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  1. Are you sure your husband would not understand? My wife got in a mess with credit buying things for the family. Once my initial annoyance passed we were able to take advice together and sorted it. As some of the other posters have said it must have been a tempting offer and done for the right reasons ie to get more training and presumably better wage. I found my wife was sneaking around on her mobile and always had an eye on the post so it was quite a relief to know what it was! If you really can`t tell him I`d do as PGH7447 said and take the £365 hit and put it behind you.
  2. As someone who worked for 35 years and was trained to deal with confrontation and violence I became ill and have visited my jobcentre twice having never been to one before. Once I`d navigated with the aid of a walking stick,around the people sitting outside I was greeted by a private security guard who w spleasant and showed me where to go. I then had an interview face to face across an open desk with a lady in her 40s whilst either side of me one of her colleagues was taking quite bad personal abuse and on the other side the chap couldn`t even get any answers from his lady with a baby. I had to go back for another interview and was esorted up a level in a lift by a young security guard.He showed me into a smaller office with three females sitting at open desks and left. Again another lady in her 40s who asked and answered questions. A few minutes into the interview the door banged open and a couple in their twenties barged in shouting about not getting any money. It seems you don`t need to be accompanied by a security guard if you use the stairs. They were spoken to quite bravely but firmly by a lady who must have been coming near to retirement. They were right in her face but she held her own. I commented to the lady who was interviewing me that it seemed quite dangerous to work in this environment with no screens etc and she said that it could be but they were not allowed them. I jokingly offered her the stabvest I have in my garage from my previous job. I asked if she was local and said that she would never live where she worked with her job but that many of her colleagues did. From these two visits I was horrified at this although on reflection most people were wandering around looking for jobs. The guards I would think were somewhere near minimum wage and I know that the Jobcentre staff are not earning a fortune. I know that there are jobsworths in every job but I for one wouldn`t want to be in their position and I have been in some pretty dangerous positions but always with the backup of my team, the right equipment and proper risk assessments.I sometimes thought it was a bit of overkill but at least we were prepared We may not always like the message these people give,who like us are members of the public and in every walk of life there are unfair ones but as you can see from some of our posters there are some who will advise out of work hours (no I`m not looking for a job!!)
  3. Hi mate. Apply for the ESA pack now as I think,although ErikaP may correct me that any award is backdated to that day. I am on high rate mobility,low rate care although I have asked that they look at this again. The worst part of this is the private company (ATOS) medical. If you can`t attend get your GP to request a home visit.Have someone with you. Don`t be bullied by them. Do you have a Care Manager from your local social services. If you get a good one they can arrange carers,usually through direct payments now so that you can employ your own and refer you for any equipment,adaptations you may need. ESA payments are one of two,income related and Contribution related.Then divided into two groups,work related and support. Most people I believe get the work related which means an interview at the local job centre and then 6 pathways to work interviews over a six month period. You will get ESA for this period but may lose it if you don`t attend the first is means tested and if you have savings or assets over £16000 you don`t qualiry. Between £6000 and £16000 I believe they reduce your ESA by £1 for every £250 savings. I don`t think that Contribution base is means tested. This means you`ve worked long enough and paid enoiugh National insurance to qualify.Good luck.
  4. Hi Rubi T Did speak to our care manager and a lady from social services but because Capita and ATOS are private companys` they are looking into it but didn`t hold out much hope!
  5. I seem to be stuck having to deal with these private companys being paid taxpayers money for what we pay the Government to do. Capita represent my employees and ATOS DWP. Although both have a lot of evidence from my GP and Consultant (28 page report!) stating that I will not work again, Capita have refused me ill health retirement after 35 years unblemished employment and ATOS who had to do a home visit after much squabbling and letter from my GP have put me in the work related group! Capita refused to come and see me stating that I needed to be dying to get a home visit! :?(honestly said that). I have to now appeal both and with my physical and mental problems makes it very hard to go on. Only our 4 children and wek old first grandchild keep my wife (disabled for 12 years) and I bothering going on!
  6. Leahkins We seem to have similar problems. I won1t hijack Rubt T`s thread buy will start another called CAPITA AND ATOS
  7. I managed to get a home visit due to not being able to walk without intense pain and agoraphobia. He came last week and I managed to only walk about 5 steps to the kitchen with my stick. He didn`t ask me to even try the stairs. He saw my bannisters and downstairs toilet raiser. Hopefully he noted that we are waiting astairlift and wetroom. And yes even with a 28 page Consultants report and letters from GP saying that I will not be able to work again (I have worked for 35 years and only have 5 years until retirement) and having been off work for a year living off what savings I had left. I had no choice but to ask for help and am on high rate DLA not even having to appeal. ATOS have said as with you that I am in the work related group!!!! Totally nonplussed and will appeal
  8. Excuse me if I am being dense or have not understood properly but surely you don`t need ths driver you hit as the one that hit you is at fault. If the driver you hit hasn`t come forward he obviously dosn`t want to make a claim against you or has insurance problems. Therefore I would have thought it became a 2 car incident the driver behind being at fault.
