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  1. Thanks to you both. I`m on contribution based ESA. worked 34 years now have been granted ill health retirement but don`t know figures yet. I take it I will lose my support level ESA?
  2. BG seem to have turned into those unsavory `sign now and get a reduction`jockeys I thought we`d seen the last of. They told me 5 years ago that I needed a power flush although the system was running perfectly. At that time it was going to be about £500 which I didn`t have so I left it.They also said that my fuse box whist perfectly safe ,was not up tp spec! Another £500 so no again. My friend who is a registered electrician and safety tester had a look at it and was astonished and said there was nothing wrong with it Two months ago we decided to have a new kitchen fitted and to replace our old,still working perfectly,boiler for a new smaller one to go in a kitchen cabinet. I got a quote through the kitchen company,from a local firm who quoted £3900 for an `A` rated boiler,7 rads,1 heated towel rail and thermostatic valves. I had a young BG salesman around for a quote and it was £4400 for just the boiler. When I laughed and told him about the other quote he started warning me that it may not be a good job! Somehow he then came down to £2800 for the boiler with a £100 discount if I signed there and then! I told him that my first problem was the price,the second the drop in price when I didn`t fall at his feet and the third which I must admit I did lecture ona bit on was his sign today discount before he fled! Try and get it in writing from BG that they will not cover your boiler if not powerflushed. There are other service contracts with other firms that you can use. Good luck I`m a 53 year old who is not afraid to argue my point but I am sure that there are some (including my 78 year old mum) who still see BG and their ilk as the only options.
  3. Been doing a bit of digging around on this and Section 1 part 3 may help. http://www.equalityhumanrights.com/uploaded_files/PSD/42_housing_ded.pdf
  4. Well done. Been following you for ages. Been through benefits system myself and you should be very,very proud of yourself.I know that this does not take away the health problems but I Hope you have a lovely Christmas.
  5. I havn`t read back on your post but if you look at post#11 there is a point made about a three year time bar fot taking court action so I don`t know if your within or near that point. My claim still goes on 5 years and 1 month now and I may still have to see the MIB Consultant. Good luck
  6. Leeroy2009. Can`t help in any practical way and just read your whole thread. You`re a LEGEND!! Good luck mate
  7. Zamzara Thanks very much. Nice clear concise answer Cheers
  8. Wonder if anyone can advise. I`ve been off work for over a year after working and paying contributions for 34 years. During the past year I have been on half and in May no pay and now get contribution based ESA, a higher child tax rate credit than before and high rate DLA (mobility and care) I appreciate that the latter is not means tested. I heard on Friday after an appeal to Capita that I have been granted early medical retirement at the upper tier, which means I get my full pension. I don`t know any figures yet but it obviously won`t be as much as my precious salary. My question is probably evident but do I lose all my ESA as it`s contribution based. Also presumably my tax credits will drop. Many thanks in advance
  9. I suffer from chronic back and right leg pain and have developed agoraphobia. After many phone calls and two aborted medicals because of panic/anxiety attacks just before going I got my GP to write to them asking for a home visit which in the end they agreed to. I saw a Dr with my son present in my house. I was about to appeal his report as he had mentioned nothing about my mental condition and was put on the work activity group I got another phone call to say that a Dr would be doing a second visit to see if I qualified for the support group. Guess what the same Dr turned up! I really emphasised my emotional state and I await to hear the result! I know it`s a bit late for you now but good luck and don`t give up.Good luck.
  10. Sorry went a bit off topic there. As Connif said if you can paste up your agreement minus all personal details you will gat a clearer response.
  11. I have been with the Consumer Credit Counselling Service for 5 years now and they are a charity who make no charge. I think they make money by taking your contribution on say the 1st of the month and pay your creditors three weeks later making a bit on what little interest there is. Their advisors are very friendly but on initial contact will spell out your options which range from selling up (if you have a house) to going on a low cost payment plan which I am on. Give them a ring but don`t pay someone money you can`t afford. I believe CAB and National Debt Line may offer similar services. Good luck
  12. Hope I`ve done the right thing. My wife and I are both disabled and parked in a disabled space in car park operated by the above. I read ome threads and did not contact them at all and got three letters which I filed. Today I got a phone call from them and they asked if I was going to pay it. I said I was not going to pay an unenforceable invoice and she thought I meant I was appealing. I said no I was going to do nothing. She asked for an email adddress which I refused. She seemed a bit flustered so I got a bit cocky and said `do you really think a judge would find in your favour against two disabled people`. She said ok and put the phone down. I`m not ex directory so this must be where they got my number from but has anyone else actually been phoned?
