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  1. Hi

    Despite good medical evidence I have been turned down by this Company who are paid by my employers to make the decision for ill health retirement.

    I`ve worked for 35 blemish free years and have become disabled. I get DLA and ESA and even `Pathways to Work` people agree I`m not fit for any work and given my age will not work again.

    Has anyone else had dealings with them?


  2. Your MP is your best bet. I know you may be embarrassed but if the DWP get an MPs file they will be expected to reply within a time limit. Don`t give up and become one of their random victims!

    Atos is the private company making buckets of money from the taxpayer which could go toward benefits. They carry out the medical assessments which are attracting much criticism. Good luck

    Good luck

  3. I had a home medical at home for my DLA and got high rate mobility low care. I then applied for ESA and have to travel 15 miles to have a medical assessment. I questioned this and bought up the subject but they don`t seem able to liase with each other. I also supplied them with a 28 page Harley Street Consultants report confirming my condition and inability to work (he came down to a local hospital to see me) but I still have to go!!

  4. You certainly should have had ahome visit from their Doctor although it does depend what you put on the application. When filling it in you have to concentrate on your worst days.I you say that youhave good and bad days it will not help. Try and get a local Social Services rep to go through the form with you before you appeal but it sounds like you need to. Good luck!

  5. How can it be offensive it`s a fact. I have worked in the Civil Service for 35 years and have now fallen foul of 2 private health companies when I really neede support. I judge on how I would and do treat people and although I agree that it does not help Stardust John you will see from my previuos posts in this thread that I have tried to be helpful but once that advise was given moved on to the unfair comments by Citizenkain.

    To be quite honest if this is the response to a fair point I may just as well pack in forums!!

  6. Incredible isn`t it,because you can use a computer you can do a full time job!! Just concentrate on looking after yourself and your family and take each day as it comes. Try and remember small victories or positives in the day,smile from kids or happiness that your son is getting away.

    I thought if you had epilepsy you qualified for ESA on the support level. Perhaps Erika PNP can help. Take care.

  7. Whilst it may be better for your condition to have a home visit and although it will be very hard on you it may be better that they see what state you get in if out. As for Social Services you sound like you do need some help. Have you been assessed by them for domiciliary care,meals etc. My wife and I are both disabled and get direct payments to employ our own carers although we use an agency and pay them.

  8. I`ve just had my first `pathways to work` interview with a private company employed by DWP. My daughter took me down and it was a one to one with fortunatly a very nice lady. I have both physical and some depression problems.I`m sure you could take the welfare person with you although I did ask for a home visit but couldn`t get one. Be clear to them how you feel.

    They will ask about what work you feel you may be able to do but it is not wrong to say that you cannot do any. They talk about support groups which is a good idea. Try and stay calm. They will ask you to sign a form confirming what you`ve discussed and should send you a copy. Good luck.

  9. I get high rate Mobility after a car accident gave me severe back and leg pain and I now have to walk with a stick.

    When you fill in the form concentrate on answering the questions as if it is your worse day. If you say 6 days it`s painful but one not that will be taken into account.

    Make sure you make a copy They will probably send a GP to see you who will assess you. Try and have someone with you and refer to your copy beforehand. Many local social services have advisers to help fill in the form.

    I believe that higher rate is usually only awarded for long term problems so if you say that sometimes it`s better you may not qualify.

  10. I am a parent of a student starting in September and have had to assessed on current year as my wife and I are now disabled. We started the process about the same time as you and were sent forms to fill and had to prove our income (benefits). I spoke 2 or 3 times to Student Finance England and they were always helpful. We got her loan through today but werenot anxious about it.

    Why are you so upset about the wait given the thousands of applications that have to be processed?

    By the way I hope you mean 2009/10!

  11. Asked for home visit but was basically told I had to be dying to get it!!

    I thought it a bit risky to refuse to go through ill health as I thought I ma lose my ESA

    Strange then that I was assessed at home for DLA and got high mobility low care!

  12. I believe that they will have a quota or service level agreement with the DWP. They would have had to put in a very competitive tender to get this contract.

    I was lucky with this Consultant because I was able to see him privately as part of my RTA claim. He is actually a Prof who has worked in war torn countries and if `googled` is well documented.

    He took over 3 hours in 2 sittings to come to a decision about me and only told me right at the end that he knew I was genuine.

    I would have thought that given this the health care Dr would have taken this as guidance to avoid embarrassment.

    Let`s see how we go then!!

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