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  1. just going to start the process now mate. they seem a right pain
  2. Im watching with interest to how they respond to yours before I submit mine,
  3. Just about to start mate. do you have a copy of the cca letter you sent them by any chance? thanks
  4. Just an update, Lee emailed me last week saying he would ask Lowell to write confirming this for my records and also that he would ask lowell regards compensation, nothing regards vodafone doing either of these things.
  5. Lee has obviously again confirmed that lowels will no longer bothering me after their investigatiion, I replied to Lee with the following through email: Thanks for that Lee, can I please have this in letter form confirming this from both yourselves and Lowells, also like silverfox said on the forum I think I should be due some financial compensation for this complete farce as a gesture of good will for all I have had to put up with through these years every time I move home, I look forward to your response. regards Amanda
  6. Hi Lee, Thank you for that, I just messaged you, my flight leaves at 3pm and I would like this sorting before i go away, Thanks Amanda Thanks Silverfox
  7. Lee, I'm on my holidays now for 2wks, just about to set off to the airport, I expect to see that you have sorted this mess for good by the time i return, thank you, Amanda
  8. I just send lowell this email: Dear Sir, I'm contacting you in reference to a letter I received by you dated 15/08/14 in reference to a vodafone debt you're so desperate for me to pay for someone just because they have the same name as me, I cleared this up with Vodafone and they where happy that I wasn't the person of whom owes this debt. when vodafone first contacted me in june 2011 at ******* *** scarborough North Yorkshire Yo* ***, I proved to them and they agreed I wasn't the person they were looking for, then I then moved house to *** *********Scarborough North Yorkshire Y
  9. Hi Lee. I'm very annoyed to say the least, I moved house about 4 months ago now and I have just received a letter from Lowell at my new address, it states the following; Dear miss ***** We're contacting you about an account that we have purchased from vodafone which was opened on the 18/02/10, vodaphone have sold us the account to us as there is an outstanding balance which they have been unable to recover, this may be because vodafone did not have your up to date address details and therefore you were not in a position to discuss the account with them. We have used the ser
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