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  1. This is over a year old now, but he is now living with a lovely family, being spoilt rotten, thankfully most of his first year has been forgotten and he's now enjoying being a much loved family pet.
  2. Ok, once again this morning we've received a letter from FIRE stating this is their Pre-Visit notification, no further Notice or warning will be given that doorstep agents will be call upon us! I've sent them letters, emails telling the account was in dispute, asking for copies of the CCA again and letter of assignment, none of which we have received. The letter states we have 48 hours to respond by calling 0845 0700381.
  3. They say they did, but we didn't receive one, so when I questioned it, they sent a letter saying they had 'recently' acquired the account and the letter was dated the day I asked about the letter of assignment. When I questioned it, they said it was a copy of the letter they sent in December 2006, surely if it was a true copy it would have December 2006 date on it?
  4. If it wasn't so frustrating it would be funny, we've not set up a payment, not agreed to any payment and they didn't/couldn't send me a copy of the CCA
  5. Ok.....and today the saga has started again. We've now received a letter from Fire (Financial Investigations and Recovers Europe ltd) saying they are giving us notification of Instruction to Collect for their client Cabot. Letter states as follows: Dear Mr ................ Due to your failure to pay the above debt, FIRE has been instructed by our Client, the Cabot Financial Group, to recover the full outstanding balance on your account. This notice is issued for non-payment of the above debt Failure to pay your debt in full will result in further recover action PAYMENT IN
  6. Well if they 'think' they are already receiving payments from us let them continue deducting it off the balance, but it's not coming out of our bank account
  7. No haven't got anything going to either company, and who agreed to this? we certainly didn't.
  8. Haven't a clue what's going on, but just received this via e-mail: Dear , We are emailing you in regards to your Capital Once Bank Credit Card account. We are pleased to confirm that we have a repayment plan in place and are receiving regular payments of £1.00 per month. Yours sincerely, Cabot 0800 3280708 Not once did I agree to this???
  9. If they aren't going to correspond with me any more, how do they expect me to set up a payment?
  10. Here is todays latest update: Dear Our response to your correspondence I refer to your email below, which was received on 2nd June 2011. In your email you acknowledge receipt of the information we have provided in response to your request pursuant to section 77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (“CCA”). However, I note you remain dissatisfied with the same. Upon reviewing our records, I refer you to our previous correspondence dated 19th May 2011, in which Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd responded to the issues you have raised and our position remains u
  11. Ok, after receiving a copy of our APPLICATION form from Capital one via Cabot this morning by e-mail, I've now just had our post and yet another letter from Cabot.
  12. Yes I edited out all personal details, wasn't sure I was allowed to show it. Thank you for your help. Watch this space for the next update.
  13. Right first thing this morning, via e-mail, I've received a copy of our signed agreement with Capital One, I did e-mail them yesterday and told them they were in default and that their letters didn't tie up, and that they had been requesting payment for an account which they didn't legally own until, in their own words 'recently' I'm sorry to keep asking but what do I do next, now I have all the copies?
  14. Certainly seems to be that way, I knew I had a letter from them but just couldn't find it when needed. Anybody know what I need to do next?
  15. After lots of searching, I have found what I was looking for, I knew Cabot hadn't sent me anything back in 2008!!
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