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  1. ****Update******* emailed FOS and told them nothing arrived from EGG received a cheque within 3 days
  2. It was a loan account which they sold on to someone else because due to the fact that they wouldnt pay up on the PPI Igot into difficulties and had to make smaller payments. On the egg site the balance for my loan shows nil and has done for over 6 months. The 4 week deadline is 23 December if tey dont contact would you suggest concting them or back to the FOS
  3. I made a claimfor misselling to Egg and they dismissed it I took it to the financial ombudsman an they have upheld my complaint. The letter said that they have to pay me within 28 days, does anyone know if this is a definate 'they have to pay me' or can they just ignore the letter from the ombudsman. As the ombudsman has said he has now closed the case.
  4. I thought they had to actually send you the cheque and let you decide whether or not to pay against account. Did they send you break down first and if so how long after accepting the ombudsmans agreement that they had to pay you the money back did it take.
  5. Nothing for ages then two letters this week 29/9/09 On 10 August 2009 I wrote to you and advised that CapQUest are unable to return your account to Marbles as CapQuest are the legal owners of your account. I can confirm that this is still the case and your accountwill not be returned to Marbles. I never received a letter from them in august The this letter dated 30 September 2009 Further to recent contact with our office and your request for further inforamtion in relation to the above account we would confirm that your account is now on hold for 28 days whislt we obtain
  6. Cheque was cashed will send letter as advised giving 7 days. Thanks
  7. Sent them a letter stating that they had not complied with my request and they have now sent me a 4 page form asking for name, address etc a further £10, reason for enquiry, account numbers for any accounts held with them, date of when my last interview was with their inhouse consultant and account manager card numbers, mortgage account numbers. Anyone had one of these
  8. Hi Sent the bemused letter to Clarity and today received two letters one from Clarity stating they have requested the information from Citi. The second letter is from Citi stating and I quote We have to inform you that we are under no obligation to comply with a request for a copy of your agreement under the COnsumer Credit Act as we no longer have a contractual relationship with you, nor are we seeking to enforce any agreement against you. Your right to be provided with this information from CIti Financial ended with the closure of your account. What should I assume from this as
  9. Still no CCA received but a letter from a company called Clarity offering me a £500 reduction in the balance if I pay in full in 7 days or to contact them to offer a reduced payment plan. Will send the bemused letter as indispute with OC. Anyone heard of CLarity before they are new to me?
  10. Hi I sent a Subject Access Request to Llyods TSB along with the £10 fee and today received a handful of statments from 2003 and then a gap and a few for 2004 then none since but a sheet stating some late fees since 2004 should they not have sent me everything including opening date of account and ALL statements since that date?
  11. Today received a letter from CapQuest thanking me for mine and advising that it has been passed to external agent 1st Credit and I need to ring them (NOT)so we have gone round in a big circle
  12. Hi A general question, if I have been given a redundancy date but told I dont need to work up to that date can I take a job elsewhere if offered? Thanks
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