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  1. Yes used £10.00 of the reserve limit
  2. Hi All I am after some advice. I have a current account with Barclays which has a personal reserve limit of £150.00. When i first had the reserve placed on my account it was a handy tool to ensure that I didn't end up overdrawn through DD payments etc.( I have my wages paid in to my Barclays savings account so i can manage my money better doing transfers through online banking as and when needed) Orignially the idea of the reserve was to allow you to go up to £150.00 overdrawn as i understood this you could use the facility for up to 7 consecutive days before you were charged. In the last 2 months i have been charged £66.00 in reserve usage fees, one of the letters was dated the 19.10.09 and stated that on the 19th i had gone overdrawn by £10.00 and they would be charging me the standard £22.00, I recieved this on the 20.10.09 when i rang Barclays they said that the charging period had changed and now i would be charged everytime i used the facility. They said I should have recieved a letter to this effect......but as yet I am still waiting. I asked for a good will gesture to have the charge refunded but was told refund would only be granted if it was a banking error. It seems to me that Barclays have found a loop hole in the system and are exploiting the customer yet again!!! Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  3. According to the statment they have sent me all the charges are documented. I am planning to send them an SAR today hoping it might shed some light on the account and how it arrived at where it is today.
  4. Hi all I really don't know what to do about this...... Basically my partner took out an HPI aggreement with Black horse in October 2002 for a car. Unfortunately like so many of us at the age of 21 he found he couldn't afford the payments. and so fell in to arrears. Making a payment as and when he could. In Jan of 2004 he agreed to make the payments using a bank giro credit book as his bank would not allow him an account in which he could pay by direct debit. Every week without fail he made a payment of at least £100.00. The final 3 payments being for £460.00 to which we thought the agreement was paid for. In the the March of 2007 he received a letter from Black Horse stating there was a further £1537.62 outstanding on the credit account. I have since requested a statment of payments from Black Horse which they begrudgingly sent me. According to the breakdown the opening balance of the account was £9939.88 having totalled up all the repayments we found he had paid £10955.35 in total not including the initial deposit he put down on the car. The bank charges and late payment interest come to £1400.97 leaving a balance of £9552.56 leaving an outstanding balance of £387.32 on the account can anyone explain where they may have got the £1537.62 figure from??? I'm totally confused and get no help from Black Horse Customer service. Please Help
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