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  1. Thanks for the reply, Mix of council tenants and leaseholders like me who has a mortgage on it. I spoke to their office but they won’t allow me what I can afford to pay monthly around (£60) but asking for 12 months plan. And total for all service charge and major works is just about £6000. I didn’t pay last year service charge so that’s two this time
  2. Hello All, My query is about the Service charge. I am leaseholder of a 3 bed flat in a purpose build block in London (Westminster) our service charge used to reflect the maintenance of the building and overall look and feel. But now not only service charge goes up every year but quality of service like general maintenance gone down. For example lifts keep breaking down, building needs refurb, walls are dirty, my windows are so old that in winter no matter how much heating you put on room still feel cold. additionally they keep adding major works charges to service charge with this year being £1917 in addition to £1890 service charge. Don’t mind paying only if I see improvement in the block but we have only seen steady decline over many years now. So today I called them (city of Westminster) saying I don’t want to pay and cannot pay so high charges where there’s no evident results. I came here to find if anyone has been successful in negotiations on regards to service charges complain or any advice regarding this. Charges are too for what we get Thanks in advance
  3. He has been sitting with me while I am writing. He feels too embarrassed about whole incident. What can we do, he will call his bank tomorrow, will bank be sympathetic enough as he send the money of his own will off course without knowing at that time he be a victim. what should he tell them, much appreciated and thanks in advance.
  4. I asked my boy if he is seen money going out, was kinda hoping money he send his held in the chain but he came back saying money he send out following the emails has gone. Unfortunately that's what happens when kids don't listen tom their parents, as parents we told him only sell physically to someone. not only he sold his PS4 for nothing but ended up loosing money which is lot for him as he is university student. if needed I can scan a email copy in this forum if that helps, Any further advice or recommendations much appreciated. When he came to me to discuss this further I immediate told him to stop further communication to the dodgy email that he has been sending money. Its a good thing he did otherwise they would have continued, this was yesterday he informed us. As you can imagine he is distraught
  5. My son has been a victim of internet online fraud. He has dealt with the Bank of America supposedly the emails I have received are from: [email protected] These emails have told me to transfer money to the buyer for verification purposes and to upgrade my account to a business account, I have called Bank of America and they have said they do not recognise the email. further to add this he continued receiving emails asking him for money in order to release buyers money, foolishly he obliged not once but twice. Once with £300 and then they cited more issues to release fund and then anther time £700. I checked these emails from online.trackingagency and clearly from viewing them came to conclusion they were fraudulent.
  6. Thanks, I am with trade union called Unite. Will check them their site tomorrow,
  7. How excited I should be after just finished my 2nd and final interview and now email received for two verbal references. I have just provided them with 2 from my current employer. I just hope they give me positive references.
  8. I have send off a brief appeal letter citing 4 reasons. • There was insufficient consideration of my explanation of the circumstances leading up to the decision • That decision was too harsh a penalty given the circumstances. • My previous disciplinary record is clear and should have been considered in imposing a penalty less than dismissal. • I have had long service with the company which I feel should have been considered in imposing a penalty of Final written warning.
  9. Hello Guys, I have heard from HR on friday, they have issued me a Final Warning letter citing few points. I did not expect that and this will stay in my file for 12 months. I find it hard to digest this as I expected level 1 or 2, level 3 being Final. They have given me 5 days to appeal. I doubt if they will go down if i appeal. What should I do appeal or just get on with it. Anyone knows of anywhere i can get assistance like professional people who i can talk to and cover myself in case my situation deteriorates. I suspect that they may now use this create issues to dismiss me as I am on final notice. My morale, confidence has taken a effect and my long length of service was not taken into account. although in HR interview the said your long service will be considered so that means i may have been dismissed if not for that.
  10. Now I have a Disciplinary meeting this week, wish me well guys. So far others attended have not heard anything back.
  11. By that one kick i moved him away from me and he had been encroaching my personal space for while that left me uncomfortable. I was under some stress as well. Anyway meeting with HR is moved to tomorrow. I will certainly read all of this b4 going there. much appreciated.
  12. Now i was asked to come b4 monday so i said thursday. Although in hindsight i should not have.
  13. That incident was also on camera. but i take our point to come clean and apologise.
  14. Just want to mention last month there was similiar incident with another officer who pushed and threatened a person standing outside staff entrance. He pushed him without being provoked. The office was suspended for few weeks, had his hearing but was allowed to come back. In his case he was not threatened for provoked but still used force to move him off and in my case i had to face lot of verbal abuse and was phsically threatened by the guy even tough i tried to help them.
  15. Yes it is on CCTV. When you say i wouldn't mention it i am not sure what you meant, kindly could you explain this statement, thks.
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