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  1. He has not said, today was the first time he mentioned it. The loan is for £113,500 and I know he would want to keep it below £100,000. Though houses in my road are on the market for above that amount they are not selling, so its possible that I may be in negative equity.
  2. Hi,my son was refused dla after reapplying. He has aspergers syndrome, chronic fatigue is dyspraxic and mostly confined to the house because of the above. My son was first diognosed when he was fourteen and his condition has not altered, he is now twenty three. He is waiting specialist help from a special unit in Sheffield for his chronic fatigue but will always be constrained by his other conditions. When we received the letter stating why he was refused, none of it made sense. It was almost as if they were talking about another person. Much of their criteria are met by my sons conditio
  3. My father has suggested that he might pay off my mortgage with capstone/spml if they would accept a reduced payment of the debt. This is a complete shock to me, as I am in a real mess at the moment and unable to pay my mortgage except in small amounts that do not cover the monthly charges. My curcumstances are that I have an interest only mortgage and due to illness including mental health problems am unable to work. I also have a disabled son who is autistic and unable to work. This is not an excuse but an explanation of how things stand. My question is this. How likely is this company to
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