  9. Surely it`s the driver that hit you who has to prove that you had alredy hit the car in front.
  10. Phone your social services and ask about their welfare adviser.
  11. I think you should phone the number on your award letter and say that you want to appeal. Did CAB sign the form that they had filled it in as having done so? I`m surprised that you have not had a medical. This may happen now. Don`t worry about it they come to your home (or did when i had mine last year).Make sure that you have someone with you if they do come and I know that you probably won`t or can`t but don`t play the brave little soldier. There must be a substantial difference between you first form and the one CAB filled in. Probably asked before but have you copies of both? Phone tomorrow. As I previously said any successful appeal shoud be backdated to the date you informed them. Good luck!
  12. I think that you need to question the decision. Apply for the paperwork now as I believe you will get backdated to the date you request it. Try and see welfare rights. Good luck
  13. Yes read the Dr`s report. It`s not very clear how this would relate to you being able to do the things they say now and not before. Have you had another DLA medical?
  14. Ooops sorry see that you did keep both forms. If your condition has not improved then I cannot see why they have reduced care compenent. Appeal.
  15. Did you say on the form that you needed help with the above. Sounds like you need to appeal. CAB are ok but have you tried a Social Services Welfare Advisor. Have you a copy of each application?
  16. When you got the decision did it say,as it should why the decision maker gave you middle rate i.e `Can dress himself`?
  17. Right about the attachment can`t see it. Did you have to fill in the forms again for a review? If so did you answer the questions as you did before?
  18. I did say there might be some gathering information. What`s with all the one liners anyway? Why don`t give Thompson24 some constructive advise? Why don`t you start your own post on the subject? Oh no I`ve become a one liner!
  19. I think you`re making cutting comments to people without knowing their actual circumstances. It annoys me as much as anyone else when I see people cheating the system but there are many,many genuine people who are being unfairly treated. I don`t think you will find the cheats on the forums although you will find a few getting information,
  20. Hmmm. Don`t know why I should explain myself to someone who`s hijacking someone elses post but here goes. Worked for 35 years in law enforcement in a pretty dangerous job and had a serious car crash 5 years ago with my wife. I worked on for 4 years in the same job and light duties but finally had to give up at the end of 2008. I have been awarded high rate DLA as has my wife. Where did I say in my post that I was claiming ESA? My daughter got an increased award because our income went down from 60K to DLA. I am living on what little savings I have left and have applied for ill health retirement. My daughter will have to pay back most of this money but with 3 A`s and 2 B`s I think she deserves her chance at University don`t you? I lie here on my back trying to help people and get facetious comments from the likes of you. Why are you on these forums if all you can do is make useless comments(unless of course you can offer me a job at home on computers).
  21. Hi Had a thought.My daughter has just started University and because my wife and I are disabled and do not work gets the maximum loan and grant. I don`t know how old you are and if you qualify but if you look on this link it may help. Eligibility for student finance : Directgov - Education and learning
  22. Thanks for the replies. I`m getting my appeal paperwork together and have yet another letter from my GP stating that I will not work again. Capitas medical bod never even came to see me as I could not travel to London or Croyden. I live 50 miles+ away from each. Even ATOS who are another such company have finally granted me a home visit. My original application had the full backing of my immediate Management and also a 28 page report from a Harley Street Consultant who came to a hospital within 8 miles of me and examined me twice 90 minutes each time! He agrees that I am a genuine case and certainly could not go back to my present job which was quite active and would find it very difficult to do any other job. I`m 53 this year and would have done my 40 years when 57 but would have worked until 60. It`s a complete nightmare as my wife is severely disabled and although I worked full time I was her main carer particularly at night. She had carers and an alarm in the day. Since my health got worse we have relied heavily on our 19 year old daughter who goes off to University in 2 weeks and our 13 year old daughter who has a heart of gold. My older daughter decided not to go away to uni but woth 3 A`s and 2 B`s whilst looking after us and coping with her mum being in ICU twice we were very insistent that she goes and really want her to enjoy it. Sorry gone a bit off point. I cannot believe that a so called Labour Government have left many private and public empoyees at the mercy of these people who are presumably on a quota driven service level agreement. My actual report from them reads as if I will never work again but the final page states that I do not qualify. They offer no solutions and presumably just hope that you top yourself or die of natural causes before they have to pay out. One of my closest friends is an employment Solicitor and had to apologise for laughing when he saw it and offered to represent me but I will complete the appeal/tribunal first if I can last the pace! Sorry for the rant but I`m just nonplussed
  23. Hi I am having trouble dealing with Government paid private health companies. (Please also see my thread on Capita Health Solutions in Emloyment section). I have applied for ESA and am on the first 13 week allowance. I have tried 3 times to get to a medical some 15 miles away but cannot travel more than a mile or 2 in a car and have also started suffering from Agoraphobia and panic attacks. ATOS advised me to get a letter from my GP faxed to them asking for an exemption or home visit which my wife organised for me. They rang her today and they said the medical expert had authorised a taxi! I have plenty of family and friends who will take me. That was never the issue. They are phoning back tomorrow to let me know what my options are but on the phone today they told my wife I had no choice but would speak to a Manager. Can anyone please advise Cheers
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