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  1. MBNA...sent telephone letter, then received phone call at work from new DCA! Am now sending them a letter and seriously considering my options as they have still failed to provide a CCA since November 08!
  2. Hi Andy Thanks for that advice, much appreciated. I will send the letters again to Fredericksons as I think they need to be aware they are battling over an unenforceable debt. Hopefully they will realise it is a pointless exercise and return it back to Littlewoods. I'll keep you posted of developments:) Thanks TAO
  3. Here we go again guys....after hearing nothing from Moorcroft or Littlewoods after requesting a full statement and sending the above letters....I have today received a letter from Frederickson International Limited...saying they are instructed by Phoenix recoveries to collect the debt. Does this mean Moorcroft have sold on to another DCA or returned to Littlewoods?? Also I am concerned as what Littlewoods have sent me as the 'CCA' is clearly not the original...I've just had another look at it and there is a date at the bottom of the terms page of 24/9/08..clearly they do not have an
  4. Thanks Hallowitch, Yes Im glad it is...am learning to survive on beans this month but it was so worth it to get these awful people off my back. Thanks to all for their advice and support x
  5. To quote in the report 'doesn't want any of their people being made vulnerable'....but they have no problem hounding vulnerable people...shame on them all!!! You take their pay check, practice immoral and illegal tactics...then its only fair to expect people to have an opinion...especially if you show no sympathy for anyone (that poor chap whose baby had died....).. I am not a vindictive person..quite the opposite, but I certainly will be ringing them tommorow and asking for MARK....OH YES!
  6. Many Thanks David, I'll have a read of it and take it from there Cheers TA
  7. Watched the last 1/2 hour and was totally disgusted with these idiots..I for one will be ringing them tommorow and troubling THEM 'at work' Slightly disappointed with the end of the programs advice though, made me feel like they were suggesting people should just pay up and give in to these bullies
  8. Hi Uptotheneck Thanks for your advice, where should I be looking for an example of prescribed terms please as I am not sure what they should have sent? Thanks so much David
  9. also please see below for a copy of what was received - nothing on the back showing terms and conditions http://tinypic.com/r/28bv1wz/3
  10. Hello again Nagasis Just thought I would post an update whilst on here on the above - sent both letters as suggested on 25th May 2009 - to date have had no response to either.... Is there anything else I should be doing at this stage? Thanks
  11. Hi Ellen Thanks so much for confirming this for me, I will certainly apply to the court as suggested now the arrears have been capitalised. Dodgy Geezer - yes I totally agree but to be honest this has caused so much stress to me that I figured I could take them up on their capitalisation offer - then overpay and clear it that way. Hopefully the capitalisation means I can draw a line under the legal side of things as I truly am at the end of my tether with Abbey . Thanks to all for your help on this. Kind regards TA
  12. Hi All Just to give you an update on the above - after much hassle from B and S I have paid the amount requested (original owed plus £24 plus £18 only in fees). I have received a confirmation back from them to say the amount is now clear - despite their bailiffs letter saying that the total owed was in excess of that amount (presume he had slapped on some extra fee's contrary to the industry agreed ones!) Anyway a big thanks to all for your advice on here, was much appreciated and I am extremely grateful. Regards TA
  13. Hi Also meant to say that it appears the original debt agency (Lewis) have passed this onto AIC after my CCA request wasn't complied with or responded to. Thanks All.
  14. Hi All Well the saga continues with MBNA. In a nutshell.. 10.03.09 CCA request sent by recorded delivery to Lewis Debt Recovery 20.05.09 No response so 2nd letter sent advising them they were in default and again advising non acknowledgement of debt. Heard nothing until... 13.07.09 Letter received from CL Finance (see below) Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting and a very dubious copy of an agreement (front page with my details only) dated 23.4.96 Now this doesn't show all terms and conditions as requested and equally I have
  15. Hi All Well took your advise, wrote to B and S advising my situation and reason account went into arrears (also enlcosed copies of letter from doctor etc). Offered to pay the £300 outstanding on council tax over the next 6 months in equal installments on top of my £100 each month council tax for this year.... and guess what... Have received a letter from B and S saying my proposal has been rejected and they are sending the bailiff again...more costs added! Have come back to my home today to find another hand delieverd letter from Mr Bailiff...charging me another £18 for the visit..
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