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  1. Hi, Npower have never ever answered these, among other questions - but I thought I won't make it to complicated for them. I sent a copy to the CEO, it was addressed to the Executive Complaints Team - Sent the questions on the 19th November, the questions were: Question One: Why, when the meter was new in December 2008 with a reading of 00000.0 (A meter provided by Npower) with a first quarterly reading of 01229.0 acceptable to Npower as a correct reading (this being a fairly normal winter bill, if a bit high for us but it was an estimate using the usage from a faulty prepayment meter). Npower changed us to a credit meter on 3rd December 2008. Why all of a sudden Npower are trying to say that the meter would have read 12290 for a quarter that is TWELVE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY kWh in three months? That would equate to approximately FORTY-NINE THOUSAND UNITS A YEAR? Over 6 years my meter read would read 294960 by now? (it does not it reads 09062.0) (Npower misled the ombudsman by indicating that I was a new customer in 2011 with a starting read of 39431 the ombudsman letter says that Npower were unaware of the type of meter?) Question Two: What is the reason for closing the old account when in July, 2011 we were told over the phone that Npower would stop the transfer to Scottish Power and our account would carry on as it was? (received a letter 2nd September 2011 having trouble closing your account???) Question 3: In your letter to the ombudsman Npower accuse Scottish Power of giving a wrong four digit read for my meter – if this read is the read of 03759.0 it is correct as Npower’s customer services said it fell in line with all previous reads. Why did Npower use a read that did not fall in line with any previous reads? Question 4: Why did Npower manually change all previous reads to fall in line with a longer read of 39431 – it does not make any sense at all. (both reads were Actual Reads taken on the same date 25/08/11) Please send details of where this read of 39431 came from? Crazy - it is so frustrating that they cannot do simple maths going from that first read, what planet are they on to think that a domestic home could rack up twelve thousand units in three months - average for a family home with gas central heating and gas cooking is approx 3,300 per YEAR?? I feel like crawling into a hole, I tried not to let that horrid man upset me but after three years it is very difficult? Thank you again guys for being such a support. xx Sent them a hard copy today. PC
  2. Hi, I wrote to Npowers Executive Complaints Team just requesting that they answered some questions that I have never had the answer to. I sent a copy to Paul Massara. I received a reply, not from the Executive Complaints Team but from the paralegal (Legal department) not answering the questions but a rather rude letter. I replied saying that I have every right to request answers to questions with regard to my account or rather accounts and, anyway, the letter was addressed to the Executive Complaints Team not you. He came straight back with:- "… You can explain to the Court your version of the facts, which you have done previously yet are misguided enough to see the dismissal of your claim as nothing more than an inconvenience. It is perhaps for you to realise your position and seek independent legal advice.‬ ‬ ‪Yours sincerely‬‬ ‪ ‬‬ ‪Kenneth Radley-Davies‬‬ I think the expression is "up your own ……… Mr Radley-Davies" I will send the same letter again to The Executive Complaints Team tomorrow by snail mail with another copy to Mr Paul Massara. I wonder if they will just forward it to my favourite person at Npower?? I would like a reply to my questions? Is he too afraid to answer them or doesn't he know or should I say care? I purposefully stated that I did not need them to investigate (as they said they would not investigate anything to do with my account or accounts) but just reply to my questions. PC:?:
