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  1. I agree, they should all be compelled to state this prominently: The fact that this disclaimer was not on previous T&Cs makes me question their validity.
  2. Couldn't agree more - it should be clearly stated that there is no such thing as 'unsecured' if you own property. You pay a higher interest rate for not securing the loan against your property, then if anything goes wrong, they come after your home anyway.
  3. Yes, I know what you mean, itstheone. I wonder if sometimes people just want to forget a stressful episode as quickly as possible, once it's over and done with - which is understandable. It would be helpful to others to post a quick conclusion, though.
  4. Thanks! good to know things are quiet for you; at least they're leaving you alone!
  5. Yes, Bridagier2JCS, I'm getting acquainted with the 'delightful' Ruthless, so I thought I'd have a read around the threads to get a feel for their MO. Most threads just seem to tail off and I wondered if this was due to non action on the part of Ruthless or some cataclysmic event like bankruptcy, etc, as they threaten. Sorry if I have been unhelpful bringing up an old thread.
  6. So the banks can't afford to pay back their debts to the consumer........and how do they treat the consumer if he/she can't pay back their debts?! Perhaps we should all send in the debt collectors, threaten court and bankruptcy and generally harrass them night and day.
  7. Totally agree, it is a con. Sorry to hear about your problems, I hate bailiffs. I didn't claim on my insurance, just changed my car because the old one was irreparable (due to old age and mechanical failure, it was not worth repairing). Still had 7 months to run on insurance. Insurance company refunded the unused amount but the broker is adding penalty fees which exceed their actual costs. Can't even insure the new car as they refuse to supply the No Claims certificate.
  8. As those of us who have already been stung will know, most insurers charge a cancellation fee if you end your policy before the full term. However, I thought that penalty fees were illegal and the admin charge could only reflect their true costs. In addition, my insurer is refusing to give me my No Claims certificiate until I pay their penalty fee; surely they are obliged to supply my No Claims certificate and cannot hold it to ransom, like this or make conditions as to its provision? I cannot insure my car with another company without the No Claims certificate. I'd really appreciate other's views on these matters.
  9. I thought penalty fees were illegal for cancellation and could only reflect their true costs; ie, price of a stamp, sheet of paper, ink and an envelope?
  10. Sorry to hear about Billy's health problems - poor kid; hope he's feeling better today. Good for you for standing up the HMRC bullies - they don't like it when you question them or gainsay them, do they?! What sickens me, is that they don't have the backbone to go after big business or the wealthy (who can afford expensive lawyers, who will show HMRC up for the cretins they are), but they positively delight in putting the little guy (or gal) through hell. So glad to hear you have proof of DLC's perjury - what a nice early christmas present! Best of luck in all your endeavours.
  11. Well done, Burlyb! Anyone who sticks it to the despised HMRC has my gratitude:-D
  12. If your ex continues to make false reports, this would constitute harrassment, which is a civil and criminal offence - might give him pause for thought!
  13. underdog13

    hmrc distraint

    I'm so sorry to hear about your problems, Greyone. I was told by the CAB that if a car isn't worth much, the body handling the bankruptcy case don't bother with it - don't know how accurate that is, but that's what CAB said. Has HMRC forced you into bankruptcy? If so, it might be worth going to the press with your story.
  14. I believe the entire debt is sold on to however is willing to buy it, basically - however, they must adhere to the terms of the court order; they cannot ask you to increase payments without taking it back into court.
  15. Hmmm, I'm not sure what the best course of action is on this one - sorry! If they do go for bankcruptcy - or rather a statutory demand, first, as a prelude - I should think that they would still have to have all their paperwork in order.
  16. Hi ftc, good to hear from you, too - though for your sake I wish it was under happier circumstances! I suppose the threat of bankruptcy could be to frighten you into paying up - that seems to be their last ditch attempt when all else has failed.
  17. Hi ftc, sorry to hear you're having problems again. Refresh my terrible memory - are you in any sort of repayment plan with them and have Haliprats sold on the debt or are they just using debt collectors?
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