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  1. I've posted on here before but I don't know if people remember reading my problem. I didn't want to add to my old thread because I don't know if that was allowed or not. I was offered social housing (been on the waiting list for over 3 years). The condition was that I moved in right away but I still gave one-months-notice to my Landlord. I was basically paying for 2 houses rent, plus council tax, water, gas and electric, but I wanted to do things properly. My Landlord wasn't happy, obvously, and said that they would have to speak to the estate agent about it - he added I would probably have to pay estate agent fees. The estate agent has come back and said that I have to pay rent until a new tenant moves in, plus estate agent fees, etc. After coming on here, and reading loads of material, I realised that they could do this. I don't think it's fair as in the lease there is a clause for the landlord to end the tenancy but there is nothing for the tenant. It's the law though everyone keeps telling me. My Landlord refused to fix loads of things. It was a damp house that opened up right on to a road. My son has Autism and the house I live in now is much better for his needs. There was always broken beer bottles, damage, and flood risks surrounding, or near, the old property. I've been flooded twice and the Landlord refused to have someone look into it. I've also has problems with the boiler. I couldn't afford to pay rent for the old house and it was constantly going up every year. Plus, my son couldn't play outside and there were no children for him to play with. Unfortunately, I've spoken to Shelter and they say that it won't matter if he didn't fix things. It doesn't mean the contract can be broken. On top of that, my Landlord used to always call me, or drop by unexpectedly. He was very negative, telling me things like: I should be more patient (after waiting over 3 months to have the water pressure to the boiler, and leak, fixed), tell me off for not being able to contact me, and for things the estate agent used to say, etc., for example: the landlord told me the rent was going up, I received a letter from the estate agent to sign (to agree to the new rent), which I did and sent it back, I get a call from the Landlord chewing my ear off about the estate agent saying I had refused the rent increase. They had put the wrong amount on the letter and said I had refused his rent. Also, he told me off because the estate agent said they had tried to contact me numerous times without success. When I moved I found out that they had had the wrong number. I have given my number to them countless times and they still keep losing it. My Landlord has shown me pictures of other properties telling me that I am paying less than them and I should be more grateful. He has said he should just sell the place. This is just a few examples, there are loads more. I have no money. I am in debt. I don't even have a cooker in my new house. It is costing me more money because I have to buy ready made meals all the time for the microwave. I can't even afford to get money from the social to buy one. He has my deposit and won't give it back to me - obviously he can do this. How can things like this happen? The law shouldn't be so black and white. If I hadn't paid the rent in 15 days he would have had the right to come into the house, and kicked me out. Why is there no get out clause for tenants? I spend a lot of my time crying. I thought I would be able to fight this because of the way he has treated me, and refused to repair things, but it seems to not matter. Both the landlord and estate agents are lying to me. They will not give me a straight answer. The estate agent told me they would keep my post for me, but the landlord says they told him they couldn't. So, he has been taking my mail and sending it to me. The problem is: I'm not getting all my mail. I wrote to a few businesses, I haven't received post from, and they said they posted it to my old address and they've not received it back. My dad has been putting money into a bond for me and one of my letters, my bond notice, has not been received. I think he thinks he can use this to prove I have money. This is the only thing I have and it isn't ready for a couple years. What is even more sad is that I was receiving a women's magazine for free, for three months. I changed my address but they said they sent it to the old address. My landlord, and his wife, have kept my magazine. These are people who live in a very posh house in an expensive area. Who have gone on Holiday during all this. Even, the estate agent and woman from Shelter have gone on Holiday! I can't even afford one day away. How can this be, it just seems so unfair, but I can't do anything about it. I don't know what other post has been stolen but it's not against the law supposedly. I feel really sick that he has kept some of my mail. It seems really personal. When I spoke to him he went on about how stressful it was for him. He is always banging on about what he is going through. I feel like I have no rights. It's okay that I can barely afford to live, poor them, they might not be able to go on as many Holidays next year. I don't think they believe me that I have no money. I don't go to restuarants, I don't go out, I don't shop - apart from very cheap things like magazines at times - I don't get my hair cut, I can't afford to buy clothes, I have creditors breathing down my neck, I don't have a car, for Birthdays I am lucky if I can buy a present for £5. I am really upset about this. I feel completely helpless. I know that there are bad tenants out there too but why is it the nice ones that suffer? I bet good landlords are having the same problem too. My Landlord is deluded he thinks he is extremely kind and helpful. I couldn't wait to have the Landlord and estate agent out of my life, but they aren't, they are still causing problems.
