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  1. I'll give you a personal insight on any money owed to a government department. I owed the then DHSS £1,000 for overpayment of benefits. I ignored them, despite various threatening letters, moved house 3 times and eventually split up from my wife and married again Fast forward 25 years and I claim my state pension and get the letter explaining what I was due and payment dates. Just before first payment was made I received a letter informing me that the first six months of pension payments would be deducted a sum of £160 to claim back the money owed. I laugh at it now but at the time I wasn't best pleased but nothing could be done about it. So folks,if you owe money to the government...........
  2. This is a particular problem in the Scottish area where there are many flatted developments. Most CRA's use the Royal Mail address list and not the official Council list.
  3. I'm no expert mate but I do think you will have to pay one way or another.
  4. Thank you for your swift reply. I presently have a CCJ reported by Lowell, I have a payment plan in operation. The CCJ says it will be reported until July 2015, but me being resident in Scotland would it be in my rights to insist the CCJ drops off in July this year?
  5. Re the difference of a year, between English and Scottish law,before debt drops off credit record. Who decides which law should operate if you live in Scotland but have a debt to an English company?
  6. That was my reason for starting this thread,to make others aware.Good advice from you.
  7. Had a letter from CPP about claiming back mis-sold protection policies. They don't give specific details of which organisation sold you the policies,if at all,this comes when you make a claim. Now, if you already have an account with Lowell, which you have classed as time bared and refused to pay it, would a successful claim and rebate under the CPP scheme negate the time bar issue as you would have acknowledged the debt? I'm not claiming under the scheme. Cheers, Fallback.
  8. Thank you for that. Just one point.This was a credit card agreement and having seen on other agreements the words,"Any disputes on the agreement will be settled under the law of England and Wales" Would it be possible this may apply?
  9. I dontt remember the last payment to the debt,but it certainly was not in the last six years.I have never acknowledged the debt in writing.
  10. I have had a statement of account from Lowell in regard to a debt with MBNA FROM 17/12/03. Further to that,I have now received another letter from Lowell asking me to contact them to settle this debt or it will be passed on to a collector. I have never acknowledged this debt to Lowell,even though they send statements of account to me. What should my next move be?
  11. Studio are now sending out letters to reclaim PPI.
  12. Always sad hear of a death,but more so in one so young. Condolences to family and friends. RIP Martin.
  13. The account I use never has any large amounts of cash in it.I use it for online purchases and load it up when needed,so there is no chance of a DCA raiding it at anytime.
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