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  1. Hi there, he get pip at the minute and has just today put in a claim for esa
  2. Hi there, sorry if this ends up a bit long winded but, I really need an answer. My son 40 yrs with mental health problems and his long term partner split up at the weekend they have two girls. She is still living in the property they bought together but, he needs to find a flat . We have been told that because his name on the mortgage that he will not be able to claim housing benefit, does anyone know if this correct? His partner on the other hand said she was told he could claim as she is living in the house with the kids. He is unable to work due to his health so couldn’t pay rent himse
  3. Thankyou I will pass that on they may find it easier on the phone if they struggle with the online forms. They had a quick run through on turn2us and if they have done things correctly which it looks like they have they will get a bit of help including some help with rent.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I have told them about turn 2 us but does anyone know roughly how accurate it is?
  5. Hi, my daughter is 28 and pregnant with first child she works fulltime on minimum wage lives with partner who earns £19, 000 they live in a 3bed private rented house and the rent is £550 per month. When the baby comes along and she is off work she will get smp but, will they be able to claim anything to help them until she can get back to work? Would they be able to get housing benefit or anything? They have both always worked and have no idea when it comes to claiming benefits so any help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. It seems never ending, how much can they really expect to put you through? I really hope it settles down soon and you can get some peace.
  7. Things are not always black and white, it may look like they are still together but, things could be very different behind closed doors.
  8. Thanks for all the good wishes, and anyone that is in the same position as we were please fight and don`t give up if you know you are right
  9. Thank you, its been a long road but worth the fight
  10. Tribunal today and when we arrived there the clerk came out and spoke to us he told my son to go home and he had no need for any further worry. Thankfully there has at last someone who has seen sense and they have looked at all the medical evidence and the letters the consultants had written (cost a fortune for these). All I can say is I really feel for the next person this happens to and I hope they have the same backing from their doctors as we did because even though this has ended well it has been a total nightmare.
  11. Thank you very much. There was a time I was so low with all of this I had to seek help from the gp for myself but, I have been determined to not let them break my son.
  12. We now have a date for my sons appeal, just over a week away so not long but, it has been a long wait. We have mountains of medical evidence and lots of statements from people who know him and how he struggles every day, so lets hope on the day things go his way.
  13. Hi there just found it 01612809934 or 07506772430 if you text her she calls you back
  14. Google Michelle Cardno Fightback or if you are on facebook look for fightback on there they have a page which is totally private if you send them a message it does not appear on the page and give them a phone number and she will ring you, there is not much Michelle cannot help with and she really opened my eyes to the underhanded tricks the DWP get up to just to try and get a conviction. Hope you get things sorted I will see if I can find her phone number (have it written down somewhere) but busy packing to go away.
  15. Hi, yes she has asked but, they have no vacancies on days. As I said she has been there 7yrs and she is just fed up with nights but, it could be worse as at least she has a job with good pay and conditions.
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