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  1. dx many thanks for sorting out the different threads! rgds CL
  2. Yep you are right - 1 is HBOS and this new query applies to this one. I'm going to check the Land Registry on this one and see if its only a Restriction. 2 is Arrow not accepting payments as you say - a different one entirely. rgds CL
  3. dx100uk, you've merged 2 threads here! I have 2 CCJs for Arrow Global!
  4. Sorry, not sure how to link up with my old threads! Don't mean to make life hard for anyone dx100uk! Sorry!
  5. Hi Andyorch, £150!!! But they say £236!! Is there anything I can do to get the extra £86 back? CL
  6. Hi renagadeimp, No, haven't checked the Land Registry - don't know how to! Restons say if I pay their 'offer' (which is only £1,000 off the total) they will lift the CO from the house! Do you think they would do that or is it lies? CL
  7. DCA is Restons for Arrow Global. Have been paying a CCJ regularly since 2013. Had a letter from Restons offering a reduced sum to 'partially' pay off the debt, but the total sum they quoted I didn't agree with. I sent a letter back querying the total. They replied that they had put a CO on my half of the house in 2015 which had cost them £236 and they had put that sum onto the total. No-one had notified me that there was a CO on the house! Surely at least the Land Registry should have let me and my husband know? rgds CL
  8. Hello everyone, All you legal bods out there I have a question for you: Is a DCA allowed to obtain a CO on half a house without notifying the owner/owners? rgds CL
  9. Thanks dx100uk will try and cash them. Really do appreciate you all taking the time to reassure me that I'm doing the right thing here!! Rgds CL
  10. Can't cash the postal orders as they are made out to Arrow Global and crossed!! I'm sending the same ones back to them each month as they are valid for 6 months. No PPI unfortunately, we always made sure we ticked the box to say No! Rgds CL
  11. I'd been paying the CCJ (£5 per month) for 9 years exactly when the payments started to be returned. I would definitely need help please in challenging any costs! Rgds CL
  12. Hi dx100uk I believe it was originally an MBNA debt. I went through the whole process of CCA's, SAR's etc. etc., but once Arrow got hold of it I was in Court within a couple of weeks! The whole Court thing stressed me out so much that, I'm embarrassed to admit, I just rolled over and accepted the Court's judgment! I've been paying so regularly - ensuring that it's paid by the allotted date and now, suddenly, to have my letters and postal orders returned has completely messed me up!! Do you think Arrow are playing a game with me? Why would they not acce
  13. Yes, I thought so fkofilee! And, hopefully, I would get a chance to explain to the Court why 5 payments weren't made!
  14. Hi renegadeimp, True, if it wasn't the subject of a CCJ then I would say you are definitely right. But they surely can't sell it on when it is a CCJ? Wouldn't they have to go back to Court? CL
  15. Hi everyone, Would appreciate opinions/advice on this please: For 9 years I have been paying a regular monthly amount to Arrow Global for a CCJ they obtained against me. I send a PO with a covering letter to their London office and obtain a Certificate of Posting every month. Suddenly, in October last year I had my previous month's letter and PO returned to me by the Post Office with a RTS (Return to Sender) on the envelope! And, since then, the same thing has happened each month - I have now had 5 of my payments returned. No letter or reason for the return from Arrow Gl
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