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  1. Hello Ppl, I wanted to point out some issues that should sound the alarm bells when shopping for a loan. Any loan company that ask's for debit/credit card details over the phone should set the alarm bells off. A respectful loan company would not charge a fee because they are NOT brokers and loan money directly and would deduct any fee that reflects the work done on top of the intrest or loan. Yes loans appear to be a direct lender and they are using a title that decives the consumer as they falsley portray them selfs to be a lender and blatently miss out that they are in fact a loan broker and use unprofecional tacticks and unlawfully steel a large sum of money from the victim and claim this is our fee. They refuse to offer proof that the fee is reflected in the work or cost carried out on the behalf of the victim and seem to disregard the Law and in favor of they own and fail to adhear to UK poily and law when pointing to the Terms and conditions and dont seem to relise in refusing or unable to find a person a loan they have failed in contractual requirement and the purpose of the fee is a loan so put in simpler terms if a builder does not compete a job or fails because the work is unsafe then he does not get paid or you would sue him and the same is for this company so they must pay back the illegaly removed fee with in 2 weeks and pay for any damages or charges incurred. And the list goes on for illegal activity for these so they are now on thin ice.
  2. Hi I would like to add to your post and with some very intresting facts about this rogue trader. My farther is a solicitor and has had many encounters with this maskerading and missleading company. In many cases they have interpreted uk guide lines and policy so it fits they agenda and T&Cs. In many terms and conditions it says "You Imdenafi us from legal action and litergation by sighning this contract. This is a falisy all companys in the united kingdom are subject to the law of the state and must adhear to the law and sovrency of the state and abide with in the law and not interpret the law for self commerce. This means if the T&Cs dont follow the law then they mean squat and can not be held and enforced as any company trading in the uk is subject and not able to imdenafi its self by its own doing. Only the goverment can do this so what gives the them the right to say this. Yes loans target the poor and dissabled because they are the easeyer and more despret or can not understand what is going to be done to them and this is a fact as many people fall into the honey trap and this is missleading and dam right wrong saying we will give you a loan if you have ccjs poor credit or no credit history and they say we need your card details so we can pay the loan instantly and forget very conviently to mention we are a broker and will charge for it. So they are not a loan company and it is writen in its title YES LOANS but we are a broker when we feel like telling you and it self everdent people are looking for a loan as the have no disposable money or have no money so why on earth would want to pay them £59.99. Yes loans also are breaking 7 consumer credit Act laws 3 distance selling and marketing Act as well as Sales of goods Act I have legal backing of that and not to mention theft. The FSA have issued a warning to them and the OFT and still they are countless people sueing them so what is going on here and why wont the goverment pounse on them for breaking the law and robbing off the poor and dissabled its mocking our law and goverment. This is because they do give money back if you question they ways or know the law and fold. This one case a dissabled mother had gone through. Her son has locked in sindrome he can not talk or walk or eat he needed a wheel that is customised she had gone to Yes loans she exsplaind she has very little help for her son and income but can offord a montly loan of ex amount and that her hospital that deals with her son is 244 miles away as it specializes in his dissability. They took the £59.99 out of her account with out prior notice and refused to reinburse her and then told her she can not have a loan. The money was for her son she was saving so he could get to the hospital to recive treatment with her in a Dissabled taxi she used and this resulted in his treatment been with drawn as the hospital appointments can not be wasted because other people are despretly needing treatment and can offord to waste appointments and Yes loans are to thanks for her sons health that has detaiated and now can not breath and is on a ventalator breathing for him. This is the type of people Yes loans are !
  3. hi ive got 5 creditors on my case i had an accident and waiting for a operation i am employed but have exhausted my sick pay cant afford to pay there fees or come any where close to there offers i am claiming incapacity I've now been handed over to a debt collection agency (viking collection services ltd) any body herd of them? i have said once my operation is over a will resume contractual payments i also have written around 3 letters to them each receiving 1 reply from one of them.I keep saying you cant get blood from a stone.Any advice id be very interested if any one has herd of viking debt collection and what are they like.
  4. i have had runins with barclays a number of times you do seem to get results when writing in to them rather than ringing and lodging a complaint since all of there admin is soley computer based computers do get it wrong unfortunately
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