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  1. I have recently received a notice of enforcement for a debt. I accept I owe the money (I stupidly stopped paying as it was for a new boiler which was faulty from day 1 and six months after installation it was condemned. The company have since "fixed it" but wont supply me with a certificate to say its safe). I am now being hounded by hce. I've not let them into my property only spoken to them on the phone. I have been advised to apply for a stay of execution but its confusing me. Which form do I need to fill in? Is it n244 or n245?
  2. I'll have to hunt out all my paper work regarding the charging order. I'm certain its relating to that as its for the same amount but as i said before i dont know where the Lewis Group fit in. I got in a complete mess a few years back but i've started to get back on track since having a baby as i dont want the stress. Just when i think i'm getting somewhere something like this rears its head! feel like i'm never getting out of debt sometimes no matter how hard i try
  3. I've just spoke to them, it was a lady who said she needed £125 from me by the 18/6/13 to stop action on this. It will then be sent back every month for the same action if i dont pay installments. Told her i would pay it if it stopped action but that i would require banking details for a standing order. She said she would get back to me
  4. They've sent me letters asking for payments and i've asked them to provide me with details to set up a standing order/direct debit so i dont need to worry about it each month but they just ignore me. Doesnt say who the card is from just some bloke named Anthony on behalf of the Lewis Group. I thought my CCJ was with Howard Cohen though, are they part of the Lewis Group?
  5. Urgent help needed please. I have a ccj for a HSBC CC for around £3500 with a Charging Order. I got home last night to a card pushed through the door regarding a pre-enforcement visit. What do i need to do? I'm really worried. I dont want this officer coming to my house. I've tried to ring the officer but his phone is off. I left a message for him to call me back but i dont want him turning up at my house while i'm trying to deal with my baby Thanks for any help
  6. Hi Can anyone help with a quick question? I am at work so unable to make a phone call to the bank right now. I recently went overdrawn as my wages went into my bank late on payday. I know that you dont receive bank charges if your account is back in credit that same day, but what i need to know is at what time is the cutoff, thus resulting in said charges?? Many Thanks
  7. Hi can anyone help? I had a doorstep visit from someone from Power2Contact (?) stating i owed Npower for my electricity bill. I had 2 options either to pay the full amount of arrears or have a pre-payment meter fitted. I said i couldnt pay all the arrears in full at that point but would be able to (it would be very difficult) when i got paid on the 18/11. He said it would have to be paid now. So i said i would have to have a pre-payment meter. This is booked for tomorrow. Now i really dont want a pre-payment meter fitted. I can pay the arrears next week. If i rang Npower and explained
  8. Well i've not heard anything from these clowns for a few months now and no one ever came to my property.
  9. Possession? i havent mentioned anything about possession in my above post i mentioned about it being processed through the courts. i'm just going to have to wait until monday i think and hope nothing happens in the meantime
  10. thanks for your reply. So you think i should just make the payment on Monday as planned and hope it was an idle threat? I'm sure nothing can come of any court action in 2 days anyway? if they make an application tomorrow, it surely wont get processed straightaway and then its weekend. I'm just hoping they accept payment arrangements as discussed and dont demand payment in full because i wouldnt be able to do that.
  11. I've been having problems paying Gas/electricity. am now trying to sort this out and get onto payment plans. Npower wont allow me to do this until i pay 30-40% of the total bills. I managed to pay £150 towards my electricity account, this month, after they sent someone to my property and now i they have set up an payment plan for me. However, they want £340 from me for the gas account before they will fix a plan. i cannot afford this until i get paid again, which is on monday. i informed them of this and they said fine but we cant stop the action on your account. i had a yellow ca
  12. Hi I posted a thread here about 2months ago because I was having problems with Npower and their debt collection department. Anyway after advice here i managed to sort it out eventually and even managed to come to a reduced payment plan. Payment have been made on this. However, at 7.30pm last night there was a knock at the door. An agent from Npower saying i owed money. Well i was shocked and my husband was not happy at all as he thought i'd lied to him about paying the bills!! I told the agent that i had a direct debit set up and i didnt know what the problem was. i even showed him
  13. Many thanks for all your replies. I held off making any payments to both Npower and CSL. I have been hounded everyday with phone calls from CSL at least 10 calls every day to 3 different numbers!! I had the intention of paying half my electric bill even though i couldnt afford to do this, but was seriously worried because there was no chance i could also pay half my gas bill as well. I left it until the 17th when i decided to try Npower again and i'm glad i did. i got through to a lovely woman who couldnt have been any more helpful. She agreed to accept £50 payment on each account a
  14. I have been finding it difficult to keep up with my monthly repayments, and as a result some direct debits have been returned unpaid. I have received letters of demand of payment from Npower, so i tried to change my payment date so that it would come out on the day i get paid every month. i had emails back from Npower to say this has been set up. Now for the last couple of days i have received constant phone calls and text message from a company called CSL. They rang yesterday 7 times in 2 hours. i eventually got so annoyed i called them back to explain the situation. After explaini
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