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  1. That’s very helpful thank you. I’ll see what the next few weeks bring...
  2. I can’t remember - it was 2006, I have trouble remembering what I did last week that was all they sent, the T&Cs page they sent didn’t look like it was part of the original document. I also had a current account with them and loans that were repaid before I got in to financial difficulties. the current account was joint with my husband - we had an overdraft which wasn’t t repaid. Cabot have this too and frequently get confused and mix up the two amounts in letters. The amount varies drastically- they seem to have forgotten it was a joint account as well.
  3. Yes my signature and the correct address at the time, part of it anyway - the rest was hidden under the sticky note I'm guessing. Ok so it is a copy of the CCA?
  4. Thanks dx yes it is the FD cc. The last payment I made was in June 2018. I have scanned the 'agreement' which looks an awful lot like an application form - this is exactly how I was sent it but with all personal details erased. It also had a statement of payments (of £1 per month since January 2009, which I've not scanned as it's just pages of £1 payments. I only ever paid the £1 to first direct and never changed the payment details, despite regular requests to change it - they clearly got them all anyway. They all have my correct add
  5. Hi I have recently received a copy of my CCA for an old HSBC CC debt. This was apparently bought by Marlin in 2014 and I had previously (before it was sold to Marlin!) asked for a copy of CCA so it was in dispute. All had gone quiet until February this year. This is all complicated by the fact that in 2008 I was advised by Payplan to offer token payments to everyone. I paid these by standing order and had actually forgotten about them. These continued until 2018 - I know! So it's not SB and wont be for a while Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  6. Quite! I have not tried to avoid paying the debts. I just have not had the money to repay them and now I am not 100% sure who I even owe the money to - they've been passed on that many times. I guess CAB etc advise people as best they can. At the time I thought I should take their advice. I also had pressure from family members who probably knew even less about it all than I did, 'must avoid being taken to court and getting CCJs at all costs'! I would do things differently now, and wouldn't get in to debt. I don't even have a credit card to my name these days but hindsight is a won
  7. Doing it myself - PP apparently didn't deal with token payments only payment plans, they just helped with the initial letters etc. I know I'm an idiot. After setting up the standing orders - I just left them to run. I am pretty sure I didn't stop them until 2019 which is even worse! I'm well aware of the fact that they won't be statute barred until 2025. I am getting all the threat-o-grams again since stopping the payments, which I expected. Most of them have been passed to several different DCAs over the years, while in dispute although I suppose by paying them they ar
  8. Yes dx I did know about this debt but somehow get confused and thought the one that was passed to Apex was this one, it wasn't. That related to a different Egg account. It was only on sorting through all of the paperwork that I realised my mistake. I paid them all token payments until 2018 as that was what I had been advised initially by CAB/ Payplan back in 2008. When you have someone advising you one thing, other people saying if you pay them something then they won't take you to court - something I was terrified of at the time. Not now though, bring
  9. Thank you for replying. Yes I did receive a default notice from Egg in October 2008. I think at some point in time I got this debt confused with one that was passed to Apex, but that related to a different Egg account, this one just slipped through the net.
  10. Hi I have been sorting through all of my paperwork as a lot of DCAs are contacting me frantically since I stopped paying token payments in 2018 (I ignore them). They have stepped things up since Christmas so I decided to at least collate everything in order of debt, it's taken a while. All of my debts are old, relating to 2008/9. I was advised by my local CAB in 2008 to pay token payments, which I did. I lost track of who had which debt, and it all got very confusing, I was suffering with stress and on anti-depressants, my head was all over the place. I move
  11. No problem - yes I have followed your advice - letters sent The Catalogue debt - Simply Be (JD Williams) was around £300 back in 2008, they have never registered a default on my credit file, they have recorded that I have paid £1 a month but my account says 'up to date'. If they had recorded the account as defaulted when everyone else did it would have disappeared from my file 4 years ago Is there anything I can do (apart from pay the balance - which would not be fair to the others?)?
  12. Thank you for the response - I swear I started a new post so not sure how my old posts found their way here. The old posts are not particularly relevant as my question related to full and final offers, not the situation I was in ten years ago although the debts remain the same I am sure people are quite capable of finding old posts from my profile should they so wish? Sorry, it's made it quite hard to find your reply - and people probably think I am nuts for regurgitating a ten year old post! (which I didn't!) Also what do I do about the catalogue debt that wa
  13. Hi I realised my debts were out of hand around ten years ago. All were unsecured loans & credit cards. Since then I have been paying a token payment to all of them (13 creditors) - I found this forum, but still continued with the token payments with the mind set of 'it keeps them off my back' - it's pretty much worked but is not a permanent solution. I CCA'd all, one eventually came back saying they wouldn't pursue me for the debt and the account would be closed. 1 out of 13! I continued with the token payments as I was too afraid of what might happen, si
  14. With regard to the wage overpayment, I used to work in a payroll department of a large organisation (public sector, without being too obvious!) and as with most large payrolls (in excess of 30,000 staff) mistakes happen (often not notified of leaving dates, hours decreases etc). Our stance on collection of overpayments was generally to write to inform the person then negotiate repayment with them - taking into account what they could afford, and even the ones we were pretty sure knew they were overpaid and could afford to repay the amount (as they we aware it was happening in most cases before
  15. Hi nickswansea I am in a similar positon regarding simply be/ reliable collections. They've not produced a valid CCA but I am paying all my creditors £1 a month (as advised by the CAB and payplan) in any case. Reliable collections claimed they could only accept £4 a month at first but I stood my ground and eventually they accepted the £1 payments. I owe them such a small amount in the great scheme of things and all the other creditors were fine with £1 a month. If I had the money I'd have paid them as I am sure is the case with you. Remember you can only pay them what you can reasona
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