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  1. Hi I`ve worked for 35 years and now find myself on ESA,DLA. My last pay from my employers was on 31st May although I am still employed by them until they agrre or disagree to give me ill health retirement.( Yes I `m a bloody civil servant) I phoned the working tax and child tax credit people and when I was on half pay got £300+ working tax credit and £200+ child tax credit.We used to get £40. Now that I am on no pay but still employed I have lost the working tax credit. My ESA has stayed the same so I`m a bit bemused why I was getting more when I was being paid. I know it`s a`working tax credit` but it seems an odd system. Any views or am I just being dense?!
  2. Well done keefyboy the body may be suffering but obviously the brains ok! Kind Regards
  3. Had a C4 Grande Picasso for over a year now. Got the 1.8 VTR+ for £450 advance payment. Lovely car but being petrol a bit juicy. The scheme does take a lot of worry out of running a car. The only problem we have is that my wife and I are both on high rate disability but can drive short distances. Our 18 year old daughter now drives and it would be nice if she could drive us.Had a few 100 mile+ journeys in the spring to look at Universities and I had a hard time for a few days after!
  4. toady sounds about right for this bully!!
  5. Thanks for that maggie1968. At the moment my ESA is contrbution based but they said once my pay had stopped which it now has it would become income related.Since my wife became disabled 12 years ago even when I was working full time I looked after her for over 35 week. I had carers come in when I was away.We still have carers paid for by direct paymrnts from the County Council but this is only for 11 hours per week.
  6. Hope someone can give me some guidance.My wife has been disabled for some years and I now find myself disabled and off work. We both get high rate mobility DLA I get low rate care and my wife gets high rate. As I`m off work and will not return can I claim carers allowance even though I am in receipt of the above,ESA and have applied for council tax relief. Cheers
  7. your solicitor is responsible for dealing directly with the insurance company as they have been retained by them to process yor claim. I have not spoken to my insurance company since the accident 4 years ago, All of my medical reports have been instigated by my solicitor. I am with a well known supermarket insurer and they use a large solicitors firm who although are taking their time are thorough. If you want more personal details you can pm me
  8. Your Solicitor should be arranging medicals etc and claiming all costs off your insurance company. I can`t believe that you are expected to pay!
  9. I am going through a prolonged claim but am covered by my ibsurance for legal expenses and after numerous MRI`s, Consultants including a long spell of counselling have not had to pay anything. Presumably you don`t have this cover?
  10. I can`t get past the 15+% interest rate,negative equity which I had and the Tory bully boy tactics. Not really one for strike action but was appalled at action taken against the miners. Friend of mine was a young PC at the time and put a deposit down on his first house with the overtime! My wife and I are both disabled and although frustrated by the form filling have no reason to despise Labour. A change of Government unless led by someone sensible and honest like Vince Cable or Joanna Lumley would not change a thing!!!
  11. Hi Hope someone can help My wife who is registered disabled and a blue badge holder parked in one of the above car parks in a disabled bay and got a ticket. She displayed her badge but her ticket had no valid ticket dislayed on vehicle. She saw a warden who pointed out that there were no concessions and everyone had to pay. She has used this car park twice before with no problem. Also this company runs the car park at our local Sainsburys which is free. Should I just pay,appeal or ignore them Cheers
  12. Don`t want to entirely de motivate you but my case goes back to Nov 2004 although my wife settled in 2007. I have seen various Consultants,had scans,xrays had counselling andam now off work. The mistake I made was trying to go back to work and relying on an understanding employer. A couple of months ago I did get an interim payment of £3000 which is all but gone now! This will be taken off my final payment.Good luck.
  13. Best thing to do is make an appointment, take ALL your paperwork you can think of with you and they will sift through it and give you a letter there and then what else they need. As you say they need originals but it`s best not to post them. You can also negotiate face to face. Good luck!
  14. That was exactly the point I made to Social Services that my wife would be horrified for anyone other than me wash change her etc. Luckily we now have 2 daughters who are old enough to help her now. My wife had a very successful career before she became ill and has all her faculties although the amount of drugs she`s on would fell a horse.
  15. Me again Leics do operate the system but say that spouses/partners cannot claim it. I had this with my council and argued the point and got it.
  16. Keefyboy I just `googled` county council direct payments and quite a few were listed.
  17. OK We had a care manager come around some years ago and assess my wifes care needs This was when I was in full time work but wouldn`t really have mattered although they do means test you but with mortgage costs etc taken into account our monthly contribution to her care as nil. Unfortunately now I`m disabled myself I can`t be paid anymore but my wife is free to employ another `PA` My wife currently gets £911 per month to pay the agency carers,pay me,third party liability insurance in case I have an accident whilst caring for her, travel and attendance at a disabled centre once a week but she could ask for funds to go every day if she wanted. Also amazingly they help quite substantially with the cost of 2 weeks respite care to a private care home with medical facilities. This is in the region of £2500 for 2 weeks! The rest is normally paid by the homes charitable trust as the normal fees are approx £3500. Below i`ve pasted from my Councils website just the jist of it. Welcome to our website for people who use, or are thinking of using, Direct Payments (DPs) in Kent. Direct payments are local council payments for people who have been assessed as needing help from social services, and who would like to arrange and pay for their own care and support services instead of receiving them directly from the local council. Everyone will be offered this option after a social services assessment, and for those people who choose Direct Payments it will give them greater choice and control over the support they receive. If you have been to the Kent Direct Payments website before you will know that this is a new website. At the moment, the site only has core information on it, but over the coming months we are looking to develop the site to ensure it meets the needs of the people who use Direct Payments. To do that. This may not be available to you if it`s another post code lottery but worth asking you social services about. If you want any more or if you want to speak pehaps you could PM me. Cheers
  18. HI Wonder if any of you have any experiences with Capita.I t`s a long story but I have gone through the process for ill health retirement and having phoned Capita have been told that my case is closed but my HR and Manager have nothing from them yet. Does anyone know what `closed` means? Cheers
  19. I can`t see that they`ll fine you for that length of time. Phone the DVLA and tell them. The previous owner may well have bought another car and taxed that as disabled so I woud think that they have cancelled yours. Good luck
  20. Sounds to me that you definatly should get the high rate care allowance. Are you on Direct payments from your County Council for care? My wife is and up until I became incapable myself they agreed that I could be paid as her carer although she had carers in the day. This worked out as much better than carers allowance but does involve some bookeeping as you are her employer Because I was working at the time on good money I paid ant tax on what she paid me at 40% and stayed under the NIC threshold of £110. If your wife dosn`t work she would have her personal allowance before paying at 20% The Council looked on it as me being her Personal Assistant. Perhaps you`ve already looed at this. If you want more on tax I pay under the SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURE Online By the way how`s the parking going?
  21. Hi hope this message finds you in good if not better health. Got DLA mobility at high rate care at low without having to appeal whiich I am v happy with. I phoned Capita today to see where I was with ill health retirement and they said my case had been close on 16th and forwarded on to HR then my line manager.They couldn`t or wouldn`t tell me or him over the phone what the decision is. Is this bad news do you know?
  22. You can get anything nowadays mate one catch tho cash!!!
  23. Bloody hell keep going mate. Get the robots to look after you!
  24. Hi chaps Sorry not been on for a few days laptop crashed. Back now £200 lighter!
  25. My GP`s pretty good and got me my blue badge and agrees that I have a lifelong condition and that I should retire so hopefully that`s what she`ll put!
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