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  1. Well yes, that is a risk you take, but also a way of making sure that your deposit is not retained for unnecessarily as if you have 2 months rent in your account you are almost there............. You are legally entitled to with hold rent if you have no address. You do need a UK address to serve the papers x
  2. Hi Alice, if there is no address for the LL on your contract you can legally stop paying the rent untill you have this address. Do make sure that you put it into another account and save it as once you have the address you have to then pay the arrears.x
  3. a) My deposit is not protected in a scheme but I have already left the property; can I still put a claim against my ex-Landlady because she did not protect the deposit and have back the deposit plus 3x the amount as a fine? Yes you can b) Can she still go now, after I left, and protect it as a way of stopping me to claim the fine? No, all 3 schemes have confirmed that a deposit cant be protected once the tenancy has ended. I would advise to do this yourself, you dont need a solicitor. Everyone on here can help you with filling out the forms etc
  4. You can phone TDS, TDSL and DPS to find out definatly if the deposit has been protected, i suspect from what you say it has not though
  5. Great, will be watching with interest x So are you claiming 3 x as well? You do know that you will be claiming for all your deposit to be returned plus x 3 compensation. The LL cant deduct from deposit if it was not protected .,
  6. Bankruptcy should be a last reort, in my opinion. I beleive it can take 7 years to come off your credit file. Yes all your debts "disappear" and in a year you are discharged but Im sure this will affect your life more than asking the court to vary your judgement. If your credit history has been good up to now and you are worried about it in the future bancruptcy does not seem to be the best option to you, a CCJ is not good on your credit file but a bancruptcy is a million times worse.
  7. He he Steve M, love the name change idea. I must admit I was very surprised by his offer. I had previously written to his solicitor saying I would only ever accept the full amount as I felt I had such a strong case. LL considers himself an outstanding member of the community and I dare say could not bear the thought of going to court. That will teach him for being such a pompous arse xxx
  8. Sorry, I presumed when you asked "can they hunt me" that you wanted to do a runner.
  9. After reading the above posts my thoughts are very much it is the end of a contract, nobody has to give notice, the tenants can just move out! Planner will know for defo, he is the king of tenancy law x;)
  10. Sorry, I think I understand now. I dont want to appear judgemental but I hope what I am going to say might just make you think a bit. You admit you owe 8K rent and 4K solicitors fees. You lived in this persons house, so you owe the money, maybe the LL had a mortgage to pay and relied on your rent to pay this. The solicitor put the hours in so obviously needs paying too. I think that it is terrible to try and run from paying what you owe. If you got a job overseas then you should contribute to the debt. I understand everyone has tough times financially but maybe you could have applied for housing benefit to cover your rent if you were made redundant. My opinion is that you should not try and shaft your ex LL even if you only pay what you can. Anyway thats my 2 penneth
  11. Dear Crap LA My daughter will be vacating (address) on (date). Out of pure courtesy my daughter has given you a months notice. I have taken advice on this subject and a 6 month tenancy is a 6 month tenancy and does not require any notice to end the tenancy. My daughter has not signed any form of new contract tying her into any notice. I trust that this will be the end to this and that my daughter's deposit will be returned promptly. Yours ........... I presume the LA furnished your daughter with the prescribed information for the deposit protection scheme? If so the arbitration service will clear this up for if there is any problem getting the deposit returned. Do the other tenants wish to stay? Best of luck x
  12. The end of a tenancy is just that!!! They are talking out of their rear end. Your daughter does not even have to give any notice, she has shown courtesy by giving the LA a months notice. She is free to leave and can tell the LA to persue her through the courts if they so wish x
  13. OK, so your deposit did not need protecting, you have gone periodical. Did your contract state that you had given a deposit. Did you get a receipt every month for the rent?
  14. Im delighted for you, well done. One word of advice, try to keep to the point, unemotional and breif in court, judges dont like to hear "life stories" xxx Do make sure that you get a precise inventory for your new house and anything you repair, clean etc get written proof of. Take lots of photos when you move in.
  15. Hi there. Sounds like he is doding paying tax on the rent. You absolutley should get your deposit back, the deposit should have been protected. This LL has failed to protect himself with no contract, inventory etc. I would play this very carefully and ask your LL what notice he expects you to give. Do you have a receipt for the deposit?
  16. 2. Submit a claim after 14 days against the landlord. Don't think it has to be complex. "I was a tenant at property A for period B. I paid a deposit as security for damages to the landlord. When I left, it was agreed that X would be deducted to cover rent. However, despite numerous requests including a formal letter before action, the remaining money Y has not been repaid and no explanation has been given for withholding. Therefore I claim Y plus interest at 8% (I think there is a formal way of requesting the interest) plus court costs and expenses." I worded it like this. Initial deposit x 0.00022 = A A x the amount of days deposit is late = total X
  17. Well in that case, surely you are intitled to the 3 x fine as the deposit should have been protected on renewal of the tenancy.
  18. DWP, whilst I agree partly with what you are saying, your case is very different, your LL was terribly negligent. HayleyJ's LL seems to have been reasonable. Your LL deserves to be sued.
  19. I have to say i really agree with flying doc here, he has done you no harm. Im a great beleiver in Karma, what goes around comes around. Again, this is just an opinion, you are obviously free to go ahead to do what you think is right but be aware that sometimes things can bite you on the bum!
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