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  1. Conniff Thanks for the advice. Will contact them again.
  2. Booked Hotel in Tenerife via alpha-rooms (hotel room only, flight booked from easyjet seperately). The description stated the hotel had a bar and restaurant but when we arrived the bar/restaurant was not built (a building site). To make matters worse the building work was going on during our entire stay, with loud drilling, banging, kango drills etc. starting every day at 8am. The unbuilt bar and restaurant was on the ground floor underneath all the rooms and building work could be heard in every room above starting at 8am and continuing all day. Also the builders had dangerous looking s
  3. Just an update to this thread, I have won this challenge! Notice of acceptance of representations received. Thanks to all that helped with ideas and posts regarding this PCN. Cheers All!
  4. TING the PCN can be viewed at: www [dot] pinkytips [dot] com /images/ ticket. jpg
  5. Does the below only apply to lines or signs regarding 'waiting restrictions' or to zig zag lines as well (which are not waiting restrictions) ? Also if you view the picture in my last post does that not make it illegal to park in the provided bays with zig zag lines in front of them?
  6. The below picture shows the area. www [dot] pinkytips [dot] com /images/pav [dot] jpg In the bottom right corner of the picture is the area I was parked (the area has some paving on it and everyone parks there next to the two marked parking bays on the right also with zig zag lines in front of them). A little further along the area I was on just off of the picture the paved area turns into a verge with grass on it that continues up the road. The public walkway is on the other side of the verge and the paved area I was parked on. Has anyone fought
  7. Does anyone else know if the zig zag lines boundary extends to the verge or only in the actual road. PCN ticket image at below www [dot] pinkytips [dot] com /images/ ticket. jpg
  8. Recently received a PCN while parked on a verge off the road by Zig Zag lines. PCN states 99 Stopped on a pedestrian crossing or crossing area markd by zigzags (99). But I was actually parked off the road on a verge which has zig zag lines in front of it on the road. Do I have a case for getting this dismissed for the wrong contravention being stated on the PCN? My question is how far does the boundary of the Zig Zag lines reach? Should it have been a PCN for parking on the verge rather than a 99 contravention. I telephoned the Traffic Services phone number and someone on the phone sa
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