  3. Thats what I thought considering he thought N Power were a nasty bunch!!
  4. Hi, Luckily although Richburns had sent two threatening letters with the hearing date on N Power must have cancelled it at the last moment as they had no paperwork to support any warrant. The agent from Richburns was the one who told me that any time there has been an Account in Dispute the Magistrate throws it out and says "Don't put these before me, get it sorted!" He also said it is always worth going as you never know whether or not they have got their act together to put a stop on these things in time. PC
  5. Hi, I would listen to the advice that Bank Fodder has given you. We are making progress and the help and advice I have been given has moved me forward more in three days than it has in three years. It is stressful but once you start making progress it eases as you feel you are not alone in this struggle against one of "The Big Six" as they like to be called. Take care, good luck. PC
  6. Sorry, The magistrate throws out the Warrant of Entry into Your Home if the account is in dispute. PC
  7. Hi Tried letter to MP last year - he said he could not get involved if it was going to Court?? but he was sorry to hear of my plight? He used to be the energy minister before he was booted out of the cabinet. Went to the Magistrates Court today it was quite stressful but the guy was quite friendly. Told me that N Power were "not very nice" told me about some poor family that cannot read their meter as it is placed too high, are on benefits and N Power are demanding they pay £200 per month? It was well worth going as he said that if I (or my mate The Occupier) had been on the list and I said it was in dispute then the Magistrate gets quite tetchy and throws it out and said anytime there is a dispute don't bring it before me. It has been a long day. Had to wait ages and ages. Then my car broke down on the way home, aghh, it never rains but it pours!!!! Thank you to everyone for the support, it is really, really appreciated. PC
  8. Hi dx Thanks for the reply and the info. You are right about lowry beck services. Will log on tomorrow to let everyone know how I get on at Magistrates Court. PC
  9. Thank you CB have added this info to my file, I really do appreciate the time you guys put into this. Its a great site and a great comfort, thank you xx
  10. Hi Everyone, Thought I’d update on situation with my obviously obscure meter. I have trawled the internet looking for a six digit 5235a Ampy Landis & Gyr meter that you read the last five digits. According to N Powers instructions on their video “How to read your meter” “George” categorically states you read the first five including any zeros. N Power have never answered my questions as to:- (a) This was a new Meter in December 08 with the first Estimated Read in March 09 of 01229.0 (this estimated figure was based on my old prepayment meter usage) – and Actual Read was taken in June 09 of 01280.0. This reading is obviously correct. So why do they now say “Oh no, you have to read the last five”. This would have made the first bill over twelve thousand units in just three months?? (b) I have also asked N Power why when an erroneous read was given to them by Scottish Power of 39431 in August 2011 instead of looking back at our previous usage and meter readings (Actual reading of August 2011 taken by Data Collection Person of 03759) they changed all the previous reads adding an extra digit? Without consulting me regarding usage. I just received a bill in April 2012 for £2,800. © Why do they keep sending letters addressed to me but with next doors number as electricity supplied at…..(next doors address) (d) Also, if they really think I used 12 thousand units in one quarter wouldn’t you think that a bit strange for any domestic customer. Anyone know whether this new government initiative or offgem initiative to help domestic customers if their usage is high? Going by N Powers bills I think I should be at the top of their list! Have requested N Power’s paralegal to have the meter checked under Schedule 7 of Electricity Act 1989 through the National Measurement Office– he is not best pleased! He should have given me the opportunity earlier. Also getting an independent electrician to do a report on usage etc. Off to Magistrates Court in the morning to put a stop on WARRANT FOR ENTRY INTO YOUR HOME x 2 one for me and one for “the Occupier”.??!! Feel really physically sick at the prospect but I have to go as although N Power have sent letters to say it was a mistake I do not trust them an inch. I have been unwell all weekend worrying over this. Keep thinking OMG are they right and I have used nearly Ninety-One thousand Units in 6 years? Also what happens to the fact that 09088.3 when it becomes 100883 (N Powers figure?) which five will they take – the last five would be okay, lol. As it would be 00883. Maybe I am being a bit too facetious and light headed after being ill and got all this wrong.
  11. Thank you CB. Are they allowed to charge this sort of money when they are taking someone to court already? It seems a bit of a double whammy. What worries me is that they have sent two letters one to The Occupier and one to me (One and the same) I have yet to find out if they have charged any more. PC
  12. Hi, Does anyone have any information as to whether the use of two different debt collection agencies to start warrant action WARRANT FOR ENTRY TO YOUR HOME when this is already going to court. Can they do this? Anyone know? They have charged this to my electricity account once already (£34 £10.50 for phoning the dc and £23.50 for writing a letter!) and I am trying to find out if they have added any more to my latest bill although the website said it is not due until 21st November. PC
  13. Hi Bank Fodder, Many thanks for your reply. Have attached kettle/load test and other telephone conversations with NPower customer services. (SAR) I will go through them again to see what else there is? Also, the £34 charges which will be at least four more now and will show on the next statement. Everytime I have received a debt collection letter it generates these two charges adding up to the £34. PC
  14. Hi Citizen B, Have filled in and sent off the Directions Questionnaire (N181) and put in my Defence 9/10/14. Haven't heard anything else as yet. PC
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