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  1. HELP Should I try and defend the CO, if so I only have until tomorrow night to send in the defend... anyone?
  2. Hi Guys I've not been around for a while due to my health problems, we have now received a hearing date later this month for our Interim Charging Order to be made final. I’m currently going down the route of a DMP with the CCCS and I’m writing the letters tonight. What should I do regarding the Courts should or how can I defend the CO being made final?
  3. Hi Womble, Wasn’t a bad day really:confused:, the Judge made a summary judgment order against me, so I have 14 days to pay the full amount plus cost. The judge said that he had read my defence and I had no reasonable grounds for defending. Asked me if I was trying to avoid paying, I said no..... The NR solicitor even said that I had never missed making some sort of payment even if it was just a token. He said NR have a valid CCA and my point about the DN was not valid. Basically said I had no defence, but then said I was right to defend the claim!...., because by doing so has saved me money/costs. The judge said that if I’m not able to pay NR within 14 days they would go for a CO and they may get it, so I should go to court to defend myself. The Judge was very pleasant and seemed a good decent person. So I’m going to be heading back to court soon. This may seem strange but it feels like a big weight has been lifted. Thanks for your help and support Womble and everyone else, will be needing it again
  4. Hi Womble, It's on Wednesday lunch time, not looking forward to it at all
  5. Thanks Womble, what should I take with me to court
  6. If they get a charging order and we are unable to pay the amount they want can they make us sell our house?
  7. Hi Womble, Yes its been heared at our local county court Yes it is a joint mortgage I do not believe NR have notified our other creditors We have negative equity, now the prices have gone down. Many thanks for the reply Womble, its been very hard the last couple of weeks.. Not knowing what to do.
  8. Hi Guys, please can someone help me with the above, I would like to know if I can change my defence?
  9. Please can anyone help me regarding the above?
  10. Hi Guys, I received the notice of hearing of application, it says the hearing of the claimant's application for summary judgment will take place at (time) and (date) county court address, What does this mean, does it mean I need to be there? I also received application notice and they a asking the court to make 1. The defence discloses no reasonable grounds for defending the claim and that judgment be entered for the claimant for the full sum claimed together with the costs of the application pursuant to CPR3.4 2. In the alternative, the claimant be awarded Summary Judgement pursuant to CPR part 24 together with the costs of this application. 3. The defendant has no real prospect of successfully defending the claim and there is no compelling reason why the case should be disposed of at trial. Details attached Page one Page two What do I need to do now? Can I change my defence?
  11. Back ground info, I have a personal loan for less then £4K with NR and have been in financial difficulties for the last couple of years, they have previously accepted our token payments (between £10 and £1) which we have review every six months with the CCCS. The last review in September they refused our token offer and have continually chased me for more money. As per his site I have refused to speak to them on the telephone and I have now only communicated in writing which I think P*** them off. Now they are taking me to court. I've read a lot of posts here and I would like to make sure I complete the allocation questionnaire form N150 correctly. Please could someone help me Section A – Settlement I’m not in a position to settle but I have always continued to pay a token payment.TICK NO Witnesses I should include myself but what should I put in the box (witness to which facts)? Section F - Proposed directions Is there any directions you think appropriate?
  12. Hi Guys, I've received the allocation questionnaire please could I have some help completing it? It needs to be returned to the Court by the 18th March.
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