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  1. MONEY WENT INTO MY ACCOUNT TODAY!!!!! WOO HOO!!! I have made a donation to the site today also, thank you so much to everybody on here! bank charges still ongoing and also my CCA for credit card held with HSBC, but fingers crossed, at least one battle is won! THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!!! :-D:-D:-D:-D
  2. I did not attend a interview to discuss my situation, i did all this by post, and only went in to restructure my loan, so to be honest im not sure what you should say to them. i would def mention about the lump sum, and the other you mention that comes out monthly, is their new way of doing PPI, she did mention to me on monday that its now taken monthly alongside your loan instead of a lump payment. but certainly mention the fact it was one lump sum! i would also send a letter to explain the reasons you want a refund for. not sure about the monthly payments, can anyone else help with that?????
  3. :D:D:D hehe, sorry johnny, yes i meant "credited"!!! they have had enough of my money!!!! lol
  4. hi johnny, no they are paying the money into my account, i had to go restructure the loan, which is now done, payments have gone down from £126 a month to £96, and the original amount owing is what im paying back, and then the £1022 for the PPI will be debited into my account in within the next 5 working days. so just waiting for that to hit my account now! after ive got that back, ive gotta sort bank charges and a CCA for my credit card! oh when will it end!!!! keeps me busy though!!
  5. yes it sure does look like they have taken it out in a lump sum! if you do not have your origianl agreement, write to them (recorded delivery) and ask them for your original loan agreement, and have a good read through that also. I got them on the fact they took it out in a lump sum. when i restructed my loan she informed me that the new PPI they do is now stand alone insurance, much cheaper and you pay for it monthly! and its packaged so you can just pick certain elements to be covered for! now this seems a more sensible option!! I would certainly get your first letter off to the bank telling them you had been mis sold the insurance, and request a copy of your agreement, and whilst you waiting for that to come back (usually they will say it was not mis sold from the first letter), you can have a good read on here!!!
  6. no problem. i like to pass on what ive learnt on here, and to be honest we all need to help each other. had my bank meeting this morning, they restructed the loan on the same terms ect, and its all sorted, just waiting for my money now!
  7. thanks all, went to the bank this morning, and its a restructure of my personal loan, my interest rate has remained at 14.9% whic is what it started at 3 years ago, and i have 20 months left to pay off. they have taken the PPI off. all my agreements still say personal loan, and i ensured i read everything twice! the word managed loan was no where to be seen! as soon as i sat down i said this is not a managed loan and she said no its a personal loan like you had before, just without PPI. so ive sent off my agreement to head office to say i will accept their offer for the refund, and now i wait for the money! the bank were ver off with me though and rude, but i dont wanna be freinds with them anywaY!
  8. thanks JM, i will certainly ask the question if its a "managed loan". if she says it is, do i refuse this point blank? the letter just said they will restructure my loan at the same interest rate and terms. sorry to ask so many questions, just want to go in there looking like i know what im talking about!! im damn sure all their staff have been on training courses titled "how to take advantage of your customers!" (probabably paid for by our bank charges)
  9. hi mangle, congrats on going to sort your PPI with your bank. Initially after 2 letters i was told they had not mis-sold me it, yet they would remove the PPI if i came in and restructed my loan. I actually refused to go in and do that until they had agreed to refund my PPI first. You need to get your agreement out and go through it with a fine tooth comb. Did they take your premiumum for this PPI out all in on go? ie a lump sum came out of your account the day the loan went in? cause thats what i got them on! I had a loan for £4500, they debited £5000 into my account and on the same day they took £1081 for the PPI so in effect I never had £4500 from them! also on my agreement it said that if my loan was "under" 60 months i was covered for unemployment, well my loan was 60 months, so i got them on that too, as the reason you want loan protection is for unemployment mainly! so effectivley i was not covered! I also was never told i could buy this insurance elsewhere for a lot less, and was told I needed the PPI to enable me to get the loan. all the above is not allowed by the bank, and they obviously get money from the insurance that provides the cover as its not HSBC that cover you its outside insurance companies, so i assume they are on commision!!! I would certainly get onto the letter writing side of things, and keep going at them, finding as many loopholes as possible, you will receive the letters saying no, and you will think your fighting a losing battle, but your not! if i can help in any way let me know, im not the most knowledgeable on here, but I can try! good luck x
