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  1. Hi Woken this morning at 7.10 by loud hammering on the door , It was that loud my neighbours came out !! Looked out of window and saw 2 men with torches and enforcement officers written on the back of there jackets .i ingnored them they went around the back hammering on the doors and windows. They left a letter for my husband I have called tday to issue a warrent of execution for out client counc i parking fine . Iam authorised to remove your goods to satisfiy the amount 422 00 debt 112.00 compliance fee 75.00 enforcement fee 235. If you fail to contact me i wil re attend your property and remove goods .Can they just enter my house if i refuse to let them in ?. Hubby will sort this out but their fees seem high this is the first time theyve attended but he has had letters which hes ignored .
  2. Thanks for the help , It was a straight forward tenancy agreement between both of us . I havent a clue as to how all the bills have ended up in my name only .My problem at the moment is the bailiffs can they enter my house for none domestic rates .Im ignoring them at the moment .
  3. Hi , I went into buisness running a pub with someone i thought was a friend (first mistake). I was to run the pub and she'd pay all the bills and do the books . Worked fine for a while . Then we had a falling out . We shut the pub as really wasnt worth the time and effort , We weren't making any money it was all just pay out . She hadnt paid alot of the bills Gas, Electric,the rates . But as Id left the pub all the bills kept going there and it was only when the bailiffs turned up on my doorstep that i have fouund out about the rates bill . Ive called the council stoke on trent and the lady there told me there wasnt anything she could do as it had already gone to court . I also asked her how this bill was only in my name and not in both names as we had both taken on the tenancy of the pub and she told me it was because i was the named licencee (Which i was not ) the owners of the pub were then the bills all come to just me . She told me she couldent stop the bailiffs and that I would have to pay what i owed then sue my so called friend for her half of the bills . As we stand now there are so many bills outstanding from the pub and my own bills that i am trying to save up enough money to declare myself bancrupt as i see this as my only option .
  4. Hi , Do I have to let the bailiffs into my home for a non domestic rates bill ? .
  5. Hi everyone. Iam lucky enough to have had the council take back the council tax i owe and i am now paying then through my jobseekers allowance . They are taking a small amount each fortnight straight from what they pay me .They said once done the bailliffs will be called off . I now have recived a letter from dukes saying . We have now recived contact from the council to inform us of a balance change to your account. Please note the new balance Please call us to arrange payment. if we do not hear from you action will be taken to recover the balance off £200.00 quid .I have called the council and they have said this will be the bailliffs fees as they have took all the debt back . So i need help with this please the bailliffs were chasing me for 2 years on this account I never spoke to them they never got a levy never entered my house never even saw them as i just ignored them tottally never even phoned them . Can you tell me the amount off fees i actully owe to them as i want to get this paid so i can open my front door again when people knock without having to go upstaires and see whos there first lol. thank you so much for your help and advise ove the years and i think i can actully say that following your advice IVE BEATEN THE BAILLIFF X
  6. Hi Hope someone can help us . We were repossessed in april of this year .T he morgadge company smpl have so far not put our house up for sale as we were led to belive thay would do as soon as we had move out which we did as soon as they took us to court in april .S o every month from april we are been charged . Today a notice has gone up at the house saying THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN REPOSSESSED . we are mortified at this as so far our family think we have just moved and bought another property . They knew nothing about our problems at all . This has caused us total humiliation can smpl do this is it legal ?
  7. Thank you we will go to the council tomm and do as you say . Hopefully this will put her mind at rest. And then i will begin to help my freind again.
  8. Hi need a bit of help here , Rossendales have been to my mates house on a number of occasions, My freind is sticking her head in the sand as usual and ignoring them . She has been very lucky up to now as weve had this all before and paid them off as they had a walking poss order that was sighned anyway she still owes a thousand pounds and they said she could pay this at a 35.00 per month. She hasnt and now there back shes ignoring them but theyve put a levy on her daughters car and we phoned them today and they wont take it off. Her daughter is so stressed out at this .Rossendales did this last time 4 weeks ago and we showed the bailliff the log book and now hes done it again we are going to the council tomm to ask them to get involved as the mother dosnt care at all as long as its not on her car can anyone help me with this as i feel so sorry for the daughter we wnt to know what we should say to the council thanks x
  9. Hello everyone. we are in a right mess finacialy with no way out at all. As it stands today we are now 3 months behind with our mortgade and 5 months behind with the loan secured on the house.This is all with capstones.TODAY I HAVE BEEN IN CONTACT WITH THE ESTATE AGENTS WHO ARE COMING TO SEE ME ON FRIDAY ABOUT SELLING THE HOUSE BY auction.what i need to know and i dont want to alert capstones so cant ask them is how long do you think ive got left before they repossess and if they go for this am i still intiteld to sell my home by auction while the repossesion is going through. I know you help folks get out of this mess but there is no help for us as were both selfemployed hubbys had no work since xmas and my buisness i an trying to sell at the moment we just want to get rid of this house and start again at a more leisuly pace as all this is making us ill any advice will be gratfully received thanks.
  10. that is what i wanted to do but my mate was in such a state that i just let her get on with it now im angry.
  11. Hi all. Today I was out shopping with my freind.We went to a shop that bought gold and silver jewelery.my mate had a very expensive item stolen from her 2 weeks ago sadley by a member of her family . Any way to cut a long story short there in the shop was her necklace up for sale. we informed the woman that the neclace was stolen and that we were going to call the police. She straight away the owner that is asked us not to call them and she would sort it out herself. I asked her who had sold herr the item and she said she didnt buy it her father did. but that they had taken a passport as proff of identity.my mate who was so upset offered to pay half of what she had paid the theif which was 114 pounds. the shopkeeper accepted this which i thought was a bit suspect anyway. agreed far to fast. i asked her for the name on the passport which she gave us. I asked her was this the only proff she needed as a passport does not have and address on and she said yes they only need something with a name on . so deal was done and then we went to a pawn shop and asked them what id they needed to buy stuff they told us anything with a name and address on no photo id is requred .I told them that i could find a letter sent to anybody maybe out of a bin pinch someones items and then handing the letter over to them that i had also stolen they would buy whatever i was selling and they said YES. can anyone out there confirm this as its totally ludacrus.
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