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  1. i can email them now but what do i say? i dont understand how they can get away with threatening me like that. what do i send to them? but i dont want to pay the fees, especially when they have not visited, but how do i prove this when they will not give me any information?? As i was told by their agent "we are not here to help you, we are here to get our money!!" will a stat dec saying my hubby owns everything stop them entering my house?
  2. sorry for the multiple posts. they have informed me that they have charged me £75 for admin (2 letters) and £200 for an attendance visit (even though they have never been, i know that when you put my postcode in a sat nav it takes you about 6 streets away (its a new build). )
  3. sorry also i have saved the messages but they are sent on the BT sms text service thing and it says messages are only saved for 24 hours?
  4. When i rang the court they told me that if i paid a payment to them it would just get returned to me??? can i pay it in a couple of installments on the internet? They told me that because it is a court distress warrant thent he rules are different and they CAN force entry they can get a locksmith and come in no matter what?
  5. Hi I have a court fine for tv license of £170. (it was about 300 but i had paid some off and then lost my job). i recieved a letter from philips saying i had to phone and make an arrangement to pay. which i did but the automated line would only let me set up a plan for more than i can afford, and there was no option to speak to anyone. I then recieved a letter dated 1st July, stating that despite a visit to mu property and letters i have ignored them. I rang them and this time i managed to get through to someone who told me i cannot make a payment plan as i defaulted on one already. i explained that i did not make the arrangement as i put the phone down because i could not get through to an agent, but they would not budge on this. I was told that they had already visited my house on the 23/6 at 8am and that my house has a for sale sign outside. this is incorrect and i know they did not visit me at this time, but they said it is their word against mine and i would have to write in to dispute it. they have gone from £170 to £445 in bailiff fees and they have not even visited! the woman told me that the bailiff would use physical force against me to get entry to my house, and that if i resisited then they would arrest me! I hung up, and then rang back a bit later to see if i got through to someone human!, but this time i asked him to clarify the description they had of my house and the name of the bailiff who came to visit me for the letter i was writing and he refused, saying he is not at liberty to give me that information! also he re-itereted that they would arrest me if i did not pay and that the police would be called to help them break in. I said that as far as i knew the police could only attend to keep the peace, but he said NO the police are there to back up the bailiff, not you. and refused to make an arrangement again. Now i want to pay the £170 but i cannot pay all in one go. i know i owe the money and i am not disputing that fact. but they have threatened and bullied me and i cannot sleep for worrying about this. What can i do????? i have done a bit of reading - can i get my husband to do a statutory decleration saying everything in the house is his? I have rung the court and they have refused to take the debt back. please help me i am going out og my mind worrying about this.they have now started sending me bt sms voice texts about 3-4 times a day saying they are coing to enter my house. thanks for any help vikki
  6. so how would they sum up the 12 weeks worked before? is that from the start of april or when i ask for holiday? this years hol runs out in april up to now i have had 4 days holiday since last april so i am trying to figure out how much more hol i am owed as i really need a break!!! so if i work say 2 hours each week how much hol would that give me for a year? really appreciate any help!!
  7. hi would really appreciate a little advice. i have worked at the same store for 1 1/2 years when i started i got an eight hour contract which to this day my boss still says he is tring to get raised by head office!! Any way since week one i have worked 24 hours (a few different here and there if sick etc!) i work tue, wed, thu, fri 9am-3pm every week. BUT-i only get holiday based on my eight hour contract! is this right? i have looked at links that were put in a thread below - but i am tired lol and my brain is mush at the minute and i would really appreciate it if some one could put it into plain english for me and also advise me on what to do? look forward to your replies vikki:)
  8. hi hopefully someone couldgive me some advice too as i am having the exact same problem. i have only an eight hour contract but i have worked between 20-25 hours every week since the day i started a year and a half ago! i work the same hours same days same times every week! only through sickness etc do i not work these hours -so what am i entitled to? someone told me i should be entitled to hol based on the 25 hours i work? how do i go about doing this as i am getting sick of having 4x8hours holiday a year!!!! would REALLY appreciate some help thanks in advance vikki
  9. hi i am new to this site and have a major problem i am praying someone can help me with! last wednesday i bought a second hand renault megane scenic s reg for £800 from an advert on auto trader- it was stated it was a trade sale on the ad but he actually trades from home. anyway paid for the car he got me to sign a sold as seen slip everything looked good just had a full years mot done etc got the car home about 35 miles away and the next mornig got up and hubby checked under the bonnet and noticed the radiator waS empty, so we filled it up and went for a short ten minute drive, when we got back the radiator was low so filled it up again. revved engine etc and it went down again got a diagnostic engineer to come and have a look and the gas tests show the head gasket has gone!! rang the bloke up who says he is not liable and that the car was fine when it left his and that the sales of goods act does not apply to him as he is a private seller! even though on auto trader ad he was down as trade. i dont have a copy of te ad i am hoping auto trader can help me out with this? he eventually offered to go halves, but does not want to pay much and said his mate works in a garage and was the one who put the car through its mot etc. said he reckons he could do the job for about £200 which the diagnostic bloke said is really too cheap and we should not let him do it. problem is we paid every penny we have to get this car and dont have any money left to pay £400 odd it would cost to get fixed in a garage near us. can anyone help as i feel like i am going mad, this is my first car i have my test in three weeks and now cant practice in it! i know nothing about cars and really dont know what to do.
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