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  1. I have been in dispute with N Power for three years after a problem with Scottish Power trying to take us over. An inaccurate meter reading taken from a house in Sheffield (I live in East Sussex) caused N Power to say they had been wrong billing me for three years (this seems to be a common problem with NPower) they said I was using 233,000kwh a year. I use about 2000. No one is in the house during the day and then only three of us at night. I heat and cook with gas. They now say its 20,000 kWh per year. I have about six files full of
  2. N Power Help! I came on the forum last year with my problem with N Power who closed my original account as they had an erroneous reading that was not in line with my previous correct reads when Scottish Power tried to take us over in August 2011. Two reads were taken on the same day one from my meter and one from somewhere else. Did get a letter from N Power saying that they had a closing read from Scottish Power but it was regarding a house in Sheffield??? I live in East Sussex. It was a new meter in 2009 so up until 2011 everything was okay with average b
  3. I am on pension credit so I have had to live in my £250 overdraft since Christmas and my "buffer" which is £500. Once you go into your buffer you are charged £22 for every five days you are in your buffer - this month I had five lots of charges so it was £110 (as it was a five week month) which wiped out my pension credit for that week and sent me immediately back into my buffer. So this is costing me most months around £88 per month this seems to almost match payday loans?? This new deal looks even worse I think - not sure. I went into the bank to ask about these new charges and the
  4. Hi No the properties aren't new build. Twenty years or so ago the three properties were one. My house being the main one (built approx 1450) a bungalow one side built about 1990 and the Coach House the other side same age as mine. The problem being they all have the same number but I have never used the number just the house name. The bungalow doesn't either and The Coach House is not under the number either. What I cannot understand is why N Power cannot look at my old account number and look at my usage and then look at the new account number as to how ridiculous the usage is. Wh
  5. Thank you for a quick reply nottslad. The problem also has arisen due to three properties all with the same number but my property has a name. I was never with Scottish Power the property next door was empty for over a year and when the new people moved in they obviously asked Scottish Power to supply them. N Power assumed that I was going with Scottish Power and the first I heard was "Sorry you are leaving us" but this was the neighbouring property's meter reading that Scottish Power obviously sent to N Power who assumed (stupidly) that it was my meter reading as I was not leaving them (co
  6. I have been having a problem with N Power. I have a six digit digital meter that I have had from new in 2009 with a start meter reading of 000000. The meter readings were fine until Scottish power tried to take us over and N Power closed our account in Aug 2011. When I told them I was not going to Scottish Power they said that they would have to give me a new account number as they had closed the old one. After this it all went pear shaped as they suddenly could not read the meter properly and left off the first digit which is a 0 and put in the last five rather than the other way round
  7. This is a long story so I won't bore anyone with the whole thing of N Power closing and reopening my electricity account then deciding that they/I had read the meter wrong for four years. I had a new electricity meter fitted in Jan 2009 and I am on a spreading warmth tariff paying quarterly. Before all the stupidity in Aug 2011 when scottish power tried to take us over and N power closed the account everything was fine but in February 2012 N Power decided with a new account number that my meter reading must be wrong and that I must be using enough electricity to l
  8. Many thanks all - I will just ignore their threats until they do something - in their letter they didn't actually say what they wanted they just said we are allowed to come after you for the money and we are??
  9. I presume so but if they haven't got the relevant papers i.e. CA (the one they had has someone elses name scribbled over it?) I did not receive a DN. Luckily I have all the correspondence - a whole box of it. Can they take this to Court twice?
  10. The infamous Drydens - the letter they sent to the court said that the decision had been made on "commercial grounds" Activ Kapital sent a copy of their letter to me with all the statements. One thought though I have not received any Notice of Assignment for this debt. Many thanks for the swift reply. pc
  11. In 2009 I received a Notice of Discontinuance from the Court regarding an Egg debt as I had issued an N244 because there was no DN sent a Egg could not produce a copy of said DN. This morning a huge bundle arrived in the post consisting of copies of all my egg credit card statements right back to 2001!!? with these was a letter from Activ Capital who state that they can still chase me for the debt and are determined to do so. What should I do, anyone any ideas this is really getting me down now as I thought it was done and dusted.
  12. So, can they use this reconstituted agreement to take action against you? I thought the Carey-v-HSBC was for loans? Bcard sent me a recon terms and conditions that "would have been the agreement that you signed" with my name and address typed on a sep. bit of paper and stapled to this so called agreement. That means that they could send you any old terms and conditions that suit themselves? There is no date on these ts and cs how do I know that these were the ones I signed up for. I keep getting threatening letters from their Mercers dept saying they will send agents to call at my house??
