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  1. Can an unlicensed debt recovery company pursue tenancy and accommodation debts According to the Bristol Trading Standards,an unlicensed debt recovery agancy can chase up debts due from a tenancy or accommodation contract as such a debt is apparently outside the Consumer Credit Act. Can anyone shed light on this?
  2. We recently had an issue with Compass Debt Recovery (not a registered limited company) run by one Mrs Christine Tuckwell based in Bristol who is "trading as" Compass Debt Recovery. Compass Debt recovery does not have a consumer credit licence as their license is pending and cannot carry out any activities that require a consumer credit licence as it is a criminal offence. Mrs Christine Tuckwell left her employment at Bevan’s Debt Recovery and set up on her own as Compass Debt Recovery. She has taken the files from previous clients from Bevan’s and then began chasing up t
  3. in relationto edited recordings this can and is done. I covered this area in dept and It takes a FBI specialist to try to uncover but he can never be 100% certain he can only give a prfessional opinion
  4. I have used this method. Record the conversation, do a transcript, list it in the evidence bundel as a 'brief of the telephone conversation' and not a transcript. This way you are not informing the court you did record the conversation but the evidence is there and hard to deny. If they do deny what they said you then tell the court you have the recordings as evidence.
  5. look at the SIA website, if its the same clamping outfit Parking Control Services they were operating illegally as of setember 08. The clamper need a frontline license and the principals nee a non frontline license, if they are operating withour either then you can sue the landowner. Director Information for SANJEEV GILL Businessman trasp Companies Information For SANJEEV GILL Parking Control Services Ltd unit k4z southall business centre Director UNIT 4-5 THE BRIDGE BUSINESS CENTRE BRIDGE ROAD SOUTHALL Middlesex UB2 4AY Deli 177 Ltd Company Secretary 177 THE BROADWAY
  6. Hi The people who employee the clampers must also be SIA licensed and have a non front line license. The clamper on the ground who does the clamping will have a frontline license. All principals of the company must be licensed, if the employer does not have a license thay could be committing a criminal act. The Private Security Industry Act sets out some very strict rules for those wishing to engage in Vehicle Immobilisation or Car clamping that involves a release charge and they are severe penalties for breaches of the ACT including fines up to £5000 and 5 years in jail. These Licenses
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