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  1. Thanks for your reply. I agree to a point with it being and older boiler although they cannot prove that this was the sole cause of the exchanger leaking, plus they never advised us that failure like this could occur and was advised that filters would keep clogging up . So no mention of failures like this and the consequences of it not being covered. My mother has a 20 year old boiler thats never been flushed out or had any issues. It might be down to to rubbish vokera boiler that we have. The engineer said that even if it had been flushed and the part still failed then they still wouldnt have covered the claim At the end of the day they continued to take our payment when they knew their next visit wouldnt be covered.
  2. Dont know if this is the correct section: We have a 13 year old boiler and have paid Boiler care cover for 11 years which also covered pipes, electrics etc... Basically their top cover. Over the past year we have had boiler failures around 4 times and its usually the odd filter, pump etc... although 4 months ago they changed the circuit board. They did advise during the last visit that we would really need a system flush at over £500 but we thought this was steep so didnt get that done but at the same time not advised that failing to get that done could cause damage that would result in our boiler not being covered in the future. Yesterday the boiler just wouldnt reset so we called them out again and it turns out that the heat exchanger is leaking which has leaked onto the circuit board. The engineer called his boss but they are refusing to cover the claim because we didnt get the flush done. The options they gave were: Fix the parts at £400 or get a new boiler. So we now have a sticker on the boiler saying its unsafe to use. They said that the cost of parts previously used to repair the boiler is more than the boiler is worth itself, but the way we say it was that thats why we took out the £30 per month cover. Called a few companies for quotes but its also going to be a few weeks without hot water and heating so no good with 3 kids. Im trying to find our contract to read the terms although i know that they will have covered themselves. Anyone else been here with them? Thanks
  3. Its Donalds Kia. Have purchased previously this way and they always sent a detailed video and body condition but i know what you mean.
  4. We have found a car that we have been looking for and noticed one at a major dealer 420 miles away. Called the dealer and asked if i could get a video of the car and also asked if they offered a delivery service but they said that i would need to visit the delaership in person due to the distance selling regulations. I have previously bought bikes blind and turned out fine with no problems. Some might say Im crazy buying something that ive not seen but im happy to do this with a major dealer and take the risk and the car is only 2 moths old. So is this just down to individual dealers not willing to sell to someone who cant physically get to their showroom or is this the way things work now? I bought a bike from a dealer around 3 years ago who sent me a video, pointed out and chips etc and i emailed stating i was happy to proceed. Thanks
  5. It was class 2 National Insurance and she had all my tax information in front of her which shows all my tax returns are upto date as well as my tax bills. The bill that they sent had flagged up due to the new system where they now collect NI along with the tax. So i assumed that the class 2 was still being taken from my Direct debit but for some reason they stopped taking it. My fault for not noticing it but their fault for not collecting it for whatever reason, so when they send you a bill out of the blue i should been the one pSSd off but i owed it and paid it. I appreciate that they do have to be forceful to get payments but i was phoning to arrange a payment plan but there is a difference between that and being arrogant and rude. No need for that when i was trying to pay. I actually was struggling to also make her out, maybe there calls are sent to Nigeria !! Paid by bank transfer just incase !! Yep that was a dig !
  6. Hi and thanks for your reply. I just bit the bullet and paid it off as i would be stressed having that over the christmas period. At least i can now be stressed at being skint over christmas unless the work come in again When i called them it did say calls were recorded so i left feedback for the person who wasnt helpful. I honestly wasnt expecting to be spoken to like that so she caught me unaware.
  7. Hi, Got a letter in today with a demand of £600 for a shortfall in my NI contributions from 2011 - 2015 which was 100% my fault. The letter basically said if it was not paid then they would pass it to a debt collector although no date was given as to when it had to be settled. Called HRMC today and spoke to a guy who was great and advised that i could set up a payment plan but had to transfer me to their debt section to arrange this. Got through to a very arrogant [removed] woman who asked for the full amount to be paid today. I explained that due to the time of the year and my tax bill that was due (Not her fault i know) that i didnt have a spare £600 to pay in one. She told me she could take £190 today and the rest would need to be paid by January. Told her that i could pay £100 per month but she said no this is not something that can be paid over that length of time. She then told me to get a small loan or borrow the money. I told her i wouldnt be willing to do this. She then asked me why i had called her if i wasnt willing to make payment. I really had to just put the phone down on her as i didnt like the way i was being spoken to. Anyway, It was my fault and not theirs and I have to pay it. I could pay it all today but that kind of drains me over christmas. So my question is there any way that i could get them to accept a payment plan or do i just give in? Ta
  8. Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated. Ill update on here if i get any more letters.
  9. After speaking to the management company it was hired from a local Hertz and delivered to my address
  10. I had a non fault accident in July 2011. Stupidly i entered into a credit car hire agreement and should have done my homework first. eventually the other insurer admitted liability and thought everything was settled as i got a letter saying this. A few days ago i got a letter from a solicitor saying that payment for their services have not been paid (Car hire), and they will be raising court action within 14 days against other party. Also states that they will not seek payment from me as long as i co operate etc. ... Had this same letter in 2013. Have read on here about statute barred and see that in Scotland its 5 years. Im in Scotland but the company is in England. Any advice you could offer? I done all my worrying in 2011 after reading horror stories so no point me getting all stressed again. I'll go with the flow Thanks
  11. Yep it will be 6 years in July. Really dont know why they are lettering me about it.
  12. The dreaded accident management companies. In 2011 I was in the same position as the OP and in the end everything got sorted out of court.........................THEN today i have come in from work to a solicitors letter stating that they still have not been paid for the car hire charges from an accident in 2011. Hate them with a passion.
  13. Eventually got my deposit back. Thanks for replies
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