  13. I had critical illness cover which I thought only covered heart problems,cancer etc. I had a car accident which has made me disabled and when my wife read the policy properly there was disability cover which qualified me and I got the money within a month. Ask them for a claim form and try and get your GP onside. Good luck
  14. wheresmyhairgone you are a credit to your sister and she is so lucky to have you. I have had many dark moments since my accident and have nwe become agoraphobic after spending 35 years dealing with the public in sometimes confrontational situations I can now hardly speak to or see friends I have known all my life! Geritelmad I hope that these posts have given you some hope but don`t settle for such a paltry sum as you deserve if not for your husband but for you and your children to be financially secure. What about criminal injurys compensation or even the Motor Insurance Bureau. they cover drivers who are hit by uninsured or untraceable drivers but I don`t know if they cover pedestrians. Customer Services https://www.cica.gov.uk/Default.aspx?id=592 Remember it may be hard but patience is the key. Don`t worry about your husband not working as you have lost your wage. Try and get your GP and if you have one Consultant onside and make sure your Solicitor takes you seriously. As you said you got the 5-8k from the onternet so ask them what sort of compensation they`re looking at. If they say a low figure without mentioning loss of earnings, quality of life,future medical expenses et then I suggest you change. Mine was appointed by my insurance company and seem pretty good. If you want to PM me I`ll let you have their details.
  15. There were three of them,two in a car who pulled out in front of me from an industrial estate immediately followed by a 7.5 tonne lorry. The driver had left the keys in the ignition! He came running up afterwards 1shouting I`ll lose my job for this`. He hasn`t and I suppose for legal reasons the firm, a national one, never apologised for his negligence or answere any of my letters. They went straight over the bonnet of our car and dumped the lorry up the road as they probably thought (rightly) that they had seriously hurt my wife and I or worse. Police came, gave ME a chit to produce my documents. Got a letter from them a week or so later saying that they were not able to progress the case! It`s really strange how you can go along day to day full time job you actually enjoy, bring up 4 children have 2 holidays a year,walk the dogs,play sports etc when in a split second it can all change and you have to fight through work trying to get ill health retirement, the benefits system and insurance claim when you are at your worst! Sorry about the rant but I have one once every so often. Nothing personal!
  16. No offense at all. The forum is for everyone for discussion and opinion although some (not you) have been pulled up before for being malicious. It is nice to see someone who does not immediately think ``where there`s blame there`s a claim` but unfortunately there are some that have to. I`ve been involved in a couple of accidents before this one but it never occurred to me to claim as I was able to resume normal life. Unfortunately this one has had a profound effect on me and my family and I had no choice. Don`t worry about giving an honest opinion.
  17. Also if you had legal insurance on your policy then this will help . As for not claiming because of premiums increasing this thinking is definately flawed as if others more seriosly injured did not claim they would be on benefits for longer and thus a drain on the taxpayers.
  18. Hi I was in a car crash in Nov 2004 but was hit by a stolen lorry which is slightly different to your accident as it is being dealt with by the Motor Insurance Bureau. I worked for 35 years and finally had to give up in Sept 2008. My solicitor who was appointed by my insurer is looking at a big settlement which should compensate me for loss of earning etc until retirement age. Also for DIY jobs I can`t do anymore etc. I have already had an interim payment of 15K. My settlement if accepted would be on the region of £400.000 so I think you are being shortchanged. Even if it`s a tenth of that it`s more than your legal advisor can get. I will say though that this takes time,patience and medical evidence. Your Solicitor should be seeking a medical report from an ortopaedic Surgeon and psychologist at least.Good luck.
  19. I can`t believe these fools are quibbling over a tank of fuel. Get your car and wave bye bye and find another dealer to service it.
  20. Or as Sailor Sam said do you really want a car from a dealer giving such poor service. Can`t understand their response as it`s surely a buyers market at the moment
  21. Good luck. Stick to your guns! I would think if the`ve put plates on your car if you refuse it they will have to sell it as second hand. Also it would be difficult to find someone who wants a new car to the same spec as you. You`re not exactly asking a lot are you.
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