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  1. Hello Our fix term mortgage is coming to its end, When we took it out, we fixed for 3 years which gave us £1000 cash back for help with costs. Now we've come to the end they have informed us that the life of this "help with costs" was 3 and a half years so since we are leaving early we have to pay it back. Also they are charging us a £250 discharge fee. Now when we took the mortgage out we dealt with them direct and not once did they mention that if we fixed for less then 4 years we would have to pay it back when we left, if they did we would have fixed for 4 years. Another thing which is bugging me is they aren't offering us another deal only there STD rate which is very high so they aren't giving us any choice but to leave. So have i got any grounds to fight these charges as i have no alternative but to go else where?
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