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  1. Just go on the lines of: I am accepting your offer of £XXXXX as partial settlement of my claim, I am not willing to accept the offer as full and final settlement of my claim. You have a further 7 days to remit the total amount of my claim to me, and if you fail to do this within 7 days i will start court action blah blah blah Hope this helps Claire xx
  2. I would stick to the correct timetable, as this seems to work. A week is asking a bit too much as the banks have a lot of cases on their hands at the mo
  3. I just sent a £10.00 note, doesn't matter really coz they will send it back to you
  4. I did the same Money, for some reason i put the defendant's address as my own??? I must have been having a blonde day So i had to withdraw my claim and start again I received the cheque refund from MCOL about a week later, best of luck
  5. Best of luck Majjy, get ya highlighter & calculator ready xx
  6. Best of luck Helen, go for the full whack xx
  7. I would claim just for the previous 6 years as the rules state. And you can't claim interest until you come to do your Moneyclaim, you DO NOT add interest to any of your letters to the bank, you are just claiming for charges
  8. Best of luck Andy, I am waiting for Barclays's defence to arrive, nailbiting stuff
  9. Hiya Jolly I wouldnt even bother ringing them coz you know deep down what the answer will be. Avoid all phone contact with them, keep it all in writing
  10. Well done Shewolf, I think Moneyclaim in the best and easiest option as you can check the process of your claim online etc... Telephone banking is good, are you on online banking? I find this great as you can check your bank accounts everyday and transfer money between accounts online. Saves the cost of a phone call
  11. Make sure they don't cash the cheque, funny how they received your letter but no payment? ;-)
  12. I work for Barclays myself and checked Keith Jeramiah out on the intranet and he is the top legal bod for Barclays, he must be a very very busy man
  13. Hiya dragon You are looking out for paid referrals, overdraft fees, unpaid outs, failed direct debits/standing orders, etc... Best of luck xxx
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