  2. Hello Bazooka Boo, That rent hike seems high. I wouldn't be able to say what is right as I don't know what your lease states. Plus, I'm having trouble myself with leases! lol I know you've been around the net loads already and know how you feel! But, I found a site on information about social housing rent for you: Setting rents for council housing : Directgov - Home and community Plus, this one: Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity - choose your location I couldn't go directly to the bit of information on rent (for social housing) as you have to state which region you are in first. That second link can help you directly too. You can call them, or possibly email them?, but have to wait till Tuesday. I'm having to wait till then too. They can look at your lease and advise you on your rights. Most CABs can do this too, if they have a housing specialist. There is also a legal advice website too. If you need help finding a CAB with a housing specialist near you, or legal advice website, let me know. Don't want to overload you all at once.
  3. I thought the DPS was for new tenants? That is very good news. Thanks for the heads up. I've been re-reading my lease. I thought leases were meant to be clear and free of legal jargon? I never understood most of it and that is why I thought I only had to give one months notice. Maybe I am easily confused but this is what one part of my lease says: "Without prejudice to sub-clause [8.1] hereof this Tenancy may be determined at any time after the term for which it is granted has expired by the Tenant giving one calendar months written notice to the Landlord or by the Landlord serving two calendar months written notice (as prescribed by section 21 (1) (b) of the Housing Act 1988) to the Tenant, of his intention so to determine it." Yikes! Plus, if the rent went into arrears for 15 days, "or any of the agreements on the Tenant's part shall not be performed the Landlord may re-enter upon the Premises and immediately thereupon this Tenancy shall cease.". How come he can do that, but if he fails to do things I can't leave and cease the Tenancy? Thanks again and sorry about the legal jargon on a Sunday night, lol. P.S. The past couple of days I've felt like I was losing my marbles but I am feeling better now. It is going to be stressful this month but, hopefully, more good stress than bad stress!
  4. WelshMam2009 and callumsgran thank you for your replies. He has my £500 deposit which was given to me from my mum because I couldn't afford it. I was hoping to give her that back but it looks unlikely. He has not put the money in a deposit scheme. I think the lease stated it was put in a stockholders account but I'll have to double check. I'll have to gather up all the information but it'll be a tricky juggling act. My landlord thinks he is generous and fair. I hope he realises how unfair he has been. I am, perhaps, in a better position than others though, as I have virtually nothing for him to take - apart from my marbles, lol. Plus, I have a home I can move to, instead of being kicked out. That was what I was afraid of happening before if I stood up to him. It makes me realise how important it is to advise tenants before signing contracts. As this wasn't a mortgage I didn't think of getting advice, or a solicitor. Plus, they should know they have a right to negotiate terms. If I get through this, and don't fail miserably, I really want to help others through situations like this. Thank you both for your kind words and advice. I will tell him I believe he is in breach of contract too, after I get advice on my lease.
  5. Thank you very much Blossomandebony and jackieandwayne, Both your posts have really helped me. I thought I had no hope but you guys have been so supportive. I've been through so much that when the landlord gave me a hard time, I just kept the peace. I realise now that that was the wrong thing to do because he thought he could get away with things. He probably also thinks he's done nothing wrong because I haven't complained. I've been looking at my lease and their are pages and pages of what I'm meant to do, but only 4 points of his responsibilities. I believe the demands are unfair, but will have to check with a person experienced with housing issues. There is a lot of money that I will have to owe because of breaching the contract: my deposit, legal fees, re-letting fees, the months rent for the remaining term (which is 11 months), council tax, water, gas and electric bills - unless someone moves in, plus any other money they deem they've lost because of me. I also believe that he has breached the contract by not fixing things, and by constantly coming by without calling, although, I think, he didn't come in - only went to the door and backyard windows, however you can see in the house out back. Plus, I have paid out of my own pocket for things - that weren't caused by my negligence. The lease was confusing and I didn't understand it all. I thought I had to only give ones month notice - which I have and I'm paying for 2 places now. However, after reading all the information on here, other websites and leaflets it seams that only means when the term is about to end. In the lease it wasn't explained as clearly though. They might argue it has though but I have trouble understanding written and vocal words, although I haven't got proof, apart from going to a speech class when I was younger. I'm afraid this might get messy. I will have to organise things and talk to a lot of people. On top of that: I've got to clean, sort, pack and move, make repairs, show people around (if there is any), look after my son who demands a lot of attention, write a statement out for my son that is due in a couple weeks, etc.. I hope I have the time to prepare properly. Thanks again everyone, your support means a lot. P.S. I've always wanted a cat but the landlord didn't allow them, lol.
