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  1. sorry to hijack, i remember now. the 'top up loan' (nac warranty!) was on the paperwork, but the main loan for the car wasn't...i had hoped to somehow use this to invalidate my current finance (different car, more finance) as they paid off the old loan and gave me a new one, but if the old one wasn't done properly i thought perhaps they would call it quits, take the car back and cancel off the debts. i think there is no chance of this now.. but i will request a copy of the agreement from them.
  2. i wouldn't see you clearing 11k of debt with 6k if all accounts are held with original creditors... why not write to them and ask for F&F? when you get the figure if it's anywhere near what you wanted, call them and haggle? they can only say no. if you're going to carry on with your dmp, consider using cccs perhaps - as their service is *free* (i used to work at a dca and all had a dim view of people paying someone to distribute cash when it can be done for free!)
  3. interested to read this as i had the same thing - loans from all in one finance & creation (well, it was open & direct back then - 2007!) how does the mid-selling of warranties work how would you claim back if the only proof you have is your word against theirs ?? i signed the paperwork, but i remember one of the loan amounts was missing on my copy.. i will have to dig out the paperwork again and take it up with them again..
  4. the judgment letter from the court is dated 2nd Jan.. is there a time limit to have it set aside?
  5. is your hitachi capital one now with their late arrears team (litigation & recoveries dept?) if so they will accept 50% settlement, usually over 2 payments- but it depends which member of staff you get, some are harsher than others.
  6. Sorry to bump this thread - I never received any emails letting me know anyone had even replied to this! I did contact CC about this (not Sandra) and requested a copy of the loan agreement, the papers that were stapled up did show the random loan of £1700 for NAC warranty - which I'd been told was free.. but I hadn't signed it. I requested the signed copy, and also complained.. just before the 8 weeks were up I received a copy and I had signed it. I couldn't really argue with my signature! I am still fuming over this because I was told this warranty/guarantee was free.. CC didn't seem at all interested in this. the debt is now with DCA RedCastle, who I've been paying £25pm to keep quiet. the debt is still o/s at £1578. I can't see that there's anything I can about this... as i've already been through it with CC and they had the agreement with my signature on
  7. My OH has been given a CCJ for a credit card with Santander, as this is still registered at his mum's address he didn't receive the claim papers or notification of this CCJ until friday - the first payment was due on the 10th! anyhow, they appear to have his name wrong - or at least, it is spelt incorrectly..perhaps i'm clutching at straws but will this make any difference?! I'm not familiar wiht any of this really, but I've seen you can get judgments set aside if you didn't receive the forms - i'm sure he didn't get a proper credit agreement either. he completed the forms on the asda garage forecourt.. if poss i'd like to get some breathing space and ask them to provide us with the signed credit agreement. i'm in a bit of a muddle - how do you go about setting something aside? can you do it even if the court isn't your local one (this has gone through northampton CC).. any help would be great
  8. I bought my car from Carcraft Leeds Jan 2007. I was told that the company they'd applied to for finance wouldn't cover the whole amount so they had to arrange a top up loan through another company for me. The man said that as they'd messed me around a lot (they took 3 days to arrange finance) they would throw in a free 5 year guarantee with my car at no cost. he went through it etc etc, my car had no service history so i had it serviced before the 6000 miles etc. I was passed my guarantee pack with some stapled up documents in it, this was explained as "your finance documents for the car" I have had a nosey through the pack this week and opened up the stapled documents. next to the "top up loan" it says 5 year guarantee £1875!!! is there anything i can do about this? he said the guarantee was FREE and that the top up loan was to cover the car ONLY. therefore i didn't even need the loan!
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