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  1. I have today replied to DCA's letter - I am waiting for the apopletic plop somewhere in the Bradford area tomorrow as I requested they write off the debt as it is unenforceable!! I obviously know they will not as they are very determined but its worth a Recorded Delivery. I'm not sure how they will react to an N244????
  2. Hi there Doc H, Many thanks for info - have been unable to get online for a couple of days - have looked at the form and there are a few ?? not sure about in "what order are you asking the court to make and why" Do I put "To apply for the case to be set aside" and for the reason why "The Claimants have not provided a true copy of the cca and default notice" and include the letter where they say that the claimants do not keep copies of default notices sent ............ Sorry to be a pain Doc H but the form looks a bit "don't go wasting our time" or maybe I am a bit paranoid after the le
  3. Hi, picking up this thread - so does that mean if they the claimants only have a template default notice then they have not got the documentation to make a claim?
  4. dont know why all the font business came through as well. I think its readable. If not have to try something else?
  5. DRAFT ORDER FOR DIRECTIONS The Claimant shall within 14 days of service of this order file and serve the following:- · Copies of the Credit Agreement and any documents referred to within it which complies with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and all subsequent regulations, which the claimant seeks to rely upon. · Default Notice compliant with s87 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 and Consumer Credit (Enforcement, Default and Termination Notices) Regulations 1983 (SI 1983/1561) as amended. · Document, contract or deed of assignment. · Notice of
  6. Hi Doc H, many thanks for the link most of it seems to apply -when can I send this sort of thing to the court. I put in my AQ draft directions and other info on the 29th December. How long does one usually have to wait for this sort of thing to actually get to court?I did use the request (as per a "template - as they love them some much) will post it in a mo as I don't quite understand the timings of all of this - is it simply that the Judge looks at all of the stuff and each of the draft directions and then orders them to supply the copies then makes a decision? will cut and paste in
  7. Good idea thats great that you responded to their bullying and lying - these people are just evil they prey on people who are facing up to their debts when they could not face theirs and had to be bailed out by the government. Why can't the government help us instead of making it easier for these parasites attack. "To the Mattresses" I think is the motto. I think I will reply but factually - I still think I will keep quiet the fact that their cca is suss at moment until I have to put in an amended defence (when is that exactly?) Carry on the good work at rattling LTSB's Solicitors cage.:D
  8. Hi Doc H, They did the same bullying tactics for the loan I wish I had known more about you wonderful supportive people then. Although the judge did hint that I should try and get the ccj struck out at a later date if I wanted to as they did not have a Default Notice for that either. But I'm dealing with this now and it is so draining so one thing at a time otherwise I will confuse myself (easy done!!)
  9. Hi blind as a bat :D:Dthat was great made me smile - still don't know whether I should send a reply to that as its allegedly an attempt at negotiating and I wasn't sure if I ignore it whether they would say "see she's not talking to us......she ignores our letters! someone said something about a CPR31 I have heard of the CPR 18 but not a 31?
  10. By reasonable proposals they have said that a voluntary charging order has to be in place! is that reasonable?!!!
  11. I think that was the letter was yesterday as at the vwery end they say "Unless we receive reasonable payment proposals from you within the next 14 days our client has no other option than to carry on legal proceedings against you for the full amount claimed. Our client also reserves its right to recover its wasted costs from youin dealing with your Defence. We trust that this will not be necessary and we look forward to hearing from you. (this letter is dated 30th December and arrived yesterday they always like to give you the full 14 days don't they!!!!!)
  12. many thanks for today's advice you are all so very supportive - i feel so much now - still scared but with the extra knowledge that i have gained today i am ready to fight. am goin to bed now to try ang try and sleep. kind regards speak soon
  13. Hi Scarlet Pimpernel, I wholeheartedly agree - they were spitting mad at the court for the loan when they went for a ccj forthwith so they could get a charging order and because they hadn't bothered to get in their response in on time they just thought they could date it the correct date but send in second class post in the hope that the court wouldn't notice they were refused costs and I was just given a ccj with no forthwith. So this time they said that they had a mandate in this case to not negotiate with me at all. Are Egg part of Citibank that the government bailed out - also amer
  14. Hi Doc H and Bazaar - Is the template Default Notice admissable as this, again,they have sent several times when I have requested a copy? I have had a letter from both egg and drydens saying that copies of default notices are not kept so a template one will do with the information on a separate piece of paper saying what would have been on it if they had a copy. Again they seem very confident with this.
  15. Hi Bazaar, is there a template of a CPR31 - although sending them template letters and other really helpful info i.e. Draft Directions and Other information for the AQ seems to really wind them up!!! - there letter today said that it held no relevance to this case? They have sent several letters saying "This letter seems to be a template from a consumer web site" !! Should I send a copy of the CPR to the Court as well?
  16. Hi Doc H, They seem very confident that this is the cca as they have now sent it to me three times. Usually with the post it heavily blacked out with marker pen? Obviously didn't check this time!
  17. Hi Bazaar, No it didn't have without prejudice on it anywhere. I requested a true copy of the agreement with the CCA 1974 with the £1 fee but not any CPR so its not too late to request this thats good news. No date has been allocated yet. Do you think I should request transcripts of any phone conversations as it seems they are trying to twist my words?
  18. The other thing I am a bit suss about is that my signature seems quite big in comparison with the rest of the document. I don't have a big signature but if I were to put this on a real A4 page it would seem out of proportion with the small writing on the rest of this scanned document.
  19. the only thing I can see on the scanned copies is that one has at the very top 002 and second page 003 I think that is the fax pages though other than that there is nothing just my credit card number hand written across the top.
  20. No nothing and the post it obviously relates to someone else as that is not my name on the post it. Also it has been scanned in smaller than A4. When you say the prescribed terms have to be in the four corners how does that work (sorry to sound thick)
  21. Sorry forgot to put a note on it - got to dash out to the school back on line later many thanks everyone.
  22. am having trouble attaching cca how do I do this? The way I keep doing it it comes up as a midget scan - I know its a small scanned in copy but not that small!! Can anyone help?
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