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  1. Hi, Npower have never ever answered these, among other questions - but I thought I won't make it to complicated for them. I sent a copy to the CEO, it was addressed to the Executive Complaints Team - Sent the questions on the 19th November, the questions were: Question One: Why, when the meter was new in December 2008 with a reading of 00000.0 (A meter provided by Npower) with a first quarterly reading of 01229.0 acceptable to Npower as a correct reading (this being a fairly normal winter bill, if a bit high for us but it was an estimate using the usage from a faulty prepayment m
  2. Hi, I wrote to Npowers Executive Complaints Team just requesting that they answered some questions that I have never had the answer to. I sent a copy to Paul Massara. I received a reply, not from the Executive Complaints Team but from the paralegal (Legal department) not answering the questions but a rather rude letter. I replied saying that I have every right to request answers to questions with regard to my account or rather accounts and, anyway, the letter was addressed to the Executive Complaints Team not you. He came straight back with:- "… You can explain to the Court your
  3. Thats what I thought considering he thought N Power were a nasty bunch!!
  4. Hi, Luckily although Richburns had sent two threatening letters with the hearing date on N Power must have cancelled it at the last moment as they had no paperwork to support any warrant. The agent from Richburns was the one who told me that any time there has been an Account in Dispute the Magistrate throws it out and says "Don't put these before me, get it sorted!" He also said it is always worth going as you never know whether or not they have got their act together to put a stop on these things in time. PC
  5. Hi, I would listen to the advice that Bank Fodder has given you. We are making progress and the help and advice I have been given has moved me forward more in three days than it has in three years. It is stressful but once you start making progress it eases as you feel you are not alone in this struggle against one of "The Big Six" as they like to be called. Take care, good luck. PC
  6. Sorry, The magistrate throws out the Warrant of Entry into Your Home if the account is in dispute. PC
  7. Hi Tried letter to MP last year - he said he could not get involved if it was going to Court?? but he was sorry to hear of my plight? He used to be the energy minister before he was booted out of the cabinet. Went to the Magistrates Court today it was quite stressful but the guy was quite friendly. Told me that N Power were "not very nice" told me about some poor family that cannot read their meter as it is placed too high, are on benefits and N Power are demanding they pay £200 per month? It was well worth going as he said that if I (or my ma
  8. Hi dx Thanks for the reply and the info. You are right about lowry beck services. Will log on tomorrow to let everyone know how I get on at Magistrates Court. PC
  9. Thank you CB have added this info to my file, I really do appreciate the time you guys put into this. Its a great site and a great comfort, thank you xx
  10. Hi Everyone, Thought I’d update on situation with my obviously obscure meter. I have trawled the internet looking for a six digit 5235a Ampy Landis & Gyr meter that you read the last five digits. According to N Powers instructions on their video “How to read your meter” “George” categorically states you read the first five including any zeros. N Power have never answered my questions as to:- (a) This was a new Meter in December 08 with the first Estimated Read in March 09 of 01229.0 (this estimated figure was based on my old prepayment meter usage) – and Actual Read was take
  11. Thank you CB. Are they allowed to charge this sort of money when they are taking someone to court already? It seems a bit of a double whammy. What worries me is that they have sent two letters one to The Occupier and one to me (One and the same) I have yet to find out if they have charged any more. PC
  12. Hi, Does anyone have any information as to whether the use of two different debt collection agencies to start warrant action WARRANT FOR ENTRY TO YOUR HOME when this is already going to court. Can they do this? Anyone know? They have charged this to my electricity account once already (£34 £10.50 for phoning the dc and £23.50 for writing a letter!) and I am trying to find out if they have added any more to my latest bill although the website said it is not due until 21st November. PC
