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  1. Hi there, back after a few weeks of pulling hair out etc worrying!! The Court has sent back "Notice of Allocation to the Fast Track" he is requesting "Copies of the Credit Agreement and any documents referred to within it which complies with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and all subsequent regulations, which the Claimant seeks to rely upon. Default Notice compliant with s87 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 and Consumer Credit (Enforcement, Default and Termination Notices) Regulations 1983 (SI 1983/1561) as amended. Document, contract or deed of assignment. Notice of assignment,
  2. Hi Q, Thanks for that have looked at your thread and found quite a few similarities to my daughters. They have tried every tactic when my daughter first telephoned them they said that they had looked at the land registry for the house and had decided to go for a charging order?! Barstewards. Again, many thanks for the kind thoughts especially when you are going through it too. Let me know how you get on. regards, pc
  3. Sorry to butt in but after reading through this thread my daughter is having similar problems with HSBC but they have produced a cca no default notice and have applied to the court for the overdraft which they have lumped in with the loan - in their letter when asked for the accounts to date the last page states zero balance and nowhere does it state where the account has gone. My daughter has put in a defence but we haven't drawn their attention to the fact that they haven't put the loan account number in just lumped it all in with the overdraft and then put in for 8% interest calculated on
  4. Agreed, how does one fight against this certainly the law is an "ass" with an r in there somewhere is a very true saying. I have been given a court date between June 20th and July 20th for my fight against Drydens (Egg) who after my AQ have said they are following CPR rules by negotiating WITHOUT PREJUDICE of course offering me to pay off now (an amount which they know I cannot possibly get my hands on) and the other "negotiation" is almost the same amount that I owe but at a monthly amount that they know I cannot afford (they have had my expenditure form four times now) PLUS a voluntary char
  5. The MP first wrote to the Attorney General who "passed the buck" to the Ministry of Justice as they did now know??????????????in the letter to the MP it quotes "I apologise for the delay in informing you of the whereabouts of your letter. I have been having difficulties finding out who is responsible for the issues you raised as I have also been in contact with H.M. Treasure and the Departmenht for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR)." also "The matter raised in your letter fall within the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice...............blah blah" In other words nobody
  6. Hi, Am going to post the reply (hopefully!!!? if I can work photobucket) that I received from The Ministry of Justice after asking my MP what rules the courts are using to give charging orders on unsecured debt. From what I deduce from the letter is that there is nothing decided yet? or am I being hopeful? I will try and look back to a really useful video that someone on the list did unless anyone has a good link to it as it attached so small you cannot read it.
  7. Sorry guys missed a page on my computer - congrats on getting it thrown out - if anyone reads this I would stilll like to know why the courts are using a law that hasn't, as far as the Ministry of Justice knows, had a decision made on if they are going to actually put it in place. How does one fight these bods. I can't sleep at the moment as Egg and Drydens are still gunning for me absolutely determined to turn my credit card debt into a charge on my property!!!
  8. Hi, I do have a copy of a letter from The Ministry of Justice stating that no decision has been made on this I can post it if somone will remind me how to do this with photobucket. If this could be of any help as I did write to my MP asking for the actual law that the DCAs are using - I cannot get my head round this that the courts are actually just going ahead if the law hasn't been implemented yet?
  9. Hi there MJ sorry been trying to post the letter but can't remember how to get it from photobucket to the site as it has been updated and I haven't!! Can anyone give me some advice as to how to post it from photobucket without it needing the aid of a very strong magnifying glass.:? Can't sleep cos of these horrid people. What I want to ask them is "how do you pick your victims" as I know of some people with more debt but Egg will accept really low payments - is it one nasty person you just happen to get look at your file or do they just stick a pin in???? I am very low about it as its all s
  10. :-|:-xI have been battling with Egg and Drydens for ages now and I e mailed my MP regarding unsecured debt being turned into secured debt and could he find out about the loophole that large firms are using to get charging orders when no default on the ccjs. He has replied three times now because first the Attorney General's office did not know and now the so called Ministry of Justice have sent a letter saying that the Ministers have not made a decision how this would be implemented so my question is here how come if the Ministry of Justice are saying its only in draft form how come some cour
  11. yes, will do, its 11.23 p.m. am sitting in bed with a dvd ready to go - going to watch a chick flick didn;t manage to grab the wine but i will tomorrow and raise a glass to everyone here goes night night p.s. can't see a part c on the form as its numerical?
  12. Sorry me again, with the copies of the default notice and cca do I have to state that I have included these anywhere within the N244?
  13. Many, many, thanks DocH have put all that in and copied the template default notice and cca with post it. Going to take it to the court tomorrow - fingers crossed.
  14. Oh just another question looking at the form and that is about the hearing question "at a hearing" "without a hearing" etc. also judge district judge question? trying not to mess this up sorry.
  15. Just checking over the N244 form and just one small question that I hadn't ticked a box on and that is - is it a witness statement, statement of case or evidence as set out below? Also do I send the template default notice as well as the cca with the post it I am worried that they will suddenly and mysteriously produce one without the post it despite sending this one three times? I wondered whether to give them this option or to just state that its not legible? as they would then send the court the one with the post it? Just wondered as I don't trust these horrors at all.
  16. Many thanks Doc H have just put that in on the form and printed it out. I'll take it in to the court on Wednesday - is the ex60 remission form on the same site? or do I have to do that at the court?
  17. many thanks bazaar it feels so much better to share all this worry and to have supportive friends on this site
  18. Hi there, So I am asking for an order seeking the claimants compliance i.e. Default Notice?? True copy of cca - I know they keep sending the one with the post it on it as a true copy and I think I'm driving them mad with that one (good) as I now have three copies of the post it one. With question 10 regarding witness statement, statement of case, etc. what shall I put there?
  19. Just read the post again - they have replied to the AQ but with the dodgy cca template default notice and copies of all my credit card statement right back to 2000. an N244 has been suggested but I think my mind has been befuddled by trying to read the 8000 or so threads to try and inform myself of this process. Am ashamed of myself really as used to be a legal secretary - bit different when its yourself though mind has gone completly blank!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turned me into a ficky - had to smile at the thread about the DCAs and banks moaning about these consumer sites spoiling their fun - I had a
  20. Sorry to be a pain but I have just looked at the form again - daft as it may seem and sorry if it sounds simple but is the claim no. as per the one ongoing at the moment and am I still the defendant and them claimant as I'm the one asking? Sorry makes me cringe sounding so thick!!
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