  6. That is what bothered me the most: the unfairness of him not holding up to his side but being unreasonable with me. Always demanding to do this and that but refusing, or putting off, fixing things. Thank you for the reply. I've been feeling really down today. I'm trying to juggle so much at once right now, but I can't focus because of this. It's the only thing I think about. P.S. I like your picture.
  7. I have no money to pay 2 rents. I needed to go into social housing because I couldn't afford the rent here - which the landlord had raised again this year. Plus, the condition of the house wasn't good enough, he refused to fix things, and is still putting off other jobs. He's rude and impatient. He makes you feel bad asking him to fix things. One time he said he should sell the place. I've been waiting over 3 years for an affordable property, and it would have been very difficult to be offered one at the exact time the lease ended. I had no idea what a fixed term meant because it never mentioned that in the lease. Other people have left his properties before their lease was up and he hasn't done this to them. I assume this because he had to ask the estate agent what he could do about me leaving before the lease ended. The previous next door neighbour told me that their have been many complaints about him, which was told to him by the estate agents. I know there has to be great landlords out there, who have problems with tenants, but why does it seem that, in my experience, the landlord can get away with more? Who suffers here? The estate agents, the landlord, or the tenant? The landlord will be in his element now as he will be getting money for a house and won't have to worry about fixing it at all now, which he barely does anyways. The law should not be black and white. The law should depend on individual cases.
  8. Hi Tonks, Thank you very much for the reply. I was beginning to worry that I wasn't going to get any at all! Your kind words have made me really supported. I feel like I'm closed in, with no options, most of the time. I spoke with the CAB before the estate agent told me the news. The person at the CAB wasn't as specialised with housing issues, but showed me a leaflet that spoke about fixed terms, etc. It stated that it was down to the discretion of the landlord whether the tenant pays the remaining rent of the term. Afterwards, the estate agent told me that if there isn't a new tenant by the time I move out, I'll have to pay the 11 months rent. It never stated that in the lease though but it must be a law. I haven't left the house yet. I've given one months notice and have to show people around. I have the other property already though and will be moving in most things this coming week. I've been dealing with my debt problems for years and I used to be with a company (one that didn't cost me) who helped organise my debt and pay it off. However, I am not getting as much money now and couldn't afford to pay my debts off, so the company told me they couldn't help anymore. Then I went to the CAB and they said my debt is so bad that I will have to go bankrupt - which costs money to do and can't afford to do it! I know this isn't the debt forum, but I wanted to answer all your questions, and show people where I stand. Thank you very much for reading and replying. I feel like I'm in an awful mess and it's difficult to see a way out. Hopefully, there will be some good news on the horizon.
  9. I apologise if there is information on this already in the forum, but I am too shattered and depressed to keep looking. I live in a privately rented house but the rent has always been too much for me to afford. The landlord refuses to fix things, and when he does it takes him ages to do. I've had boiler breakdowns that took 2 weeks to fix. A leak with the boiler (and pipes?) that I've waited a year, so far, to be fixed. My landlord is impatient and rude. I live in a constant panic, especially if he calls or comes by. The house is right on the road and there are no other children for my autistic child to play with. These problems are just the tip of the iceberg. I've been on a waiting list for over 3 years and I was, finally, offered a house. I had to decide that day whether I wanted the house, or not, and considering the problems I faced I thought it was important to say yes. I knew I should give my landlord one month's notice, and have, but I didn't realise what a fixed term lease was. My landlord has said that if he doesn't find a new tenant I will have to pay 11 months rent. In the lease it doesn't say that, but I have only just found out about this law and that it is down to the landlord's discretion. I found this out after signing the lease to the new property. I don't know what to do. I don't have a lot of money and I have BIG debt problems. I am also suffering depression and my son is autistic. I didn't move out because I wanted to, I moved out because I needed to. It would be next to impossible (and cause more problems) to wait, and hope, to be offered a house at the exact time a lease expires. Plus, I've been waiting over 3 years, who knows how long I'd have to wait for another offer. I am paying for 2 houses at the moment. What makes me really angry is that he is always checking the lease to see what I owe, or what is my responsibility, but he has shirked on a lot of his. Thank you to anyone who can help.
