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  1. ex managed to get payment holiday, i never knew or agreed to it..... the mortgage co refused to write to me at my new address to inform me of developments, maybe ex has managed to change terms of mortgage to int. only, i wouldnt no coz they will only write to me at the property address even though ive not lived there years.... Its still affecting my credit file though. Feel like im banging head against a wall trying to get any sense out of the Mortgage Company, and no im not on speaking terms at all with ex.
  2. Got a susp reposession hearing last august, however, payments have been missed and most other months only part payments have been made to mortgage co. Ex is presently in occupancy of the property until a buyer can be found, ex is on JSA and mortgage interest payments about to kick in, will this stave off more repossesion threats?..... And how much time is it likely to buy in enabling finding a purchaser? Thanks
  3. yes, but im not in property, ex is. it is meant to be getting sold and proceeds split, now ex wants to sell it to rent it back.
  4. Looking on the internet there are many compans out there claiming to be able to stop repossesions, buy your property at 80%to 100% of market value and even rent it back to you with the option to re-purchase at a later date. Just wondering if any advice can be given on this or better still if anyone has any first hand experience of dealing with a situation like this? Tia
  5. Thankyou Cat.... in all honesty, i feel the only way is for the lender to reposses. Ex was meant to pay mortgage till prop sells... Divorce settlement then pay me my small % after sold thus also releasing me from mortgage. Ex is stubborn and not abiding by this.... now its faing repo. I have a family to support, none with ex. im not in position to sort the arearrs and my credit has already been severly affected. I doubt my ex will pay up the arrears or start paying mortgage as they are now on the dole. Its a bleak affair!!
  6. Hi... in the 14 months since the suspended hearing, there are 7 months areears and 6 months payment holiday, as of today will make 7 months arears as payment holiday was up last month. I dont live in the property, my ex does and has turned down a few good offers to sell. There is a court order giving orders for sale and ex to pay mortgage.... not done hence the mess. Like i asked, i just really need to know what the lenders next step is likely to be and timewise till they reposess?... My name is on mortgage, my credit has been severly affected by this and until the property is sold icannot r
  7. In august 07 a repossesion hearing got suspended on my property as the arrears were "Found" at the 11th hour, however since then there has been arrears building up again, i think 7 months and six months payment holiday used up with little chance of anymore..... can anyone advise what the building society's next step is likely to be? Thankyou!!
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