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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
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    I apologise if this has been said/asked before. I had a thought the other day regarding the banks stating that the charges are valid due to the time spent / interventions etc etc. My thought was this: Every time I have exceeded my overdraft limit it has been by cash withdrawal or siwtch transaction. Each of which has taken no more than 10 seconds. So the entire authorisation process (manual or automatic) has occured within this 10 second period. I dont recieve notification letters or anything else and still get charged the additional interest. As such the full £25 charge
  3. Hi guys & lasses. Just starting my claim with HSBC for £800 quid. Sent off 1st letter about 8 days ago (heard nothing yet). I also added an extra part to the letter complaining about my local branch manager attempting to extort £270 out of me just to get copies of my statements (this was about 3 months ago). He stated that this was because they were all kept on microfiche and that HSBC had a policy of not keeping electronic records over 2 years old. His argument was that it would take a member of staff between 1 and 2 days to go to the store and print off all of my statements.
  4. Car has quite a sloping dashboard and v-large blower vents - had tickets fall down them a number of times. Hence the rear window. I do get that the front is the norm but if I were going to go to all of the effort of taking 5 photos, writing up a ticket and sticking on the car - I would have a quick stroll around all windows - not just the front. I get the feeling its an unwritten policy that 'if it aint in the front it aint clearly displayed'.
  5. Apologies if I should have started a new thread but I have a query, or rather a number of. In brief I was issued a penalty charge notice by the council warden despite clearly dispalying a valid ticket. The warden has taken 5 photos of the front windscreen and vehicle interior? but none of the rear window (where the ticket was displayed). 1. Assuming they will ignore all arguments regarding the legality of this (which they are so far) could I take them to court on the premis of fraudulent activity. 2. One of the photos shows the warden (not wearing a hat) which I believe is re
  6. Waynus Just because one party to a contract breaches the conditions does not give the other party any scope for acting illegally. The 2nd party only has a right to recover losses or reasonably forseeible losses (and that is all) by law. As it blatantly does not cost anywhere in the region of £30 to administer the letter & increased spending the bank is by definition breaking the law. So in the same way that by breaching the contract they cannot legally have you executed they also cannot charge to penalise - both are illegal according to the law of tort. It has nothin
  7. Blimey. I was thinking that the bank wouldn't make it that easy - but you were right! 6 years worth of statements just printed out at home (for significantly less than £75). beers all round. Cant believe that the manager actually tried to persuade me that it was only £75 as I was a valued customer and that normally it would have been £280.
  8. I have just spoken with the branch manager, stating that it was a data disclosure. He informed me that it will be £75 for my statements because all of the files need converting from microfiche and printing individually, so I am only paying their costs. On querying this he said that it is HSBC policy that all files over 2 years old are hardcopied to microfiche and that electronic copies are then deleted. The data disclosure that you speak of - is this something to be approached via the information comissioner or do I put the same question that I asked verbally into the standard request
  9. Apologies, I missed that - will get my eyes checked.
  10. I have just started into the process of recouping my bank charges for the last 6 years. I approached my local branch and was told that I may be charged up to £3 per statement (£216). I queried this at which point it was reduced to a £100 flat rate for the lot. I was also told that the charges would be at the managers discression, he is supposed to be contacting me tomorrow. I was under the impression that charges for copies of personal data could only be imposed to cover costs to the bank, am I wrong on this?
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