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  1. Morning These boards have been recommended to me as being very helpful - and I could really do with that right now. Basically I currently owe around £65k to 5 different creditors and am in an arranged DMP with payplan. I have 6 defaults on my credit file and they've been on there for 3 yrs. My plan is to sell my property in around 3 yrs time, move in with my parents for a few months, offer full and final settlement to all the creditors from the proceeds of the house sale, then get a new mortgage with OH to buy my parents place (they're downsizing). However, whilst looking into this I've been told about unenforceable debt and as most of my credit was taken out before 2007 I wondered if this may relate to some of my debt. BUT ..... I'm not sure if a) it will mess up my DMP (if I rock the boat might some creditors who's credit is enforceable then turn round and insist on full payment) and b) it will mess up my chances of getting a new mortgage in 3 yrs time once my defaults have dropped off?? Also, does anyone know what sort of figure I would be looking at as F&F settlement on £65k debt?? Is it around 75%?? Any advice anyone could give me would be really appreciated. Thanks, Jo
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