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  1. Thanks. For the claim from and to date would that be from the start of payments on the loan to when they closed the account and stopped charging interest in the account? I have attached some of the account info. I will attach my statIntsheet
  2. Hie. I posted last year about some debts I had with HFC. I finally managed to obtain all information regarding a loan I had with HFC bank after complaining to ICO. I had complained to HFC on the PPI as I wanted to put in my complaint before the August deadline. Before I received the account information today they had upheld my complaint and made me an offer. I was not keen on accepting the offer without the account information as advised many times here so I sent them a letter stating that I had reported them to ICO for not complying with my SAR.
  3. Thanks dx100uk. Is there any sample letter I can use or can I just write one requesting the remainder of the information.
  4. Update. Need help please. Received my SAR from Barclays for the Barclaycard I had with them. This card was opened in 04/2002 and yet they have supplied me with information from 08/04. What can I do? HSBC: I sent SAR request to HSBC initially for accounts I had with HFC BANK to which they initially said they don't have record of. I was adviced here to send an SAR to HFC itself which I did on the 21st of Aug. I have received a letter from HSBC with a list of accounts from HFC with just account numbers, start date and if PPI was included. Do I wait and hope they send
  5. Do I send it to the registered address in Berkshire as above or the Coventry address
  6. I sent HSBC an SAR for my HFC loan and just received a response from them saying they do not have any information with regards to the loan or HFC credit card. They just sent me information on an account I had with HSBC itself. I sent the SAR to the 8 Canada water address. Any help on what I can do next please
  7. Am back. Help needed please. Am trying to send out SAR letters to the companies. I am trying to find the address for Beneficial finance. I have tried searching for it via the ICO website but getting nothing. Can anyone help please.
  8. Ohhh good. Was afraid it would reset statute barred debts that I would not want anyone chasing after me for.
  9. Hi everyone. Need some help and information. Quite a few yrs ago I had about 4 different credit cards and a loan while I was a student. I fell into some difficulties while waiting to start my new job and was unable to pay on these debts. Short story I did not pay them off. They defaulted on the accounts and put it on my credit record. I did not communicate with them. They did try to contact me but I did not respond. As 6 years had passed got some help here to send them letters to stop harassing me. It's been about 10yrs since the default and no contact from
  10. Thanks citizen B for the response. I guess you are right. I am not in real need of an account with them. I just wanted to know if it is possible to apply to a bank that has closed an account before.
  11. Hie. Just wanted to find out if i could ever re-apply for a bank account with Barclays after they closed my account in 2006 due to defaulted Barclaycard? I did not pay or akcnowledge the barclaycard so that default has just come off my credit file last month. My credit score has improved thanks to good management of my vanquis card and running a marisota account. I nolonger have any defaults on my account and never had any CCJs.
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