  10. Thank you Mr. Shed I apologise for taking so long to respond but I've been occupied with other matters too. I'm really shocked: I've had mold, draughts, flood water - and I'm sure leaky pipes - for ages. The draughts have been here since I've moved in and the mold has been here (almost) since the beginning too. I've had other problems too with sockets and wiring as well. I'm afraid to stand up to him now though because he's been so difficult when I've only innocently asked for repairs.. I do have a gas safety certificate and the plumber wrote down some problems with the boiler. The landlord didn't agree and was supposed to send another plumber out to compare. I've been waiting months for this though. I have a feeling that the new plumber is going to say everything is fine. I know the landlord needs to double-check but he can't always be focused on saving money, what about the safety issues? How can I know this plumber isn't someone he knows, and is going to try to get out of doing certain things? I've told him him in the past to write a letter or leave a message if he needs to see me. He does let me know if he's to come into my house, however, he still knocks on the door, but doesn't come in, or comes into the backyard without telling me. He complains of me being hard to get a hold of, but, then he has said that about my other neighbour too. He makes me feel awful. I don't understand, as when I've had my boiler break down he was out of the country and I had to wait to get it fixed; another time I had to wait over 2 weeks. I had to put a £500 deposit, plus one-month's rent, before moving in, what is to become of this money if things turn really sour? As to the condition of the property with regards to raising the rent: I completely agree with you, but what my landlord is saying is that other houses in this area are higher, and he should put his up only because of that. The other houses around me are different shapes and sizes, and most have been completely gutted out and modernised; none of the houses on this street had flood damage apart from mine; my next-door neighbour says there is no mold in his house, or any other real problem. The condition of this place is lower than I've ever lived in, but I would understand if he raised the rent when he made improvements. However, he only does it right before the lease expires and he neglects, what i consider to be, important repairs. I know something has got to be done as this can't go on forever but I feel so powerless and alone. I don't want the feelings between us to be even more worse than they are. P.S. I haven't had the chance to get my lease copied yet. If it's really necessary I will get it done, but if you guys can help without it it would save me the hassle.
  11. I am sorry to hear what you've been through. I don't know much about tenancy laws so, don't take everything I say as the gospel truth, double check it. I've read on some sites that if a landlord doesn't fix something you have the right to call someone yourself, but you have to write to your landlord first and give them about 2 weeks to respond before you do it. I'm sure that would apply to a letting agency as well. I can't see why you wouldn't be allowed to leave if it's causing you stress but it would depend on your tenancy agreement. I really hope you get some good answers from all this.
  12. Thank you for your support. My lease expires in April. Lol @ minions comment. Too true, I do feel like I'm supposed to be available at any given time. When he has come by without telling me first he won't come in to my house: he will stand at my door to talk to me. However, he has come into the backyard, sometimes without telling me, to do paint work, as, for some reason, he is obsessed with re-painting outside frames. That is the only work he's put into these houses. One time I was taken aback as I saw him painting the outside of my kitchen window, and you can see right into the living room from there. Good thing I was dressed properly! I might be able to post my lease on here by taking a photo, but it would take a while as I would have to find out how to black out personal details through photoshop.
  13. Hi Chancellor, Thank you so much for your reply. Your words have given me some hope and I hope, with the strength of this forum, I can get through this. I have thought about the bonuses of being kicked out, but I also worry because there appears to be a housing shortage here. However, you are right, it probably wouldn't be the worst thing to happen, at least I would be free of him. I have spoken with another tenant who isn't too happy with him either, but I am unsure if they would take it any further. This other tenant has heard from the estate agent that other tenants are unhappy too, but with my social anxiety, I am afraid to press strangers. I think I could handle talking to my neighbour again though. I am willing to fight this if I am in the right. Reeny P.S. I have a 12 month lease.
