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  1. I am defending a ccj (with a threatened Charging Order) I sent my defence in and did not receive a proper response just that the reject my defence. I have received an Allocation Questionnaire that I have to get to the Court by Monday. The Claimants did not supply a true copy of the cca within the twelve working days - it was three weeks later. (it was a scanned in small copy with a post it blacked out over some of the print) they also did not provide a copy of the default notice just a template of one that they use. No Notice of Assignment and no Statement o
  2. Hi, would like to introduce myself - have just joined the forum today as I cant think of what to do next. 2morrow I have to go to the second hearing for redetermination as the judge adjourned the first one in august for me to give all my dealings with egg in a statement. Drydens were supposed to send their response to my statement by the 17/09 but it did not arrive till this morning - anyone had any luck in getting it thrown out on this point? I expect everyone has heard of drydens - the househunters?????? They are after a Charging Order. I am very scared of losing my house as I have
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