought by LINK Financial (A UK Company) I would guess for 5 pence in the Pound. LINK have then instructed an Australian DCA (Credit Mercantile) to chase who have converted the outstanding amount to Aussie Dollars, who would obviously work on a commission - if collected. Credit Mercantile are in Brisbane - I am in another State of Australia - so would Credit Mercantile instruct Lawyers in My state or Pass to another DCA - starting the whole process again ?? As I said earlier - I only have a PO Box Number for correspondanc
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