  13. Hi Bank Fodder, Many thanks for your reply. Have attached kettle/load test and other telephone conversations with NPower customer services. (SAR) I will go through them again to see what else there is? Also, the £34 charges which will be at least four more now and will show on the next statement. Everytime I have received a debt collection letter it generates these two charges adding up to the £34. PC
  14. Hi Citizen B, Have filled in and sent off the Directions Questionnaire (N181) and put in my Defence 9/10/14. Haven't heard anything else as yet. PC
  15. Hi Citizen B, Apologies for not replying sooner, many thanks for your input. Yes I sent in my defence. Couldn't believe how nasty the legal dept (one man) is at N Power. He said that there was no negotiation on how much I should pay each month it was £360 a month or Court Proceedings. They tried to block my payments online as I have been paying for the electricity based on my pre-august 2011 usage plus my £140 per year from the government. Each time I try and pay an N Power page comes up saying "There is a problem with your payment" luckily the NexBanks system accepted my payment
  16. Hi, Bank Fodder, 2007 - British Gas supplied electricity. 2008 - Next door (left of me) applied to N Power for electricity but N Power took over my electricity by mistake. I did not know this until my prepayment meter went wrong and I phoned British Gas they said they did not supply my electricity N Power did!! Sorted this out eventually with N Power. 2008 - N Power fitted new credit meter. 2009 - Bills all ok in line with what had been spent previously - bit better as on a Spreading Warmth Tariff. July, 2011 - Received letter saying "sorry you're leaving us" - rang N
  17. Hi Bank Fodder, thank you for your comments:- ok: I will give this a go - I will also post my first bill showing the first read plus a stupid one saying I used over 7000 kWh in two weeks. Three properties at our postcode all with same number (changed mine to a name to stop confusion but still the same number)used to be all one property. 2008 with British Gas for Electric N Power took us over didn't know until prepayment meter went wrong, charging double for standing charge. Dec 20008 Credit Meter Fitted - starting with 0 March 2009 First Quarterly Bill - estimated on our
  18. Hi, Forgot to attach my Defence. Not very good but I couldn't afford another £100 advice. (maybe a good thing???) Just had to go with it.
  19. Hi Have attached NP PofC - the test meter they ran through my meter read 00068.1 they insist it read 000681 which would mean 32 kWh per day (three weeks) House empty during the day. Away on holiday for one of those weeks. The meter guys who took it out gave me the meter read of 00068.1 My PofC cost me £100 for one hour's advice and outline PofC.
  20. Hi, Thank you for you swift reply, I had some help from a Barrister who drew up the outlines of the P of C. They are suing me - they put in a claim just after the case in July as I refused to pay £360 per month (that is all of my pension) and they gave me 14 days but went straight ahead anyway before the 14 days were up. It is due to be heard in March/April time. I have put in a defence.
  21. Hi Bank Fodder, Many thanks for the reply. They are now taking me to Court for nearly £6,000 - at the same time I have had threatening letters from Richburns and Collections Direct WARRANT OF ENTRY INTO YOUR HOME despite this going to Court. I am paying an amount monthly calculated on what I consider my usage plus the £140 I get from the government. They said they were putting a stop to these letters and when I phoned (I recorded those on my iMac they said "I am stopping it as I speak to you now" they lied as I again received letters one addressed to The Occupier and one addressed to m
  22. I tried to take N Power to Court and I had an appalling time. The judge actually said "I don't know much about how these electricity bills work". N Power sent a Barrister to the Court. The Judge had not looked at my Particulars of Claim at all. N Power only had the Ombudsman's letter as their defence. He only looked at the Ombudsmans letter telling me that they thought N Power were in the right and dismissed my claim. I even had a photo of the meter and the correct readings. Not enough evidence!? N Power didn't get
  23. Hi I never signed up for NPower in the first place they took the account over from British Gas in 2008 in a similar way that Scottish Power tried in 2011. Next door signed up to NPower (same post code) and we were paying double as we were paying a standing charge to British Gas as well as N Power. It was only when the meter was faulty that we discovered we were with NPower and not British Gas? This is a common problem and N Power are the worst for doing this. Highway Robbery? I am still getting WARRANT OF ENTRY TO ENTER YOUR HOME now I
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