  10. totally agree with everything you have mentioned, the fact they are paying it back surely admitts liability even though they say they are not accepting any liability!!!! idiots! they also said the matters i raised they would not comment on, so they are saying im right! no matter how they word things, they have accepted liability! Luckily i did not have to go the ombusdman, but i would have! and i think after 4 letters they should have settled it in the 1st letter! i dont like the fact banks are allowed to use scare tactics, and to be honest since putting my claim in they have been more on my case than ever with my account, even if it went a 1p overdrawn they would call! i think this scares people into continuing with their claim, and this issue needs to be addressed. their staff are useless, and not trained in matters to do with refunds, and are just plain rude! lets hope things start getting sorted with banks and we find that we can get along with our banks and they actualy want to help instead of wanting to make our lives difficult!
  11. thanks lee, i suppose its just them scaring me by saying that if i didnt go overdrawn or had the moeny in there the charges would not have been applied and i suppose im worried the courts look at it like that too! ive just posted another post as i won my PPI insurance back from HSBC today so this has given me some confidence, especailly knowing that HSBC do buckle at some point and give in! i have a appointment with the bank monday to restructure my loan, so im going to bring up the charges also, try and scare them a bit, and use the knwledge ive learnt off here to make it sound like i know what im talking about! im filling in the court forms today, and whilst im in town with the bank monday ill go into the court and file the small claims. why oh why cant the banks just admitt defeat! it was never their money to take in the first place, so they should just pay it all back, put down the cost of charges and then its all sorted! but hey thats in a perfect world eh!!! ;-)
  12. I received a letter today from HSBC telling me they are paying me back £1022 for my PPI!!!!! After 4 letters ive finally won! in the letter they say they are accepting no liability for wrong selling of the product but are paying me the premiuim back! I now have to go in and restructure my loan without the PPI at the same interest rate and the money will be in my account in 5 days. im at the bank monday! I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON HERE!!!!! without this forum i would never have known how to claim this as soon as that money goes in my account a donation to this site will be on its way! im still fighting my bank charges case, which im now having to put a small claims in for, but fingers crossed for that one! if anyone is struggling with getting their PPI back, please keep going as this bank just tries to fob you off constantly, but you can win! thanks again everyone
  13. thank you so much, the court thing scares the hell out me, but im gonna go for it! sick of hsbc taking the mickey now!!!!
  14. Hi all i have received my 2nd letter back today re. my claim for bank charges. the first letter they refused to pay anything back saying all was legal and fair! (i expected that) i sent the 2nd letter and they have replied saying they have noted my case, and because of the hold on bank charges my case has been noted and filed now what??? do i go ahead and put in a small claims? i am unsure what to do now! in their 2nd letter they sent a booklet "putting your finances in order" oh how helpful of them (i wouldnt be in finacial problems if they were not taking £175 out every month!) and told me i had to fill out the finacial spreadsheet at the back and return it. do i have to do this? I have also had a answerphone message today from my local branch asking me to call them to book a appointment with them to discuss my account! do i have to go to this? any help would be great, as im unsure on where to go from here! thanks in advance x
  15. update.......bank sent me a letter basically telling me im rubbish with money! they tried to phone me to discuss and when i asked them to verify who they were, they decided to send a letter! i cant win with these guys, it seems all they wanna do is shoot you down! they told me to switch for a basic account, no debit card ect and manage my money and if i need any help to call them! what a joke! they even put in the letter they wont give me a overdraft, so how the bloody hell can they help! seems like they just like making people feel crap!
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