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  1. Well done As I have been saying Samsung have been aware of this problem for years make sure they replace all the capacitors
  2. Ignore it - don't get worked up by it - ring them and charge them with harassment I have the same problem here from a guy who was here 4 years ago but it still comes - file under IGNORE
  3. The number is further up the page Good luck
  4. Hi there, after reading your reply to my post I urge you to contact Samsung Do not get a new TV it is a known problem with this tv the capacitors on the power board burst they are under powered . samsung know about this problem ring them and they will arrange a repair. They will say its a gesture of goodwill accept it but make them aware you are not happy about a design fault. My capacitors had burst it took 20 mins to fix but still wouldn't work so it was taken away for a power switch to be replaced now it's fine for the moment as they only replaced 2 of the four capacitors so we are waiting to see what happens. The number for samsung is posted here not sure where as they changed there number when you ring up make sure you have your model number and make
  5. Ok So I know it's a while since I replied to this post but have some interesting developments to report. I went to the trouble of doing the rounds of statute barred and all that, my loan was pre - 1995 - and was told yes it was blah blah ( i can give you details on how to do this) and low and behold beginning of this year they placed a record on my credit file!! a ruling was passed of May last year that student loans could place a default record on your credit file which will stay with you for six years. They can only place it once, so they did with me - I statute barred my debt September 2008 and as such their actions became a criminal act as they had retrospectively applied the ruling. It took a simple phone call to point this out and a letter received to change this situation. Now all I have to do is find out who i sent to prison.
  6. They are and i taking this further - Samsung should be ashamed over this situation there is no warranty to cover this they doing it " as a gesture of good will" (sic). If you search you will find this problem is global - I know this is anecdotal but the engineers that came out said the TV's are cheaply made with bad components - kind of sums thing up.
  7. Thats good so far but be aware that Samsung designed it with the lowest capacitor possible when in fact it needs a higher one - keep this info handy - as i have a 40 inch TV and its the cup - but cant watch it - Not a happy bunny!
  8. It sound like your capacitors are about to go - Samsung number as follows- 0845 726 7864
  9. Mine is less than 2 years - does it click when trying to switch on?
  10. Ok I know this post was a while ago but I have been having the same problems with my Samsung LCD flat screen TV recently where it won't switch on and appears to "click". This is a problem with the power supply and capacitors which "burst". A simple search on line will reveal to you that Samsung have been trying to cover up the fact that the components in their systems are of not up to standard and they have admitted that there is a problem to me over the phone. They have tried to say they haven't but it is a recorded conversation so they can't say otherwise. They are trying to "secretly" upgrade affected systems, but the power of the Internet hasn't allowed this to happen, type in - "my samsung lcd wont switch on" and see what comes up. The Sale Of Goods Act refers to the retailer so you must take it up with them firstly then they must pursue the manufacture - you do have the six year rule which states - the goods have to be fit for purpose. My TV has had the capacitors changed and it still didn't as they had "fried" the power supply and it looks like it will be two weeks before i get it back, so what I am going to do is set up a forum on Facebook to shame Samsung in addressing this disgusting situation over their product. I hope this helps but it does appear Samsung have been supplying shoddy goods to unsuspecting customers for about 3 years.
  11. yes your right kurvaface pre 1998 are simple cca covered by the 1974 act - post 1998 are wages linked - but can still be barred if no contact or work related employment has been undertaken - but now the SLC can apply to have it show on your credit file - at the moment its a grey area - as i said mine are statute barred so i am activily looking to see any action on that level- as a side line i have had 4 phone calls this week from SLC after it was SB and had apoligies each time and confirmation of the status of this debt - so my next step it sue them for violation of act 8 and 9 of the human rights act and criminal harrassment hang on and i will up date you when i get more info
  12. Hi there ok they can contact known addresses - so it may mean parents etc may be contacted - ok - but they have to be in contact with you - ie letter - phone - telegram - makes nooo difference -they need to be in contact with you! It is their job to chase you - ask your parents to file under IGNORE - it does not impact on there credit at all if it does SUE them - it is your debt - so its up to you what you do - i have my loans barred - it does not mean its gone just that they can not take action against me - so the debt is dormant - as for the DCA - they broke the law and i am taking them to court for that fact - you live abroad enjoy!! forget it - remember six years no contact makes no difference they need to show they have been in contact with you ok
  13. they cant force you to pay if you are below the 15000 threshold you can enforce it infact demand that they shut up really hope it helps
  14. so sorry Suti for not getting back to you earlier My Student loans have been statute barred - it means they cant take legal action against you - what so ever! - so they cant inforce the debt i see you have been in touch with them in the few last years or so well i had heard nothing from them for over ten years and last August they contacted me thats when i did some research - really do your research it is helpful - as you have been paying there isnt much you can do - as i understand it they can contact other people that are related - not very ethical i agree but thats the way it is if you need anything else contact me
  15. I am in the process at the moment - believe me the law is on our side
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