  14. I have been living at my present property for over 2 years which is an assured short-hold tenancy. I have had numerous problems with my landlord but as I can't afford to move anywhere else I feel like I am stuck here, unless my landlord chose to kick me out. When I first moved here there were already problems. The inside doors wouldn't shut properly, the back door to the house was a hassle to try and unlock, sockets didn't work, floorboards were wonky, windows wouldn't open or shut properly, and the house was poorly insulated: you could actually see the curtains move about and there wasn't even an inch of insulation in the loft. I would open the windows every day, even in the winter, and still mold developed very quickly. Rusty-coloured water would come out of the bathroom taps and the sinks and bathtub had rust in them too. Anything else near the sinks and bathtub would develop rust or a black type of substance. I told my landlord of these problems but he didn't think it was an issue. The only thing he ended up doing was putting insulation in the loft and that was because there was a deal with the council to get insulation for half the price. I think he probably found out that it was illegal NOT to have insulation in the loft too. I've tried fixing things on my own but I lack the experience and he's never given me any money for cost either. When the boiler broke down I had to wait 2 weeks before I got any help. This house is more freezing than others because of the lack of insulation and I had old windows which had gaps and weren't double-glazed. So for that time I had to use the electric fire, one electric heater and heat the water using the electric immersion. Another time my boiler broke down my landlord was out of the country. He didn't tell me that he was going to be out of the country, nor did he ever supply me with the number of his new plumber (he changes plumbers, etc. quite frequently). His son was inexperienced but told me he would contact the plumber. Days later I called back and he (his son) hadn't been able to get a hold of the plumber because he didn't know the number and claimed he couldn't get a hold of his dad either! I ended up having to call an old plumber and was afraid the landlord would be angry as he often gets annoyed with his tenants very easily. There has been problems with the plumbing, mold, and water damage from floods and heavy rain water, but he won't look into them. He doesn't see any problem and will then have a go at me for not being thankful enough for how cheap the property is compared with others in the neighbourhood. However, the other properties here vary in size, and are in better condition than his. When I talk to other neighbours they claim never to receive any water damage during the floods, or heavy rain, but this place always seems to get it. He won't look into it, even though I'm sure it is causing damage to the property and my health. The roof is in bad shape: you can see outside from the loft, but when my next-door-neighbour had damage to his roof my landlord claimed it was my fault because of my satellite dish, he said he would take it out of my deposit, so I paid him off. When the new plumber said our boiler was in bad shape the landlord disagreed. Now, I know that he has to protect himself from false claims, but I believe that my landlord is more concerned about saving any penny he can, despite it causing damage to his own property. He said he would have another plumber out to see whether work has to be done or not, but months have passed by without any sign. He said the plumber would be coming by months ago, but it hasn't happened, and when I asked him about it he got really sulky about it and told me I should have more patience. How is waiting months for things to be fixed not being patient? Since I asked him about the plumber he has made complaints about the backyard and alleyway, and I know he has only done that out of spite. He is claiming that a few weeds could cause damage, and I can imagine pound signs appearing in his eyes as he wrote it. If he had taken a look out back recently he would notice that I have already cleared this up well over a month ago. Most of the time when he calls I have been away on holiday and he chastises me for not being available. The estate agents lie to him, to avoid being chastised as well, I think, and say they have tried to get a hold of me loads of times too. I have a phone that logs who has called and an answering machine, and they have never called me. I get back from my holiday and receive either a call, or a visit, from him telling me off for being unavailable. The only nice thing I can say is that he put insulation in the loft one year and replaced two windows the next, right before the my lease was up, which then the rent went up accordingly. That is the only time he seems to want to help. I've never given him attitude and I've always allowed him to repeatedly have goes at me. I am sure that there are health hazards here as I have had lung and digestive problems since I've moved in. My son has Autism and this is the last thing I need right now. I feel utterly lost as to what to do. I don't have the energy to fight and I have become more and more depressed. I just let him say whatever he wants to me because he doesn't want to listen to what I have to say. I have to put whatever energy that I have into looking after my son. I don't know what I should, or could do. I've been on a housing association list for well over 2 1/2 years, and I can't see them ever offering me a house. I can't afford to move anywhere else. I understand he has to save money but it's getting to the point where it is causing damage and I feel he has no respect for me. I don't want to do anything that will make him worse. I have paid my rent on time and I know that I have a responsibility as a tenant too. I will say that other tenants haven't anything nice to say about him either. No one appears to be happy with him. What should I do? Thank you for taking the time to read this and I apologise for the length of my post. I thought I should try and give you the whole picture. There are other things wrong with the house too but I can't be bothered going into too much detail as I already have, lol. Thanks again.
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