  13. (4) If an agreement has been varied by the creditor under a unilateral power of variation, the creditor must still provide a copy of the original agreement, as well as the varied terms; Hi, Many thanks for the quick reply so I guess they do have to? As always these judgements look a bit ambiguous as I can see where they have grabbed the idea that they only have to supply a copy of the T & C's with my name and address typed on a sep. bit of paper and attached. Not sure where to go from here? Got a headache now! Its all very stressful. Good in someways to be back on the forum intere
  14. Hi everyone, Can someone clear this point of Carey -v- HSBC as Barclaycard refuse to send me a copy of my signed credit card agreement and keep quoting carey -v- hsbc. paragraph 108 at issue 2? saying "ya boo sucks" we dont have to send you anything but a copy of T & C's that would have applied to your CCA and typed on a different page my name and address which they say make it a true copy of my CCA?? They doubled my interest rate in five months - the first one being the day after my 60th birthday. I had not been late with any payments until I flatly refused to pay the doubled int
  15. Hi there, I have been informed that when a creditor requested a ccj from Northampton they did not have all the papers - they did not have a Default Notice as one was never issued. The creditor is still harrassing me despite regular on time payments for this ccj. Can I get this ccj removed as the proper paperwork was not given to Northampton? pc:???:
  16. Hi Slick132, Many many thanks for the swift reply - much appreciated. Yes I have always been within the agreed limit. I still have the letter dated August 2004 when they upgraded me to a gold card with the loyalty rate. Do I have to send any fee for a CCA request? I know that Barclaycard are not at all helpful when people are in trouble and demand that you pay a percentage of the outstanding debt. They very helpfully suggested that I might like to cut up the card and pay at the current rate of 16.9% if I didnt agree with their 18.9%. I just have a feeling that this will carry on
  17. Hi everyone, I had a loyalty rate on my Barclaycard of 11.9% for the life of my Barclaycard since 2004. Last August, the day after my 60th birthday, they sent me a letter sayiing that the interest was going up to 16.9% I tried to argue the point but they would not listen. They have just sent me another letter saying it is going up to 18.9%. It has now got to the point with the loaded interest that I can no longer pay them. I have written an ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE letter (not sent yet) complaining about this ageist treatment) My question would be - should I as
  18. Many thanks for swift reply, I did keep requesting a copy of the DN as one had not been received but all I kept getting was a "this is what it would have looked like" just a template with no information on it at all. When I defended the ccj I did state that no DN had been received and that it had been requested and I put in the template. DJ said that ccj should not have been issued but as one had he had to go with it. I was defending the fact that Drydens were after a Charging Order as they said it would take 200 years to pay off at £5 per month (ccj was for £5) I upped it to £50 (gulp) so
  19. Several things to ask anyone out there if they can help? Went to Court in 08 after defending a ccj on my egg loan - judge issued one but said I was at liberty to go back as no Default Notice had been issued/received. Is there a time limit on going back with an N244? - as I have other nasty people on my back haven't been able to face it but I feel stronger now especially as Drydens have started sending nasty threatening letters with income and expenditure forms attached even though they have a ccj - they are threatening further action if I don't fill these in - are they threatening to try and
  20. Hi, Hope everyone is well? Am trying to get my CCJ set aside as there was never any default notice received and the DJ said to me that I was at liberty to apply to get the ccj thrown out. I do remember reading somewhere about dodgy Egg Agreements made before 2004? Can someone point me in the right direction? I am going to attempt to fill in my N244. Many thanks. PC
  21. Many thanks dx100uk - will have a proper look at the thread tomorrow. The copy of the ca that was sent to me at the time seemed okay apart from the fact that egg had given several breaks to me of three months at a time and then they are supposed to increase the payments they did not they increased the time without sending a new ca. Do you think this counts as breaking the terms and conditions - mind you there are no terms and conditions that corrolate to the ca (they have sent four different lots!) This ca was from year 2004. Also as stated before there was ne
  22. Many thanks guys. Do I still have to continue paying the ...... nice people or does this mean that the debt is unenforceable?
  23. When I first went to Court last September 08 I hadn't met you lovely lot so I didn't know what I was doing. I had part defended the claim so they just slapped a ccj on me for £5 per month. Okay, I thought, I can cope with that for the moment. They had not sent a default notice despite my request for a copy of one as I had not received it. Egg then decided this was not enough as they were after a charging order so went for a variation. The judge was going to give a forthwith until I said I would up it to £50 per month (which I am struggling with) This w
  24. I know you can't believe a word MPs say but if this refers to the reforms to charging orders contained in the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 (TCE Act) I was sent a letter when I questioned my MP stating that "on 17 March 2009 there was a Written Ministerial Statement setting out that we will NOT implement the provisions contained in Part 4 of the Act. These would have affected the charging order process. We have made this decision in order to ensure a degree of certainty for debtors." I know they talk a lot of poop but it might help anyone who goes before a judge who isn't s
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