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  1. My wife has problems walking any distance and uses 2 sticks or a wheelchair. She has had the higher rate of DLA for about 7 years although at the last medical they dropped it down but with the help of my local Social Services we won our appeal. When you fill in the forms put the worse case scenario or worst day.If you say sometimes to any question they will use this to deny the benefit. Do the same for the care component. Be prepared that they may reject your first application as this seems to be the norm. Don`t give up as this is what they want! Try and get someone from social services to help you,photocopy everything and see if you can get a letter from a Consultant. What about incapacity benefit? If she has worked and paid National Insurance you should look in to this. Good luck

  2. Hi

    I bought a brand new Sat Nav on line and received it on 24th December and unpacked it on 25th. Charged it up by connecting to laptop for 2 hours and started configuring my profile. Couldn`t get a satellite signal indoors so went out and sat in my car. Plugged car charger into 12v plug and started recording 57 voice commands so I would hear my own voice. After about 30 the unit rushed through the rest spouting gobbledegook and smoke and an electrical burning smell came out of it. It crashed and I`ve not tried to start it since.

    Bought it through a Google account on my debit card. I immediately tried to phone but not open until Monday 29th so I sent off an e mail. Got an automated response saying that my priority status was normal. As I am driving to Europe on 1st January and bought it at this time specifically for this trip I e mailed back explaining this.

    Whilst I will probably have to `bite the bullet` and borrow a friends for this trip before I speak to them tomorrow can one of my learned friend just run through what my rights are regarding replacement,refund and postage.

    Merry belated Xmas

  3. Hello. I had an RTA four years ago suffering back injuries. I was hit by a stolen lorry so after 4 years I am still waiting for Motor insurance bureau and my insurers nominated Solicitors to decide compensation etc. I have continued in full time work but on light duties with frequent long periods of sick leave. Up until now though sheer bloody mindednes and pride have refused to apply for a blue badge although I walk with a stick only very short distances. I do not claim DLA as I am employed and will not claim until not. I am now on long term sick and am applying for early retirement. My GP, colleagues,family and friends seeing how I struggle suggest I apply for a Blue Badge which I did and was refused by Kent County Council. I will appeal but before I do has anyone on the forum had this problem.

    Many thanks

  4. Hello this is my first thread so greetings to all.


    I`ll try to keep a long story brief!


    For various reasons my wife and I got into debt and 4 years ago entered into a DMP wih CCCS which up until recently was going ok and I was managing to increase paymnts slightly at each annual review.


    Then without warning I got a letter from Northampton Court saying that Nat West though Incasso were seeking a CCJ for a £5000 overdraft which was part of my DMP. I sent off all the documnts althogh not much detail about my cicumstances but included a copy of my DMP and got an order to pay £650 per month. I normally pay £42!


    I asked for a re determination hearing and a move to my local court but have now received a letter from Incasso asking that i contact them within 72 hours. I did this and although the CCJ cannot be cancelled to stop me going to Court and me incurring more costs they say that Nat West will agee to £115 per month for 5 years to clear the debt.This is a one off offer for 72 hours! Thy also threaten that the court may uphold he original ruling or award more than they are asking!


    I will stuggle to find this money but am tempted. The CCCS wlil not accept this as I cannot enter into private grreements


    I would greatly appreciate ay help or advice you can gve me



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